The Spiritual Aura

The spiritual impetus that has formed the nucleus of every great religious movement from the beginning of time has always come from above. When we say that an impetus comes from above, the intellect accepts that with a feeling that it is a natural phenomena. They do not look into the heart center of the great personal application required to establish and maintain the currents of energy which form such a spiritual impetus and are the lifelines feeding and pumping, so to speak, the spiritual hearts of those lifestreams, whose duty, responsibility, service and obligation it is to awaken an interest in the Divine Plan, and sustain it with interest, until the individual soul has grasped the hem of the garment of its own spiritual nature with enough tenacity, so that the complete transmutation and awareness of that part of Life may take place, and not become a temporary awakening form the soul sleep of the centuries.  



First and foremost we must find the proper teachers, people who can be reached by one means or another, and so inspire them with knowledge of Truth and the love of humanity that they will undertake the task of awakening the people. Having found, and connected with these spiritual leaders, we must then unite our Great Cosmic Forces with their own inner bodies, rich or poor in essence, as they may be, being careful not to pour more force than their development would allow, and holding back so much of good, by reason of their slower development in certain lines, that would transform the globe were we allowed full freedom in that outpouring. Then through the radiation of our leaders we reach a certain number of people, each of these people is held within an artificial spiritual aura directed by some member of the spiritual hierarchy, which holds back the mass pressure of the world to a certain degree and which stimulates the highest nature of such a one.  

Over a period of time the spiritual nature in the protecting canopy of the Divine Aura is encouraged, unfolded and developed with the hope that when the artificial radiation is removed, such a one will continue to expand to full Freedom. Century after century, Civilization after civilization we have reached this point only to find that when the Cosmic Law required self-conscious personal effort, the individuals found it too rigorous and returned to the soul sleep until another avatar was allowed the opportunity of recreating this temporary spiritual aura to re-institute spiritual interest of the outer self.

To find lifestreams who can be constant in their nature, beyond a certain period of spiritual enjoyment, has been our most difficult task to date, and we call with every Power within our grasp, that as the Cosmic Law provides now a tremendous spiritual aura. Not only around individuals where it is mostly intensified, but around the entire Planet Earth, that people will take advantage of this rarefied atmosphere to accelerate their soul growth, lest they find need to unfold their spiritual natures again without the helpful Presence of the Spiritual Emanations and Currents directed by God Beings, which raise their inner bodies beyond any ability of the self but of which they are totally unaware. Never in the history of the Planet Earth has such a natural preparation for such spiritual achievement been at hand, for every being representing the Light of inter-stellar space has enriched the atmosphere and these currents form a natural food for the slightest effort towards purity and perfection. 

[From: The Bridge Journal-Vol.XII.#2]






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