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Communication with God 
Part 4

A well-known spiritual truth is: ”The reward of service well done is the reception of more service”. Why is that so? Well, the indwelling spirit of Light is the spirit of Sacrifice. Without sacrifice life cannot develop in this or any other universe. Even the physical light itself is a result of a tremendous sacrifice. Two Spiritual Beings of infinite awesome Power Love and Wisdom, the Solar Deities of our system of worlds, used Their power to inflame the inert mass of a star hundreds of times bigger than the earth into a raging fire, capable to warm Their planets, millions of miles and sometimes light years away from the Center to sustain life on those planets. And They do this for billions of years. Throughout the Great Cosmic Day.

Life on all planets is etheric. The Earth is the only planet where the life force descends in physical matter in its densest form.

This is the Sacrifice of Light: to make life Sacred. If you want to be part of and work for and with the powers of light, you too have to sacrifice yourself. This is something your ego will fight till the end of his or her dominion over your lifestream. However it is adamant to acquire this quality to grow into a spiritual being and becoming one with God. Sacrifice turns matter into light. It increases the vibratory activity of matter enormously. It transforms darkness into light, sadness into happiness and death and limitation into eternal life. When the “outflow” of your energies are no longer focused on your outer self and its needs, you become a radiating center of God’s Blessings to this Planet and your consciousness can expand considerably in a relatively small period of time.

Then you might ask: “Please God show me your Face”!  You will hear a Voice from within, Which says: “I AM Infinite and My Radiation is too great for you to behold, so what you see and experience of Me is only as much as your cup of consciousness  can contain on this level of your evolution.”

And then you behold a fluid like ocean of energy, constantly moving, radiating and expanding. In that sea of energy you behold points of light, flames and tremendously blazing Fires of Light in many different beautiful colors. Many unknown as yet on earth. You are being told, that these flames and fires are forcefields of consciousness of many different levels of advancement and development, and that you are one of them. The ability to grow in light and intensity is forever present and so you realize you grow IN God. There is NOTHING outside God. Even the so called negativity is nothing more than a temporarily misuse of energy [or misunderstanding as beloved Master Hilarion prefers to call it], by some forcefields of consciousness, necessary to teach them certain very valuable lessons when they experiment with energy and vibration. But at the end everything will be transmuted and restored into perfection by the very forcefields, who initiated them. As the Lord of the World, Beloved Gautama often says to encourage us: “All is well, all is very, very well.”


When you communicate with God you are a multitude. You serve together with all who want to do the Will of God and make this world a better place to live on. You might be inspired with new ideas to manifest in this world. If so, comply with it and try to give them form, whatever the odds or obstacles. They are necessary to make you strong as well as training your skills and qualities. All is in divine order. To be open for the promptings and ideas of your I AM Presence your vehicles have to be in balance. Not preoccupied with matters of the lower spheres, because then the ideas come through distorted, like a reflection on a lake in motion. The ideas you might receive are not new. They are already in the Causal Body of the Sun and the Sun beyond the Sun for ever [as a matter of speaking] however you only receive them when you have acquainted yourself with certain momentums, which lead in that direction. It takes a lot of effort from your part to draw the pattern of divinity into your life and atmosphere. Your bodies have to be trained to respond to the higher vibrations and all training takes time, effort and patience, a lot of patience.

You have to accept that in God Consciousness there is no limitation. Everything you put your attention on is possible. Of course, the higher the goal the more effort and time on your part is required. It can take several or many incarnations to achieve certain goals. Some beings serve millions of years for the redemption of this planet from the effects of human consciousness. In this way many Ascended Masters have given Their energies to bring forth major manifestations for the greater good of life on this Planet, during the time when They were not ascended yet. Do not fix too much on the Omnipresence and Infinity of God, the Great I AM THAT I AM. Concentrate more on your specific part in the overall plan and next in your group service to life, because consciousness grows eternally, including more and more life into Itself and claiming it as a part of the whole being that you are. You become that where your attention is upon and where you dedicate your energies to. From that moment it becomes your responsibility, as the overseeing Presence to bring the group and the group consciousness to its divine goal and purpose. From this consciousness you can understand and inspire all humankind by using yourself as a channel through which flow all the qualities and blessings from God, where your attention is upon, to the man, woman, city, country or even the planet.

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