Continuation of Archangel Micah's discourse

The Spiritual Law asserts that every ounce of energy directed into a planet finds its destination at the heart center, and from there begins its journey back to the original source. As an embodied Being of Light, you inbreathe the light rays from the Heart of your God Presence, and absorb them into your heart flame. On the outbreath the stepped down vibration beams out like light rays from the sun. One of these light rays from your heart is projected into the planetary Threefold Flame by your holy Christ Self. Unified with the Planetary Threefold Flame, it again expands outward, bringing a gift of unity to the emotional bodies of all your brothers and sisters in the Family of Man. Each receives as he is able.

Centuries ago, I gave the message to my disciples to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first, and through harmony, God's gifts and powers would be given unto them. This is an eternal truth and is just as necessary today-even more so than it was then.

One must learn what the Grace of God is. When one dedicates himself to the service of expanding the borders of God's Kingdom on Earth, he must endeavor to follow the path of grace. This virtue is so beautifully embodied by the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit for the Earth, and you are well acquainted with the magnificent expression of grace through our beloved Holy Aeolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit.

We know, too, that the consciousness of mankind has accepted and identified the Holy Spirit as one of grace. It was the Holy Comforter who came to baptize me, through the assistance of beloved John, the Baptist. I was required to give a physical and visible manifestation by stepping into the waters of the Jordan as the Holy Spirit performed that sacred rite. The humankind of Earth who are now courageous followers of the directives of the Spiritual Hierarchy in the Seventh Ray Dispensation are required to so purify their vehicles that the spiritual baptism can take place within their own beings without others witnessing any physical act. As in my own experience, when one has become the Spirit of the Living God within, baptism takes place, since the acceleration of the consciousness and the outpicturing vehicles has been accomplished through tuning in and actively taking part in the purifying process of the Sacred Fire now released in this more advanced dispensation under the direction of our beloved Saint Germain.


I would counsel you not to cling to the more physical aspect of truth of the Christian Dispensation in regard to disciplines of the flesh. It is the disciplines of the inner bodies (emotional, mental, and etheric) which accomplish that which you are endeavoring to manifest through the flesh form. When the lower inner vehicles are purified, through the sacred fire, of the appetites of the human, the physical garment will naturally express that which is held in the inner vehicles.

Some chelas (students of the Masters) believe that they must emulate a certain prototype, when actually that is not the archetype of the Indwelling Christ. Whether you are short or tall in stature, thin or plump, your hair is light or dark, the color of your eyes blue, brown, or whatever, is not of consequence in your spiritual evolution. It is the emerging of the Christ which counts.

Blessed and beloved ones, the Law of Balance is in order and not indulgence in excesses of any kind at any time. Please listen to the counsel of a good friend of yours, my humble self, when I admonish you to enter more deeply into the process of further purification of your three lower inner vehicles, and the appetites of the physical structure will become accelerated spiritually to a thirst for righteousness which will be assuaged by the Indwelling Christ and you will proceed along the path of grace, where the perfume, not only of the flowers in nature's garden, will raise your consciousness unto greater heights, but every living being upon this Earth will reveal to you the exquisite perfume of the Christ within. Then like the cosmic and ascended beings, human deficiencies will not become a distraction to you, but you will, in joyous obedience to the law of truth of your being bless all with whom you come in contact. Truly then will you become light bearers-as the Father intended.

You have, perhaps, noticed that during my ministry, I referred to 'The Father', and in the Seventh Ray Dispensation, 'The Father-Mother God' is frequently used. Either designation is correct, because the I AM Presence is the All-Encompassing One, the Supreme Source of All.

The Mother Principle, the attributes naturally associated with the feminine aspect, divine or human, brings the feeling nature to the fore. During my dispensation, the humankind of Earth was not ready for the designation of 'Father-Mother God', for they had not reached that state of consciousness which could have accepted the truth of ONENESS. At this hour, the more accelerated and advanced consciousness knows that with God - the great I AM - there is no separation. In the case of my humble self, I AM known by many names and each reference brings the same quality of my love and the gifts which it has been my privilege to dispense for the benefaction of all life.

The Earth and all her evolutions, as you know, are in a tumultuous state, and as a result of the many uprisings in all fields of endeavor, more and more individuals are turning to God for assistance. Out of this revolution man will raise his consciousness to the expanded truths. In this process, those particularly closely associated with the Christian Dispensation, will cling to Jesus, the Christ. It is the comforting feeling they have with the name 'Jesus' and the strength which it brings, which is and shall continue to be a magnet to draw them into the higher teachings - the more advanced spiritual aspects of spiritual law.

There are many awakenings taking place, and these individuals shall be brought to the feet of truth for which their blessed hearts yearn. When the Cosmic Law sounds the note, all shall know me by my inner cosmic name and there shall be ONE FLOCK AND ONE FOLD!

I now enfold you and all life in the feeling of victorious accomplishment in the light, raising you to your true God-estate.