BELOVED MIGHTY THOR, Director of the Energies of Air Currents - Divine Complement of Lady Aries. - Activities - Air and Air Currents - Directors of the Sylphs. [elementals of the air].

I speak in the Name and by the Powers of the energies of the Air Currents which I, Thor, send North and East, South and West carrying moisture, carrying warmth and all the activities of a constructive nature through the Sylphs of the Air. I, Thor, am never still. Those beings, the mighty Sylphs who work with beloved Aires and Myself have some of them grown to gigantic proportions.  


Spirit of the air [sylph]

Beloved ones, if I should release the Sylphs of the air, who throughout the ages have absorbed the human creations of the peoples of this earth until you had developed an affinity with them, think you the condition of the Air Element as those Sylphs uncontrolled by Myself and Lady Aries should they vent their wrath on all who have antagonized them through the ages! Therefore, We are obeying the Divine Edict of holding in check each member of the director of the kingdom of the beings who serve under Us until the various little ones, and big ones too, who represent the Elemental Kingdom can find real love and affinity for humankind.

Although in picturization humanity have distorted the expression of myself, it is true that "I AM" the Pressure which moves the very atmosphere, created by beloved Aries and in the moving of that atmosphere, keeping it circling round and round this planet Earth there is opportunity without limit for the alert chela to understand and cooperate with Me and beloved Aries and the sylphs, in doing what? In seeing that where there are mass pressures of humanly created substance, that the power of Aries and Thor are yours to invoke and to move those pressures out perhaps into the sea, where they can be transmuted and then carried by Helios and Vesta into the Sun for repolarization and no harm can be done to the peoples of Earth and those who are on Its continental surface. 

I have never been the cause of a cyclone or a tornado, which should be self-evident to the thinking mind, but the Sylphs of the Air like human beings and embodied Angels have free will to a certain extent. They gather, just as disgruntled human beings do, in certain vortices where they build up through unpleasant feelings and thoughts and conversations, which is evident to Me though perhaps not to you, a vortex which becomes 'the "eye" of a hurricane, a cyclone, a tornado. Then that energy following a track causes destruction. You all know one of those mighty vortices is in the Caribbean and there I have established a Luminous Presence of the Elohim of Peace to arrest as much as possible of the turbulence of the Air Element.

Air can be your servant. It was the servant of the peoples of old. Air filled the sails of the early boats, which came to your great country. Air is the life which you breathe in, by which you live. Or the activity of the Air Element uncontrolled can be your master, for without air your physical vehicles would perish, but it is the allowing of the inhalation and the exhalation of air which is purified within every twenty four hours by special Beings belonging to Our Divine Court that you have the use of the power of drawing the breath, holding it, expanding it and blessing it as you send it forth to some other part of life.

Now many peoples draw that energy in from the air currents, utilize it to sustain themselves on the surface of the Earth but they release only that which is pollution into the atmosphere, instead of a BLESSING to life. There again you have the activity of the perfect and rhythmic breath drawing in of Our Gift of Air, absorbing it within you, letting it expand through you, filling and vitalizing your vehicles with its essence and then as it passes from your bodies blessing it and sending it forth with a God Gift and Benediction to some other part of life.

                                                                                                             LORD THOR  

[From Friendship with the Gods Part Two]