Divine Qualities

The tenacity of spirit will always bring its reward. Continue your service to the Infinite Light, the Great Divine Principle, and it will become more easy and relaxing. When the bodies are tuned in, you can reach the maximum result with the minimum use of energy. Important also is to control your thoughts. It is quite a challenge to control the "invasion" of thoughts under all circumstances. But this will be your next step. You must be the one, who decides which thoughts may enter your mental body. To ease this process it will be helpful to visualize around your mental body a forcefield of Violet Fire. Within this forcefield visualize  the crystalline white light of the Ascension Flame. Every thought which seeks entrance has to pass through these two forcefields. Thereafter they can only be perfect. Try it.


If you look at night to the universe admiring the many stars and constellations, realize  one thing. Every star is a Focus of Light, enriching the universe with His specific qualities to expand the Borders of the Kingdom. You have reached the realization  of your own focus of light in your sphere of influence, expanding the borders of the Father's Kingdom in the world of form. Now realize that your qualities are unlimited.

The unity in the Octaves of Light is the manifestation of the Truth, that THERE IS ONLY ONE LIFE. When you realize yourself as I AM GOD, then you are God. It is Your Life that enlightens the universe. But through the GIFT of Individualization you never loose your identity as a God BEING. It is through the Bodies of Light you are capable to create your own environment, your own heaven and later your own universe. Because I AM unique, My world will be unique. It will enfold in perfect Order and Harmony, when the time is right. You may ask yourself: "The gift of individualization offers the consciousness to realize itself as I AM. To be an unique from any other part of creation. Where is the place of 'You' when I AM is all there is?" The answer lays in the word CREATION. Only in the form worlds there seem to be something else besides me. It is an illusion. There is no 'you', there is only I AM. Perceive your brothers and sisters as God-Beings... Being God = being yourself = I AM. You, as a God-Being are able to experience  all of God's Creations, but not all at the same time. Your consciousness as a God-Being has to grow to encompass  ever more of God's Creations. You as a physical being have eyes composed by matter of the earth, so you are capable to see the entire physical world. But not at the same time. You have to travel to explore the earth, and use a space ship to observe her shape. Only in the fourth dimension you can behold the earth from all sides and within. The key word is: growth. Your I AM Presence is not omnipresent and omniscient, because of the Individualization.