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Due to the shocking experience of Sept. 11th, we like to offer you a wonderful letter of the President of:  


September 19, 2001

An Open Letter to all my Brothers and Sisters in the Human Family:

During these last seven days I have been horrified. I have cried. I have grieved and prayed for those who lost their lives in New York City, Washington, DC and the woods outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I continue to pray for those who must be at each one of these locations to search, to comfort, to clear debris and eventually to rebuild. I pray for our President and all our governmental and military leaders and their personnel. I pray also for all the governments and people of this world.  


Even though I, too, am in pain, I do my best to comfort others, lovingly offering a knowing glance, a gentle touch or a kind word. I hug my daughter a little tighter now. I connect more often with my loved ones who are far away. I linger a little longer and savor each and every moment I share with my husband. As I do these things I also feel guilty because I can do these things when there are so many who since 'that day' cannot. For now I find it hard to say "Good Morning" when I speak to others. Then when we part company, be it in person or by telephone, I have this almost desperate need to say "Stay safe"! I know I'm still in shock. I'm confused. I'm angry and, as a child of the fifties, there are times when I'm terribly afraid of what might happen next.  

As I try again and again to understand why this terrible tragedy occurred, there is one thing I know with absolute certainty; those who died must not have died in vain! We must not take what happened on September 11, 2001 and turn it into a holy war. It did not work in the past and it never will! It hasn't improved the relationship between Muslim and Jew, between Catholic and Protestant, between Fundamentalists and those with new thoughts and ideas or between indigenous people and those who attempted to bring them 'religion'. Beloved ones, it is time to finally accept that we, all of us, have made many mistakes in the past. Hopefully we have now learned from them! It is time to unite, not just here in America but with all the countries of the world. It is time to rid the Earth of this common enemy who has plagued us since the beginning of civilization. It is also time to forgive but never to forget!    


We must understand that this plague does not come from a single country nor is it supported by any one government. We must realize when we look at the bigger picture that the sick individuals who choose to terrorize others make up such a small number of the human race. We must also recognize and accept that they can be any nationality, any culture, any race and any religion.

They may operate in many countries of the world but I beg you to see and understand that these terrorists constitute a very small number of the citizens of those countries. Take for example, the United States of America. According to news reports, there have been and are terrorist groups who live, work, move freely and carry out their dirty deeds right here on American soil and they have done so for many years. Does this make America a terrorist country? Of course not! It does mean that if our citizens are to be kept safe, if peace is to prevail on Earth, a very small number of despicable, cowardly individuals must be captured, prosecuted and sentenced so they can no longer be a threat to anyone, anywhere on this planet.    


Do any of you realize that in some cases, the countries in which the terrorists operate from, were among their first victims? Afghanistan, a country many talk about "bombing back to the Stone Age" is a perfect example of such a terrible atrocity. Justice will not be served by destroying an entire people in order to catch and destroy a few miserable examples of humanity. You would think that by now we would have learned from experience that this simply does not work! We cannot turn on one another just because we don't all look the same! There are more good people in this world than we will ever have a chance to know who dress differently, talk differently, live their lives and believe in God differently. My sisters and brothers, we must use this opportunity and make sure something good comes from the terrible death and destruction we have all recently witnessed. As difficult as it may be we must reach out to each other, embrace our differences and unite as one global family. We must also remove those who do not want this to happen and will still try to hurt us-hurt all of us!  


I know for many, governmental and military action may seem too difficult to even contemplate at this moment but I truly believe (with all my heart) it will be absolutely necessary to conquer this unseen enemy who is currently terrorizing our world or we will witness what happened last week again      ... The cause and core of terrorism must be removed whenever and wherever it is found, and in the process military personnel and yes, innocent people will probably loose their lives. Parents of young men and woman all around the world are afraid. They are angry because it appears that the children they love so much and have worked hard to protect, may now be called upon to protect the world. They also know that during this process some of them will not be coming home.  


But don't you see  ... terrorism has taken place in this country and in countries around the world since their very creation. I do not believe there are many countries, if any, on this earth where blood has not been spilled to conceive, build and defend each one throughout history. As you read this letter there may be those of you who believe I don't know what I'm talking about. Because of what I have written, I must not know what it means to lose someone close. I do admit, that by the grace of God, I have never lost a child and I pray I never will. A few years after I was born, I lost my father, perhaps not during World War ΙΙ. It was a few years later in a plane crash while he worked hard to help Europe rebuild.

In this country the television and newspapers constantly speak of "America's New War". I ask all "the powers that be" to clearly understand the influence and potential of both the written and spoken word. We have all observed an occasion when just by changing one sentence in a speech or article, the meaning changed altogether. When I think of the word "war" certain thoughts, pictures and emotions come to mind and I feel a certain way. However, when I contemplate the word "peace" a completely different set of thoughts, pictures, emotions and feelings affect all levels of my consciousness. Should we not begin to look to the future and what will happen in the days, months and years to come... not as a war filled with conflict, hatred, fighting and hostility; but rather as a "Quest for Peace " with unity, harmony, reconciliation, brotherhood and freedom leading the way?  


Many shy away from the prospects of war and there can be misunderstandings concerning how, when, where -and what action must be taken. I believe we all understand the meaning of the word "peace" and the countries of this world can and will much more easily rail behind this 'sacred world cause' even though they know it will include the removal of those who have terrorized humanity on the ground, the sea, now in the air who vow to continue to do so in the future.

My heart is breaking over what has happened and for what must now be done. My brothers and sisters, planetary peace is so close if only we are able to choose together to seize the moment and assist it to manifest throughout our world. It is time, beloved ones, to put aside our differences and recognize it does not matter whether we worship in a church, a temple, a mosque, a holy shrine, a home or even out of doors beneath the sun or stars. As members of the Human Family, we all pray to the same God who will show us the way through love, faith, hope, forgiveness, mercy and peace.  

I thank you in advance for your time and attention. If this message resonates with some part of your being please feel free to pass it along and share with others.



Rebecca Ann Laycock

President of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, Inc. and devoted member of the Human Family, who lives in the United States of America.