Divine Qualities

The path of the Initiate is a path of radiation. When the worries and fears of the lower self have been transmuted the radiation can start. A flow of light from the Presence through the Holy Christ Self into the worlds of form. A flow of love, compassion, reverence and gratitude commences and will never be withhold again. The meaning of human evolution is to make a specific focus of light of each individual. A focus with many facets to radiate the light of God in a specific way.

Divine qualities are shining like stars in the form of layers of light in your Causal Body. To expand them and make them stronger, you have to apply them regularly in the worlds of form. You have to gain a momentum in the use of specific qualities under specific circumstances.

Be the sewer of good deeds in the souls of humankind. Divine qualities are developed as everything else is: by experimenting with energy, vibration and consciousness. Some are very familiar to you, because you worked with them during many lifetimes, others are more difficult to attain, by lack of practice. All are necessary to become a balanced divine being, but they don't need to be equally strong developed. Also here free will is the deciding factor.


Just like a painter is selecting the colors he needs to outpicture his creativity on the canvas, so is the Holy Christ Self selecting the most beautiful combination of faculties and qualities to outpicture His divine plan in the world of form. The choices of your creativity decide which path upwards on the mountain of attainment you will go and who will be your followers. Free will is a beautiful gift when it is stripped of human tendencies. 

Divine qualities are energies as you know and they are always expressing themselves in the outer and inner levels. You also know, that energy does not act by itself; it always needs a consciousness to direct it. Qualities already have a consciousness of their own, so they always try to manifest themselves in the worlds of form. The energies of the divine qualities are forming the bridge between the octaves of light and the three dimensional world.

When you work with them on a daily base alone, and rhythmically in your group activities, the Ascended and Cosmic Beings are able and allowed to strengthen and augment them for the greater good.  However, when the initial impetus diminishes, also the energy in the higher octaves weakens. Therefore keep your efforts strong and regular to secure this ongoing service to life.

Have you any idea how much effort is required to assure the cooperation of the countless little "lives" that compose the "body" ťof a quality? How much strength it takes to hold it together to perform the specific service to which it was created?

And yet, with love all becomes easy and possible. Love is the keynote of all the divine qualities in this universe. It is the cohesive power, that keeps the atoms and electrons together in joyful cooperation. How does love look like? It is a pink energy, which emanates  a strong attracting activity. Like a magnet attracts metals of a certain kind, so does love attracts vibrations of the same kind: cells of a certain kind, organs of a certain kind, levels of a certain kind.

It is all love, claiming its own and putting these conglomerates of the same vibration where they should be in the divine plan of the cell, organ, body, organization, etc. However it is the free will of any self-conscious being, that can alter the divine structure that love provides. Hence the importance to surrender human will before you can enter into the activity of divine creation.  

The joy of service is always the motivating power to develop any God-quality. Without joy you are back in your human consciousness and service becomes difficult labor. Joy makes your work light and full of happiness and possibilities. It teaches you to develop a momentum of skill in a certain avenue of service. In every divine quality is the buoyancy of the ascension flame. It is the joy to perform that for which you are created. Stimulate that joy also in your own being, allowing the ascension flame to fulfill that for what is your reason for being. The very joy of being and serving raises the vibratory activity of the electrons in all your bodies. It is a gift and a privilege to grow and expand in the infinite possibilities of eternal life.

It is not always necessary to 'DO' something. Even when you are alone, sitting in the silence you create. Receiving ideas, eventually making plans, you're always on the "Father's business". When you focus on a specific principle, you enhance its influence in the world of form. Connect with the Body of Light to enfold all humankind and all life with this specific attribute or quality of God. The free will choice of your consciousness determines the energy, which will flow through your lifestream to benefit all humanity.


Begin to see your four lower vehicles as perfect instruments for service and try to be creative to find new opportunities and circumstances to serve, which means: LET THE ENERGY FLOW! One of the reasons why We ask you to abide in the Silence is to accustom you to the time and spacelessness of infinity. Infinity is a fascinating experience for the newly awaked divine consciousness. It can really expand in all directions like the tall Eucalypt, which rises tall tremendously into the 'infinite' sky.

However consciousness is always tied to some kind of matter, like the roots of the Eucalypt in the ground, to identify and to give 'space for growth' for "lower consciousness". Even the most highly developed consciousness imagination can touch, always grows as a "lesser consciousness" on the grounds of His Father's Kingdom. Why do you think HUMILITY is a divine quality?

Beloved Helios and Vesta nourish the Earth and all Their Seven Planets and evolutions with all the qualities They developed during the course  of Their Evolution. Beloved Alpha and Omega nourish Their Seven Suns and through Them all the evolutions on the various Planets. Beloved Eloha and Elohae nourish Beloved Alpha and Omega and the other Central Suns of Their Cosmos, and through Them to all the Suns and Planets of the various Solar Systems.

So we receive right now and forever all the Divine Principles and Qualities ever originated from Sources beyond our wildest imagination. And this goes on through all Eternity. What are we doing with These Energies? Think about it. It is all a matter of choice and growth, and ever higher levels of consciousness. 

The I AM Presence can be everywhere, every moment in the Eternal Now. There is no need to move or to "go somewhere". Just focus your attention and BE, and as you know, where your attention is, there you are. When you gain a momentum in the Silence, you can feel yourself one with the "Ocean of Consciousness", the Lifestream of our Mother-Father God. And you become what you contemplate. However before you can explore the "shores of infinity", absolute balance of your lower vehicles is adamant. Rise above all imperfection and KEEP YOUR BALANCE!

By blazing the Violet Fire in; through and around your vehicles and commanding full dominion of Peace and Harmony, you force your human consciousness to withdraw, so that divine consciousness can prevail. As an athlete has to train his muscles constantly to keep them in good shape, so has the Christ Self to look after the proper nourishment of the divine qualities in his lower bodies. In the Great Silence the I AM Presence is overseeing and nourishing the totality of your divine plan. In your outer life you are guided to the circumstances and people, who offer you the opportunities to unfold and establish these divine qualities in the world of form.