When your attention is often focused on the formless worlds of energies, you will notice that the pressure of these energies also becomes more tangible. This can be very pleasant and comfortable when you are in balance and in total control of your own energies. When your ‘heart and mind’ are in the world of divine qualities, then their reactions in the form world will become ever more perfect. First focus on the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion to clear and purify the way in your world, then focus on any of the qualities you feel necessary on that particular moment and feel them entering your being as a mighty river of colored liquid light into the area or situation at hand to fulfill their mission. It is the “Breath of God”. The formless worlds are so magnificent. It is inhabited by consciousness wielding pure energy. Molding, experimenting, creating and projecting the results in the form worlds. You will learn to do that too. Your I AM Presence is already doing this. 

Experience the qualities as your “children” and your instruments to work for the good of the whole. Whether you need them with chirurgical precision, when you have the consent on the inner planes of the individual you wishes to help, or when you have to blaze it into a condition or circumstance when you still have the focus of your physical body, the concentration on these qualities will make them ever stronger and proficient to do the jobs at hand.

When you’re calling forth and working with your chosen energies daily, a keynote is sounding, which vibrates and reverberates in the inner spheres. Similar vibrations are being touched and increase the intensity of the keynote. Like a strong sound on the physical plane makes metals and other material vibrate, sometimes even till breaking point. In the inner spheres only beneficial radiations come forth to change the physical vibrations into those of a higher kind.