Every day you receive TONS of pure life energy - pure primal Life from God. That is the "down-flow"; and every day you send up a thin stream of good thoughts, decrees, efforts and intentions '. This is the "up-flow". The Ascension is a scientific fact; the up-flow must balance the down-flow - plus one percent!

Check on yourself! Is your MENTAL BODY free from thoughtforms of worry, distress and distortions regarding the image of your brother? Is it free from the trash and accumulation of your concepts of the ages? Is your Mental Body able to hold the Divine Pattern and Plan of your own identity as well as that of your fellowman - holding thoughts only of a positive and constructive nature?

Is your EMOTIONAL BODY bogged down with depressions, with negative feelings that rise from the acceptance of limitation, age and disease? Is it heavy with displeasure? Or is your Emotional Body filled with Enthusiasm, Faith, Illumination, Understanding, and Love for God and your fellowman? Is it filled with Purity and Dedication and Consecration to Saint Germain's great Age and Era of Freedom? Is it filled with the desire to minister to your fellowman, and to use the Powers of Invocation and Radiation to assist them?  

Is your ETHERIC BODY clear of all hidden resentments and rebellions of the injustices of others toward you, with hidden hurts and imperfect memories? Or is your Etheric Body filled with the memories of the Powers of Light which the Ascended Ones use and you, yourself, once did wield?

Is your PHYSICAL BODY vibrant, alive, young and vital?  Has it developed dignity and mastery, and refused disintegration, disease and decay?  Is it charged with the power of endurance should you be required to go without sleep and yet be required to magnetize the Light and minister to those in distress? It is well to examine all of these vehicles!


You do not know the hour nor the day when you will be summoned - summoned for great and cosmic service - going with sealed orders - north, south, east and west. The Ascended Masters need alert minds, calm feelings, peaceful Etheric Bodies, and Physical Bodies rested, vital and alive! The Masters have asked us to be ready when the call comes - whether it is to have the Ascension or to give a greater service. Therefore, we must practice, practice and practice - daily and hourly, the purifying and harmonizing of the four lower bodies that they may be in perfect balance and READY! The Ascended Masters have said that there will come a day when we shall remember Their words. 



When the individual has determined, within himself, to consciously return to and abide with the Aura, Presence and Consciousness of the Father of Light, he must dissociate himself from the vehicles through which his Godhood needs must express. As the mother eagle, pushing the timid fledgling from the nest, spreads her great wings beneath him to protect his halting and spasmodic endeavors from the disaster of possible panic and destruction, so does the consciousness centered within the "I AM" Presence uphold and direct the vehicles (bodies) that soar and dive, turning them   ever upward toward the sky. Again and again as one or another of the bodies plummets Earthward, drawn by the gravity pull of its own tendencies and momentums, the consciousness of the individual must halt its downward flight and, kindly but firmly, command of that particular body: "Come, we shall arise and go unto the Father!" 


When the student finds his mental body entertaining impure or imperfect thoughts, he must consciously command the Mental Body to ARISE and enter the consciousness of the Father, which does not allow negative, imperfect patterns of thinking. When the student finds his feeling world generating and radiating disturbed, inharmonious feelings, he must consciously command the feeling body to ARISE and enter the consciousness of the Father which radiates only harmonious, peaceful, happy, constructive feelings. When the student finds his Etheric Body conjuring up out of the past memories of unhappiness and distress, he must consciously command the Etheric Body to ARISE and enter that consciousness of the Father wherein it may mirror and express the "glory which each man had in the beginning before the world was". When the student finds his Physical Body registering disease and distress, passion, lust, or discord of any kind, he must consciously command the physical body to ARISE and enter the consciousness of the transfiguration of flesh into Light in the Presence of the Father.

 © The Bridge to spiritual Freedom: from  Primary Instruction # 13