I wish to remind you of something very important. It is not my desire that you focus your attention upon what I AM about to discuss, but especially at this time in your spiritual evolution and that of the planet Earth, you must be reminded of this information.

The forces of darkness and imbalance often tend to rise up and raise their ugly heads as they see signs of your progress in the Light. They never slumber nor do they sleep, for they do not wish to lose even one opportunity to secure more life energy for their own negative activities. They will do whatever they can to further their own existence, even though they most assuredly belong to the realm of illusion! However, there is one way to remove these unwanted and foreboding forces on this planet that even now are still trying to get more than just a foothold in the spiritual development of humankind.

They will exist only as long as you continue to give them of your attention, for your attention represents, and is to them the energy sufficient to keep them going, to continue to plague this beautiful planet Earth! If I can make myself clear concerning this topic! If you can remember this instruction during times of difficulty and stress in your lives, keeping centered within the Heart of the Violet Fire and your beautiful Mantles of Light! If you can remember to surround yourselves within a "ring-pass-not" of Blue Flame Protection so lovingly offered to you by beloved Lady Astrea, the “forces of darkness” will disappear from the face of the Earth so much more rapidly!

I have mentioned your attention as a particular way in which these forces are perpetuated. How do they get hold of your attention? This, beloved ones, is the question that you, each dear chela, must ask yourself! For within the answer to this very simple question, lies not only yours but the entire planet Earth's key to Freedom in the Light of God that is eternally victorious!

First of all, you have been told that in the astral realm, everything, be it a simple thoughtform, or an earthbound entity wandering about, has the outer appearance of its inner cause of creation. This is a most important point for you to remember. For as you can easily imagine, if it really looks like the cause that brought it forth into existence, you would immediately recognize the source of its manifestation. You would easily know whether it was a force of darkness, a lost soul who was still attached to the world of form through its personal needs and desires or those of its loved ones, or a much lighter, higher, brighter creation.

However, in most instances, the astral realm is not visible to the normal outer vision of those embodied on Earth at this time. This is truly a blessing, my beloved ones, and is as it should be, since the astral realm co-exists within the physical realm in which you abide. To see what is contained within it, even for a very short period of time can and will create intolerable stress within your lower vehicles. However, there are times when many of you are given glimpses, so to speak, and there are times when, as your consciousness passes through this space on its way into the Realms of Light, you observe this realm for a moment. If this has happened to you, you well know it can give you quite a jolt!

My point is dear chelas of the Light, that in the case of the forces of darkness and imbalance, they are deliberately seeking to control life energy, no matter to whom it may belong. Therefore, the main tool they use is fear! If they can make you fearful, and you are unable to recognize them as a force outside of your consciousness, they can at every opportunity you allow, use your life energy to perpetuate their own existence!

Beloved ones, I realize this is not your intent! However, it is important that you isolate all the causes that create fear in your minds and hearts, for these are the very tools that such forces of imbalance seek out and use! Whenever you find and experience your vulnerable points, you have found the 'cause and core' of much of what draws the many unpleasant repetitive experiences into your beings and worlds.

Fear creates and is your 'Achilles' Heel', your vulnerable spots, or weak points. Everyone has them! They are the basis of your tests of mastery over life energy. Many people feel they are free of fear, but it is wise to be alert. Anyone who says they have no fear is not being truthful to themselves. If you believe you are one of these people then, dear one, you had better take another look within!

It is possible to be afraid of fear, itself, and perceiving it as a serious flaw within your character, deny it altogether. It is the better part of wisdom to examine this point carefully. It is not wrong to be as yet imperfect in some way, for it is one of the very reasons you have come into this world of form.

As you work with the masters and beings from the Realms of Light, you are achieving a multiple purpose! One of these is to serve with us for the betterment of all life on planet Earth, and all life within your system of worlds. Another is to achieve self-mastery, and therefore, perfection of your own life expression in all forms. Both of these motivations are worthy of all the assistance that can be given, and much is poured forth at all times to help you.

When you achieve self-mastery, which is mastery of all energy that is allotted to you for your life expression, you will achieve your ascension. To do this is not easy, beloved ones, for then it would not represent the great accomplishment that it truly is! However, once your ascension is achieved, there is a never-ending path still before you, which is perfectly logical, should you decide to place your attention upon it.

As one of your most beloved Masters of Light has stated, "There is always a far greater Beingof Light...” You will find this most encouraging, because it is a certain indication of the on-goingness of life, and of the fact that you will always have work to do and a service to provide! I'm most sure that not one of you wishes to have the well-being of a planet or a galaxy placed upon your shoulders as yet but the day will surely come! Until then there are many new things to learn to enhance your spiritual development.


© The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom