Rhythm of Eternity

It is difficult for the consciousness, which is accustomed for ages of time to listen to the machinations of the outer, human self, to alter its attention to the “Rhythm of Eternity”. The human mind is mesmerized by the idea of infinity, because it cannot understand. It cannot embrace or enfold it with the personal self. For the Divine Consciousness it is a logic concept for expansion into the HERE AND NOW! Compare it with a swimmer in deep water. Whether the water is 10 feet deep or 10.000 feet doesn’t concern the swimmer. The only necessity is that he must know how to swim or else he or she will drown without escape. For the one who cannot swim a swimming pool with shallow water is provided. He becomes accustomed with the water and is instructed how to swim. Divine Consciousness is recognizing Itself in Infinity and is expanding Itself limitless and forever. Human consciousness left alone in the Silence with the concept of infinity will drive itself mad. Learning how to swim means here, giving your all to the Presence of God I AM. Infinity is for divine consciousness the same as the “deep sea” for the swimmer. You can abide in it without being able to enfold it. The key is consciousness. “Infinity” is always the consciousness of a “Greater Being”.

Eternity begins to manifest in a lifestream, who is no longer occupied by the need to constantly change things or events. By knowing that the divine plan is unfolding, taking the opportunities at hand and following the promptings of the Holy Christ Self, the lifestream knows that all is in divine order. Eternity is unfolding. One day you will come to know the depth of eternity. When you’ve totally released your identification with form and surroundings. Eternity is an experience of totality and unity. Fully incomprehensible by human consciousness. For a Cosmic Being there is no time. Your I AM Presence is living in the Eternal Now. The involvement of time comes with creation, and with limitation of consciousness. For a Cosmic Being the whole Creation has already been done. But the process of manifestation in the world of form still has to begin. In the word “process” we already have time: a beginning, a growth and an end. Creation is necessary to expand the consciousness of the developing lifestreams for which it is created. This also counts for Cosmic Beings involved in a Creation of a certain kind. And this goes on indefinitely.

In the Macro Cosmos you find as is told above the expansion and enhancements of the divine qualities you learned about and practiced here. For instance you heard about: violet hues, violet fire, violet lightning, violet ray, violet sphere…. You can continue by accepting the existence  of a violet universe, a violet galaxy and beyond. There is no end. Also every idea and project will last and expand forever. Only negative qualities will eventually be transmuted into perfection. They have only a limited existence, as a Grace of the Cosmic Law. Project this on all Rays and Ideas ever created and you will imagine how immense is the Scope of the Cosmic Day. Therefore you, as an Individualized Cosmic Being will fit in on a certain place and follow a certain course into Infinity. It is magnificent!

The knowledge of the infinite expansion of every quality develops your reverence for life even more, because you’re beginning to understand that all is life. You approach the elemental and angelic kingdom, who embody these qualities with the love, admiration and gratitude, which is necessary for them to expand in their natural beauty.  

The light of the sun is radiating forth in all directions. It has no body, but it has a source. The connection with the source stays, how far the light ray may pierce into space. The light itself is a forcefield of warmth, color and light. And this is only the three dimensional concept. In the higher realms the light has much more freedom to express. Likewise with the consciousness. It is connected with the Source. In our case the Mother-Father God of our System. The consciousness is radiating forth in all directions, without form. A forcefield of Light, Love, Power, Wisdom and all the qualities of the Godhead. We call this: The Oneness of Life! Individuality is a Gift of the oneness of life. When the individual grows till a certain point, he or she can experience the oneness of life as HIS OR HER VERY SELF. This is the mystic moment when the will of the individual and the Will of ‘God’ become one.