The "Eyes of Eternity" are the Eyes of your I AM Presence. They see the glory and perfection of the ever expanding Kingdom. They also see the specific part (S)HE has to play.

The expansion of the Kingdom always involves two aspects: consciousness and creation. Both expand simultaneously and parallel. The bigger the creation or project, the greater the enfolding consciousness.

Inner growth is dependent on your freewill choices. Everything in the universe is totally completed by freewill.

When the choice is made, the individual or group are held together by severe vows to persevere till the end of the project or creation. As you can imagine, this might span millions of years.

Going into Eternity does not mean that you loose yourself into Infinity. You have to focus, where you want to be, why you want to be there and is it for the overall good. Leisure time is no longer necessary nor permitted. You will always be "on the Father's business."

With "eternity eyes" you also have to focus. For this reason you were taught incessantly to focus your attention in the three dimensional world. As you know, where your attention is there you are. You will be of the most assistance to the energies, which carry your own flame and qualities.

The fullness of Divine Mind supplies the exploring lifestream with all the wonders of Eternal Life. Known and unknown ideas and images reveal themselves before his admiring gaze. Then he becomes aware that he has to select one or more of these pictures and nourish them with his life energies to manifest them in the form worlds to further the Divine Plan of the Planetary System.

Not everything your eyes behold is beautiful. You see the working of the Law of Cause and Effect and how much energy still has to be transmuted. You see good people full of potential, being "swept away by the machinations of the negative forces. You must witness this all, without the possibility of losing your balance. Love life free.

In the Great Silence of Eternal Life, energy, consciousness and vibration are stored as a Hierarchy. Layers of consciousness and vibration of the same kind form the Inner Bodies of consciousness and vibration of a higher kind. With every step you take you enfold and raise all evolutions below your level, and you are raised by the forward step of a higher consciousness, that enfolds you. And this magnificent process continues forever. Eternal life gives the opportunity to expand projects and creations "ad infinitum." Forever. For this reason only perfection is allowed and the expansion of perfection brings only greater perfection. The universe that emerges out of the struggles and endeavors of this, will be a greater and more magnificent Universe.

The highest concept of God you can make in your present state of consciousness is an all encompassing Sea of Consciousness called: "I AM THAT I AM." The Divine Principle governing the Universe.

Just like the acorn cannot imagine itself as a full grown oak tree, so is it difficult for even your own Presence to imagine Him/Herself as a full developed Universe. However that will eventually happen. Remember: GOD IS ETERNAL GROWTH!

Working as a whole in a group-consciousness teaches the developing I AM Presences to set Their Course to future projects and manifestations. The work you do in this moment does qualify you to expand this service to higher levels in more complex forms and expressions in the future. In the Higher Realms free will is a magnificent Gift. It also means, that you are open for and involved with a service for a greater cause, which needs your commitment and vigilance for as long as it takes. Others depend on you and you depend on others. You learn to appreciate and love the many different energies you work with. From now on your individual experiences will always be a part of the group, as you are a part of the experiences of others.

When your four lower vehicles are in balance and in peace, you can reflect the Glory of the Inner Realms, like a quiet lake reflects the beauty of the sun in the sky. However, this is also a personal and subjective experience. The Eternal Laws and Truths are always the same, but your personal interpretation and experience are not. Hence the many varieties of life expressions. It creates the conglomerate of expanding beauty in infinite forms. In the Great Silence of the One Universal Consciousness all things are possible.

As you work as a "total consciousness," a "Body of Light," your energy might be acquired as a 'laser beam' to bring about something very delicate, or as a 'blazing fire' to accomplish planetary results. You never know when and how your assistance will be needed. There is no pressure or stress of the moment. You are engaged in Cosmic Projects of Great extent. The human self cannot contain the totality of the work and that is the reason why we are always advised to take: "One step at the time."

In the Silence you receive a new rhythm, the rhythm of infinity. You realize that all Divine Principles are Gifts, entering your universe from levels far beyond your comprehension as yet. Your task is to find ways to express your understanding of the Laws and Principles, in the worlds of form by example, word, thought, feeling and action. Be alert, always!  When your Holy Christ Self chooses to SERVE after His/Her age long sleep, Cosmic Law allows the transmutation of misqualified energies to accelerate as well as the speeding up of the individual evolution with the help of the Ascended Masters.

