In the Great Silence of Eternal Life, energy, consciousness and vibration are stored as a Hierarchy. Layers of consciousness and vibration of the same kind form the Inner Bodies of consciousness and vibration of a higher kind. With every step you take you enfold and raise all evolutions below your level, and you are raised by the forward step of a higher consciousness, that enfolds you. And this magnificent process continues forever. Eternal life gives the opportunity to expand projects and creations "ad infinitum." Forever. For this reason only perfection is allowed and the expansion of perfection brings only greater perfection. The universe that emerges out of the struggles and endeavors of this, will be a greater and more magnificent Universe.

The fullness of Divine Mind supplies the exploring lifestream with all the wonders of Eternal Life. Known and unknown ideas and images reveal themselves before his admiring gaze. Then he becomes aware that he has to select one or more of these pictures and nourish them with his life energies to manifest them in the form worlds to further the Divine Plan of the Planetary System.



Not everything your eyes behold is beautiful. You see the working of the Law of Cause and Effect and how much energy still has to be transmuted. You see good people full of potential, being "swept away" by the machinations of the negative forces. You must witness this all, without the possibility of losing your balance. Love life free.

The highest concept of God you can make in your present state of consciousness is an all encompassing Sea of Consciousness called: "I AM THAT I AM." The Divine Principle governing the Universe. Just like the acorn cannot imagine itself as a full grown oak tree, so is it difficult for even your own Presence to imagine Him/Herself as a full developed Universe. However that will eventually happen. Remember: GOD IS ETERNAL GROWTH!


Working as a whole in a group-consciousness teaches the developing I AM Presences to set Their Course to future projects and manifestations. The work you do in this moment does qualify you to expand this service to higher levels in more complex forms and expressions in the future. In the Higher Realms freewill is a magnificent Gift. It also means, that you are open for and involved with a service for a greater cause, which needs your commitment and vigilance for as long as it takes. Others depend on you and you depend on others. You learn to appreciate and love the many different energies you work with. From now on your individual experiences will always be a part of the group, as you are a part of the experiences of others. 





In the Silence you receive a new rhythm, the rhythm of infinity. You realize that all Divine Principles are Gifts, entering your life from levels far beyond your comprehension as yet. Your task is to find ways to express your understanding of the Laws and Principles, in the worlds of form by example, word, thought, feeling and action. Be alert, always! When your Holy Christ Self chooses to SERVE after His/Her age long sleep, Cosmic Law allows the transmutation of misqualified energies to accelerate as well as the speeding up of the individual evolution with the help of the Ascended Masters.

The result is a total shift of focus, and the consciousness, which was previously caught up in personal desires and projects, experiences an 'emptiness', which seems in the beginning to be a precipice or a desert. When the outer self learns to trust the Holy Christ Self (s)he experiences the blossoming of beautiful thoughts and feelings in his/her world, which will later on manifest as his/her specific service to life. And by fulfilling the divine plan (s)he beholds the overcoming of the abyss and the blossoming of the desert.   




Sometimes, when you serve in the world of form the heaviness of negative energy can be so strong, that it covers your outer self like a thick dark cloud. In fact, that's what it is: a shadow, a mist of misqualified energy, but very contagious. It doesn't belong to you and never has. It got its hold over you by fear. It prevents you from seeing what lies beyond. When you put the Light of Illumination on it, you discover nothing, because it is nothing in itself. It is just a mere shadow of yourself, emerged out of your own misqualified energy. If you try to fight it, it will fight back, because struggle is its very existence.

Do you realize how much of your actions and reactions are still animated by fear? Fear has had a hold on humanity for aeons of time, and it takes all of your efforts to conquer it. The ATTENTION you give to fear, or to the peace that surpasses the human mind, will decide what eventually manifests in your life. Before your emotional body can outpicture the "peace that surpasses the human mind," it must be free of fear. You have to trust your Presence in all circumstances of your life even when your outer self tells you, you are in trouble.






The wisdom in the fairy tales has taught you about faith and how things can change for the good at the very last moment. The wise thing to do is to use the tools you have so lovingly been given and transmute your immediate surroundings and four lower vehicles as far and as strong as you can. Call the help of the sun, beyond the sun, beyond the sun and be creative. Gradually the vastness of dark and difficult experiences will then become transparent.

From: The Eyes of Eternity