The environment in which you live you create with your own energy. The thoughts, feelings and actions of your own consciousness in addition to the energy you receive from previous embodiments. These energies create your environment as well as the opportunities to ascend to ever-higher levels of consciousness. 






All Life is built on the Law of the Circle, but the descent of Spirit into matter is only half of the process of Being. The ASCENT of the lifestream should be an hourly and daily process. The pure energy that comes from the God Presence is amplified by the personality in all constructive use of the life energy. Thus, during every second of every day should the Ascension be a reality to all, and the actual process of ascending be part of the daily living.





When the flow of Life Energy from the "I AM" Presence to the human form is greater than the flow from the human personality back to the God Presence, the individual is "grounded" or "Earthbound" as most of humanity seem to be. When the flow of energy from the personality is qualified with Perfection (the talents multiplied) and is greater than the "down-flow", then does the Flame ascend and rise on the greater current. Thus it is that the Ascension takes place! Therefore, day-by-day, as you receive the energy of Life from your God Presence and amplify it with GOOD, this adds to the original store and you build the ladder upon which you will eventually ascend to your Freedom. 

The Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that when only fifty one percent of your energy is qualified constructively, your Ascension is assured. That is a small balance - one percent - more of energy going back to the God Presence qualified with Perfection.





The average individual uses about three percent of his energy constructively; twenty-five percent destructively; and the balance of seventy-two percent is wasted force. This seventy-two percent goes forth helter-skelter on every passing thought and feeling.   

© The Bridge to spiritual Freedom: from  Primary Instruction # 13