The result is a total shift of focus, and the consciousness, which was previously caught up in personal desires and projects, experiences an 'emptiness', which seems in the beginning to be a precipice or a desert. When the outer self learns to trust the Holy Christ Self (s)he experiences the blossoming of beautiful thoughts and feelings in his/her world, which will later on manifest as his/her specific service to life. And by fulfilling the divine plan (s)he beholds the overcoming of the abyss and the blossoming of the desert.  

Sometimes, when you serve in the world of form the heaviness of negative energy can be so strong, that it covers your outer self  like a thick dark cloud. In fact, that's what it is: a shadow, a mist of misqualified energy, but very contagious. It doesn't belong to you and never has. It got its hold over you by fear. It prevents you from seeing what lies beyond. When you put the Light of Illumination on it, you discover nothing, because it is nothing in itself. It is just a mere shadow of yourself, emerged out of your own misqualified energy. If you try to fight it, it will fight back, because struggle is its very existence. Do you realize how much of your actions and reactions are still animated by fear? Fear has had a hold on humanity for aeons of time, and it takes all of your efforts to conquer it. The ATTENTION you give to fear, or to the peace that surpasses the human mind, will decide what eventually manifests in your life. Before your emotional body can outpicture the "peace that surpasses the human mind," it must be free of fear. You have to trust your Presence in all circumstances of your life even when your outer self tells you, you are in trouble.

The wisdom in the fairy tales has taught you about faith and how things can change for the good at the very last moment. The wise thing to do is to use the tools you have so lovingly been given and transmute your immediate surroundings and four lower vehicles as far and as strong as you can. Call the help of the sun, beyond the sun, beyond the sun and be creative. Gradually the vastness of dark and difficult experiences will then become transparent. The dark shadows become more and more grey mists, because the illusion of their appearances is getting more apparent for you now. The reason for this is that you are beginning to see through the Eyes of your Presence, which can only see Truth. The difficulty of keeping your balance for long periods of time is due to the fact of the seeming reality of the illusions on this plane of consciousness. You wonder if it is really possible that they will dissolve and make place for the perfection  you see. You know these illusions are not real, but sometimes you feel different, and the feeling is as you know  the 'engine' behind the manifestation in your life: perfect, or otherwise. When the mists of human consciousness give way for the Rays of your Inner Sun, the Perfection of Eternal Life will manifest on your screen of life. No longer will the effluvia and negativity of fear interfere with you and Divine Law will manifest.

To be able to keep your balance among all outer conditions, it is necessary to focus your attention at the Threefold Flame in your heart. Realize that no outer circumstance has the power to hurt you, UNLESS YOU INVITE IT TO DO SO! Do not give power to anything outside the Presence of God.

So many tests are necessary to convince you finally to let go and let God. Every time circumstances in your immediate surroundings are trying to alarm you, it is with the objective of giving the control back to your ego. The negative force will continue to attack you, as long as there is still some vulnerability in your lifestream. Human consciousness will not withdraw by mere denial. You have to transmute it to the cause and core. When its attacks are getting more subtle you have to increase your vigilance. The tenacity your human ego shows in trying to block your way in an attempt to keep you off balance, is only to regain control if it succeeds. You have to conquer every inch of the way to your eternal freedom. This is what is meant by: "You have to conquer the Kingdom of Heaven by force." The attacks of the negative force will continue as long as it finds entrances in your lifestream. It will try to vivify and revivify old channels of habits you used to sustain them in the world of form. TRANSMUTE them by Violet Fire! It is the only way.

Your I AM Presence will vivify every quality in your being to make you aware of them, to use them or transmute them. Also here mastery is acquired. Always show negativity the OPPOSITE quality, AFTER you use the Violet Fire. The uncertainties of life, which often induce great challenges and changes, are nothing more than shadows of the past, which try to veil your eyes to the perfection behind, which is bound to express in the world of form when you are ready and able to keep the balance. Dwelling in a physical body, trying to live the life of a divine being compels you to be alert EVERY SECOND of your existence. Any impurity that might linger on in one or more of your lower vehicles will try to prevent you from becoming one with your Mother-Father God.

