Divine Complement of Beloved Neptune -- Mighty Director of the Water's Tides.

I wish to put you at peace in the realization that the activity I represent with the Beloved Neptune is an activity of stimulating the latent virtues within your Holy Christ Self and accelerating the latent virtues within your own Causal Bodies that they may expand through purified emotional, mental, etheric and physical vehicles.

The difficulty has been until this day that the stimulation of those energies in your Great Causal Bodies, in your Holy Christ Selves have stimulated and accelerated untransmuted causes and cores of distress in the emotional, mental, etheric and physical vehicles as well .....  Now!! These are to be removed and you can feel My Love flow to you as I endeavor to, and shall, stimulate the goodness already planted in your lifestreams, earned through aeons of living and living as pulsating bands of Light in your Causal Bodies, living within the virtues within your hearts, living within the Seven-fold Flame upon your forehead and those constructive momentums of the four lower vehicles which you have built through countless aeons of time, not only upon this Earth, beloved ones, but upon other Planets of this System as well.

If the farmer does not choose to place his seed into the sweet earth and expose it to the radiation of Beloved Helios' and Vesta's Light of the sun, he shall not have the shoot, the foliage, the flower. If the conscious chela does not desire within himself to first weed out his garden through the call to the Great Astrea of all emotional, mental, etheric and physical fear and its attendant tentacles, then lovingly and in full illumined Faith place those vehicles before My Presence, I cannot, because of your free will, externalize through you as fully as I would otherwise the virtues which you have desired to manifest and which you have felt limited in manifesting unto this day!

We give love. Every Director of the Elements gives only love else We would not have served so long. We give love to humankind, embodied Angels and to every living thing; to the blessed undines who have served so long and We have given love to everything which has been placed within the Water Element since the great continent of Mu and of Atlantis down to every individual who has passed from the Earth at sea, and that love has purified that essence. When Atlantis again arises, as My Beloved has said, shining and bright will be the radiance, the crystalline substance of the hermetically sealed Temples and you and I shall be grateful We have served together for this day!

To the Spirit and the soul and the heart of each of you, I give the blessings of the Water Element, blessings from Beloved Neptune and Myself. May you live in the realization of Our friendship and Our abiding Love.


[From Friendship with the Gods Part One]