The Maha Chohan speaks about the prolonging of the use of our physical body.


When the battery of your car runs down, it is attached to an equipment provided to recharge it. The battery of your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies is likewise depleted by constant usage, and as that battery runs down, the vibratory action of your bodies becomes slower - just as in your car - and finally ceases motion.  

When your bodies come to this state, you immediately become a prey to the unseen vibrations that move at a similarly slow rate through the physical plane. These vibrations cause various distresses in the mental and physical bodies, disintegration and finally what is known as death.

People say "the resistance is gone" which is true because the amount of Light allotted to the four bodies for that embodiment has been spent through excesses in these four lower vehicles.

Unless such an individual knows how to recharge the lower bodies by constantly drawing Light from the Heart of God (just as the battery of the car was recharged), such an individual finally slips into the natural experience of disintegration and passes through the change.  

In the early Biblical days, men and women lived from seven hundred to a thousand years in one body. It is therefore essential that you DRAW LIGHT from your God Presence I AM, which is "food" for the inner bodies and the only means by which their vibratory action can be accelerated.

How do you draw Light? You draw it by the magnetic Law of Attraction. Your attention is a funnel and goes where you direct it. Immediately there begins to flow the substance upon which you direct your attention, into your world. Through this funnel comes the Ascended Master Consciousness and the Light of God that is eternally victorious; or there comes the human accumulation of that upon which you fixed the beam of your attention.  

In order to intensify or to increase the vibratory action of your four lower bodies, it is necessary to put YOUR ATTENTION upon your God Presence I AM, or any of the Ascended Host of Light. While your attention is there, you will naturally be charged with that substance of Light as mechanically as the battery charges your car!

To lie flat on your bed and visualize the LIGHT pouring into your four lower bodies, for five minutes three times a day, will greatly accelerate the vibratory action of these vehicles.  



The more attention you put on the LIGHT, the more LIGHT you will draw into your bodies and they will vibrate more rapidly. This will make it easier for you to hold harmony because when you vibrate beyond a certain rate, no inharmony can register in your world. It is no longer an effort to have self-control for the human vibratory action ceases to be when you are vibrating so rapidly in thought and feeling.

the Maha Chohan

[From The Bridge Journal Jan. through March 2001 Page 37]