BELOVED ARIES, Divine Complement - Mighty Thor - Active in the capacity as the substance of Earth's Atmosphere.

I wonder how many of you have ever thought of a Planet without an atmosphere! There could be no human life upon it and all the various experiments, which the peoples are making regarding trips to other planets as dependent upon scientific research as to the atmosphere in, through and around those Planets. Of course, scientific accuracy is not yet perfected; the understanding that every Planet on which life abides has an atmosphere and that man-made atmosphere, no matter how expensive will not suffice upon another Planet.

If the atmosphere were removed it would do more than all the unpleasant ideas of the atomic age to remove life from this Planet, but we have not chosen so to do. No! We have adjusted our atmosphere for you, each and everyone lowering its vibratory action as the Earth became more dense and giving to you as much of Our Air element as you can absorb.

Within that atmosphere is what you would call the  'astral realm', which is quickly being transmuted. Have you thought that each and everyone of you carries a personal atmosphere, which is made up of your thinking, feeling selves. Is that atmosphere in accord with the Directors of the Four Elements? Or does your atmosphere vacillate?

The vacillation of an individual 's atmosphere is the instability in one of the four lower vehicles, and in My capacity as the Substance of the World's Atmosphere, -- I have to hold that very steady, -- no matter what creation goes on which is temporarily imperfect. I cannot allow one vacillation in the vibratory action of the atmosphere in, through and around the Earth.  

You have come far along life's path so that you should learn to control your atmosphere, personally, emotionally stable, mentally alert, etherically pure, - and physically charged with whatever amount of Light is necessary to expand the perfection of God through you, and filling that atmosphere with the warmth of Love, with the Power to direct the currents of energy wheresoever they are required and not allow them to enter into your personal atmosphere.........

                                                                    BELOVED ARIES  

[From: Friendship with the Gods Part One]