The Fourth Ray of crystalline white light is also the Ray of arts.

It is the Ray on which the musicians, sculptors, painters, etc. serve. Creativity is a divine quality. we create with  our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. We are not merely creating on the physical plane, but also on the emotional and mental planes. More about this will be told on the pages: "The 7 bodies of humans and Gods" .

Humans have an inborn 'urge' to create. That is the reason why we are embodied. To fulfill our divine plan by creating our unique pattern in the Seven Spheres. It has to become perfect, hence the need to purify our bodies with the help of the magnificent Violet Fire.

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Find your perfect way to create beauty on the screen of life, by word [teaching], example, and action [painting, sculpture, music, poetry, discovery, or any other path of art].