Rays and Flames

Are primary colors really primary?  All the colors of the rainbow are included in every color, but the main color dominates. Our eyes are focused on the main color, but if you should examine it very closely you should discover that it consists of many different colors, only the dominant color radiates forth. It is the same with the Rays and the Flames. Every Ray is present in any other. It is a well known fact, that beloved Gautama when He was "still" a Buddha, served on the Second Ray of Wisdom and Illumination. Hence the many golden statues of the Buddha around the world. When He became Lord of the World on Jan 1st 1956 He shifted from the Second Ray to the First Ray by first moving to the first sub ray of the Second Ray and thereafter  to the second sub ray of the First Ray. Now take this a step a little further. All the Rays we know, including the Eighth Ray and the ones we don't know yet are sub rays in a Major Ray. Which One? Isn't God Love? Love is the Third Ray.  So you can also shift from one Major Ray to another in the same way as described above. Then you move from one universe into another, if the need arises.

Human beings experience the qualities one at the time. You are illumined, you are in harmony, you feel compassion, you feel love for a person, situation, condition or thing. When you grow in consciousness you experience all the sub rays of a Ray with their qualities simultaneously. Then you can radiate the rainbow of divine qualities in any situation at hand. The main color of the Ray will have the strongest impact. Of course they can be changed at will. This is mastery. 

The Sacred Fire is always available and always the same, but it has a different outcome and function in different lifestreams. You know, you can qualify the light with any of the Qualities of the Godhead. In the Body of Light the inflow of the Sacred Fire is more complicated. The choices of the individual cells in this Body decide the color, the quality and sometimes the direction of the Sacred Fire. The ascended and Cosmic Beings amplify and also often direct the Divine Qualities where they are most needed.

If you learn to travel in projected consciousness to places and conditions far above your wildest imagination, you need a strong anchorage  in your physical body, because as always you have to find a way to establish in the world of form what you have experienced or what you've learned. You know, that you're not living for yourself anymore. You are a part of the whole and in that respect you have to share your experiences with those who are ready.