Immediately transmute the discordant energy when it surfaces and love it free. These tests will continue until you finally have perfect faith in God's Will to direct you in everything you do, and for that reason remain silent and do not act until your direction is clear. Refuse to leave your place of perfect BALANCE and PEACE.

Absolute surrender and an ever increasing commitment to the promptings and directions of your Presence are necessary to finally detach yourself from the pull of the lower self. Being God in Action, the Love of God and the Will of God, on your level of consciousness. The law of the circle will then manifest this perfection in your lower vehicles. When this process is completed, you will be totally free.

Using the Earth as a schoolroom implies, that you receive Her energies and give of your own energies. The original idea was for mutual benefit. This includes every embodied being. However, as you know, by the misuse of energy for so many centuries, humankind has slowed down the Evolution of the Earth and of themselves. The opportunity of the chelas is to restore the original Divine Plan and hasten the Evolution of the Earth by their combined energies in concert with the Ascended Energies of the Octaves of Light; thus the Energies of Lady Virgo (the Earth) become one with the energies of the "Body of Light," the network of Light consisting out of all the lightworkers of the Planet, fulfilling their mutual Divine Plans.

The Ascension is an Eternal Divine Process. It marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. In essence it is a sacrifice. The sacrifice of all the good the lifestream has accumulated through countless embodiments to the Ascension Flame. You have been told that this is the reason why it is such a happy and buoyant Flame. The lifestream of an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being have given the totality of Their Achievements during a whole Cycle to the Ascension Flame for the benefit of all life.

A beam of light will shine bright and far in a clear night. The light of that same beam will be very restricted in a misty night, when the fog is thick and heavy. Much more light is acquired to permeate this mist.

The Light of your Inner Christ is likewise restricted by the fog of human consciousness. It takes much light (Love, Wisdom and Power) to permeate these effluvia. Transmute it all.

Try not to attract the general attention, but serve in anonymity. Through centuries of time, the human self tried to pull the attention to itself, to gain admiration and interest.  Finally it tries to gain admiration by claiming spiritual attainment. "I am" reaching the higher initiation. "I" can see the masters and speak with them. "I" am doing so well. This shall not be. Becoming one with I AM THAT I AM indicates, that you are: the Beginning, the Sustenance and the End of all Creation and all Life. So what is left to claim? Just BE, and LOVE LIFE FREE!

When you direct the Ray of Reverence for Life to any outer circumstance, you experience the struggle for life. Reverence unveils the development of the lifestream in time and space, without judging. It accepts life as it is and encourages the Christ within to take full command over its lower vehicles. Reverence is the natural response of the lifestream when (s)he has accepted and lives the unity of all life.

Your I AM Presence is a Being of Cause alone. Let go of all that is not of God. Do not occupy yourself with the effects of previous thoughts, feelings and actions. Live NOW, ACT NOW, BE NOW AND FOREVER!

Wear the aura of quietude around you. This enables you to see the world as it really is, because you're no longer attached to its perpetual changes and images. Being the ruler of your life, you do what you have to do, feel beautiful feelings, think perfect thoughts and speak healing and comforting words. Be the cause of all good.

The expansion of your consciousness goes parallel with inner growth. Just like the flower bud, which opens itself to the sun, will grow and expand. Your inner growth shows by expanded service to the world. Inner growth always indicates a greater responsibility for life. A greater Wisdom, more Love and more Power to guide and protect life.

When you behold the Earth through the violet eyes of Mercy and Compassion, you only see yourself, struggling to get free from the bondage of human consciousness. You see yourself in the race of humanity, partly awake and partly asleep. You see the untransmuted negativity infecting other lifestreams in their struggle to become free. You see it infecting the animal kingdom, imposing fear and negativity in their lives. You see it infecting the vegetable kingdom, resulting in poisonous and harmful plants and vegetables. You see it infecting the mineral kingdom, resulting in the negative applications of chemicals, liquids and gases.

