The Mystic Union

In the Octaves of Light the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings wield great powers. For instance when They want to direct the power of Love to humankind through a group of chelas, They have to adjust the intensity of this Love to the level this group of chelas can endure. It is likewise with the power of electricity. You have to adjust the power, the voltage, to the resistance of the thread. Too much power [voltage] will melt the thread. The same with the powers of Light. Too much power damages the lower vehicles, when they are not strong and purified enough. Hence the need of transmitters on all levels of consciousness. The experience of unity with all life is the natural result when the consciousness has freed itself from the ‘veil of maya’. The removal of this veil will show the lifestream his or here oneness with life and his/her affinity with specific currents of energy. Before the removal of this veil unity of consciousness is possible, by ascending above the mass-consciousness.

And also during periods of meditation and union with the Christ Self. When this happens for the first time and you return from this ‘mystic union’, life will never be the same. You deny the outer separation by mind as well as by feeling. And the struggle Home begins. The realization of your unity with all life increases your stability as a Cosmic Being. More and more you become aware of the all pervading ‘Presence of God I AM’. Little by little it is pressing through the ‘veil of maya’ into the world of form through your outer personality. You realize now, that this outer self is necessary to perform a special service to life and you enjoy fulfilling it. In the inner spheres this joy of service will permeate through the Body of Light into the hearts of all humankind encouraging them to also serve the overall good. In the higher octaves, the oneness with life is so obvious and natural, that even the thought of separateness is ridiculous. You don’t speak with ‘God’ or ask ‘God’ for something. You ARE GOD. At least as much as you can express in your present state of consciousness. When you are in the world of form you bow to the Light of your God Presence and ask in reverence and gratitude for all the abundance and blessings of the Higher Octaves for the benefit of all life and for yourself. 


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