Use the Violet Fire, dear ones. All life is longing to be free and perfect. When you clear the atmosphere with Violet Fire and keep this process going on for 24 hours a day you offer the Ascended and Cosmic Beings concerned with the evolution of this Planet, a great opportunity to use your vehicles for world service. It is not necessary to actually think about Violet Fire for 24 hours, but compare it with a fly-wheel, which will turn for a considerable time after the initial push and will continue to do so if you turn it at certain fixed times.

All life is longing to be free and perfect. When you clear the atmosphere with Violet Fire and keep this process going on for 24 hours a day you offer the Ascended and Cosmic Beings concerned with the evolution of this Planet, a great opportunity to use your vehicles for world service. It is not necessary to actually think about Violet Fire for 24 hours, but compare it with a fly-wheel, which will turn for a considerable time after the initial push and will continue to do so if you turn it at certain fixed times. Focus your attention on the Violet Fire at fixed times during the day and keep it blazing around you. When the emotional body is purified enough to radiate most of the time beautiful and elevating feelings, it begins to outpicture the splendor of the Buddhic plane, the oneness of all life. When the Christ Self qualifies such a body with any perfect feeling, it has a tremendous impact on the "Body of Light" and does in that way much to elevate the mass-consciousness.

For those, who do not know the meaning of the "Body of Light": it is the combined consciousness of all selfless beings, who work for the overall good. The "Lightworkers" of this Planet. When you acknowledge the Christ in anyone of your fellow travelers on the path of life, you encourage them to respond. That is one of the reasons the Masters ask you to visualize the channel between the heart and the mind of other people. In this way you facilitate their inner Christ to take command over their lifestreams.

The circumstances of your daily life are a reaction of your outer self to the energies and vibrations, which enter your world as a result of causes you initiated in the past. There are no circumstances, only energies and vibrations, and your reactions upon them. You can alter these "circumstances" by causing pure and perfect energies and vibrations. Eventually these energies  will manifest in the world of form into perfect "circumstances." Try to think and act in terms of radiation and light, and not so much in conditions and things, or the changing of circumstances. Your Presence is your reason for being, and His/Her Light is accepted by the "Golden Man," your Holy Christ Self. It is the Light of Divine Mind, that will rule your inner and outer life now, if you let it.

The main work in the Octaves of Light is molding energy into form. Receiving thoughtforms from the Superiors about projects that have to be established within a certain period of time. Finding receptive lifestreams, who are open as emissaries to channel the energies into form. When the veil of maya has been removed this process will be much easier, because the individual is then able to perceive the scope of the plan. The importance of being alive, fulfilling your divine plan, is to give an example to life how your specific interpretation of Love, Wisdom and Power will manifest in the world of form. An additional melody of harmony and beauty in the symphony of life.

The control over your lower bodies is a tenacious and ongoing work. Find your balance in  Infinity. From here it is easy to direct your body. Your I AM Presence is infinite. So grow to HIM/HER to explore all that is infinite. Reflect your discoveries in your bodies. Let them  outpicture the Wisdom and beauty of Eternal Life. Because growth is enfolding slowly and, one  step at a time, it is sometimes difficult for you to perceive where you stand and what you  have accomplished. Behold the presence of the God qualities your Christ Self is wielding  through your lifestream. The tolerance and forgiveness you show in the presence of negative  thoughts and feelings. The absence of thoughts and feelings of retaliation, after a few  moments of discomfort and sadness, which may still manifest at times in your feelings. Your natural application of the Violet Fire at all times shows then that you are well on your way  to eternal balance. When you "let go and let God¯," you become more and more attuned to Divine  Mind. The so called "problems" of your world begin to fade and loose their threat and danger,  and you begin to discern Truth in all life. Let Divine Mind take over your outer life by  ALWAYS being in the Silence. You can also call it: "To be in the world, but not of it."

When the focus of your attention is more and more drawn towards your Presence, you begin to realize what it is you have to perform in your sphere of influence. Although your Presence is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed, you are the executer of these actions, which have to be done.

Service enables the Cosmic and Ascended Beings to use the Body of Light as a FOCUS to expand and accelerate Divine Principle in the hearts of all humankind.

The beauty of the higher Octaves of Light is overwhelming. You are drawn by the law of  attraction to the same kind of vibrations that you emit yourself to levels of love,  compassion, healing, power, etc. Your own keynote will blend in perfectly, in these realms,  by the law of least resistance. You need to make an effort to put your attention on other  planes of existence if you want to be there.

To reflect the grace and perfection of Eternal Life, you have to focus on that you wish to  become. Make your aura strong, so that no negative energies are able to disturb your inner  balance ever again. You know you will be tested again and again, till you have mastered this  lesson.

The waves of Light, which spiral their way from the sun downwards through the Seven Spheres,  actually never leave their Source. How far and magnificent their achievements and faculties  may be in the form worlds, the nourishment and anchorage has always been and shall always be  in the Great Silence of the Source I AM THAT I AM! Like a tree, which is rooted in the earth.  How tall, strong and magnificent it will grow, it always receives  its nourishment from the  earth. How taller the tree, the more expanded the roots and how stronger it is established in  the earth. How greater evolved a spiritual being, the stronger (S)He is rooted in the Great  Source and how more of the miracles and glory (S)He can manifest in His/Her Sphere of  influence, be it a city, a country, a planet or a universe.

Just like the white light of the sun needs a crystal to divide into colors, so does the White  Light of the Presence need a focus to divide: One Energy, One Vibration and One Consciousness  into the many colored faculties, powers and consciousness. In our universe we are accustomed  with the division in: one-three-seven-infinite. The one Light divides in the three primary  colors: Pink, Gold and Blue, which become the Seven Rays, Spheres and bodies, which each  divide in seven, etc. We learned that each Sphere has its main Quality, that subdivides in  seven. So we have 49 qualities of perfection, some dormant and some very vividly alive in our  being. And they all have to be developed. It is a long, but very beautiful journey.

The Seven Spheres of perfection are for our Mother-Father God, what our seven bodies are for  us. By expanding our consciousness and experimenting with our creativity, we expand "the  Borders of the Kingdom," which means that we develop something new and original, which was  not present before in the exact same form.

When you look outside in the night and admire the splendor of the stars and planets in the  universe, you explore the boundaries of your outer view. You can also look inside and explore  the boundaries of your inner sight, which will become 'in-sight.' How much of these  'energy-fields'¯ can you perceive, and how strong is your endurance to connect with these  energy fields? This will give you insight of your inner world and the inner worlds of  other's. In reality of course, the "inside"¯ is as infinite as the "outside".

Loving all life by accepting the many different levels of consciousness and the many stages  of learning and discerning, you accept the diversity of embodied life and revere their  efforts for good. Holding the immaculate concept and expanding every attempt to do well in  any part of life, you enhance their evolution and follow God's Will. Because all life is so  dependent on each other and united in the oneness of life, it is necessary that humankind  becomes aware of this fact. When the Body of Light can express this Unity strong enough on  the mass-consciousness, it will be accomplished.

Ever growing, ever expanding, with periods of rest. The 'inbreath' and 'outbreath' of  eternal life. The joy of service becomes such an overwhelming part of your life, because you  have chosen this life by your own free will and you enjoy the work you do with so many others  in a consciousness of unity. The natural growth of perfect things takes time. The outer self  has to deal with time. Time is included in its very existence, which is limitation. When it is engaged  in a project, it wants to see the results immediately. However, your I AM Presence is engaged  in projects which oversee lifetimes of many lifestreams.

Distraction is one of the greatest obstacles of spiritual growth. Distraction from the Divine  Principles and getting tied up in personal matters, desires of any kind and "old karma¯." They  are the well-known 'flowers¯,' which grow at the sidewalk, tempting the pilgrim to stop, smell  their perfume and enjoy their beauty. You have to learn to look through the 'eyes of  eternity¯,' experiencing the Beauty of the Law in any circumstance or thing. Loving all,  without being attached to anything.

Learn to serve in anonymity, then your outer self cannot claim all the Energies of the Higher  Realms, which enter your chalice. They are not going to the self, but THROUGH the self to  transmute the outer miscreations. Sometimes it comprises the withdrawal of your outer  occupations or profession, although this is not a requirement. It means the complete  surrender of the lower self to the 'Father' within, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.