Divine Qualities.





The path of the Initiate is a path of radiation. When the worries and fears of the lower self have been transmuted the radiation can start. A flow of light from the Presence through the Holy Christ Self into the worlds of form. A flow of love, compassion, reverence and gratitude commences and will never be withhold again. The meaning of human evolution is to make a specific focus of light of each individual. A focus with many facets to radiate the light of God in a specific way.

Divine qualities are shining like stars in the form of layers of light in your Causal Body. To expand them and make them stronger, you have to apply them regularly in the worlds of form. You have to gain a momentum in the use of specific qualities under specific circumstances.

Be the sewer of good deeds in the souls of humankind. Divine qualities are developed as everything else is: by experimenting with energy, vibration and consciousness. Some are very familiar to you, because you worked with them during many lifetimes, others are more difficult to attain, by lack of practice. All are necessary to become a balanced divine being, but they don't need to be equally strong developed. Also here free will is the deciding factor.

Just like a painter is selecting the colors he needs to outpicture his creativity on the canvas, so is the Holy Christ Self selecting the most beautiful combination of faculties and qualities to outpicture His divine plan in the world of form. The choices of your creativity decide which path upwards on the mountain of attainment you will go and who will be your followers. Free will is a beautiful gift when it is stripped of human tendencies. 

Divine qualities are energies as you know and they are always expressing themselves in the outer and inner levels. You also know, that energy does not act by itself; it always needs a consciousness to direct it. Qualities already have a consciousness of their own, so they always try to manifest themselves in the worlds of form. The energies of the divine qualities are forming the bridge between the octaves of light and the three dimensional world.

When you work with them on a daily base alone, and rhythmically in your group activities, the Ascended and Cosmic Beings are able and allowed to strengthen and augment them for the greater good.  However, when the initial impetus diminishes, also the energy in the higher octaves weakens. Therefore keep your efforts strong and regular to secure this ongoing service to life.

Have you any idea how much effort is required to assure the cooperation of the countless "little lives"¯ that compose the "body"¯ of a quality? How much strength it takes to hold it together to perform the specific service to which it was created?

And yet, with love all becomes easy and possible. Love is the keynote of all the divine qualities in this universe. It is the cohesive power, that keeps the atoms and electrons together in joyful cooperation. How does love look like? It is a pink energy, which emanates  a strong attracting activity. Like a magnet attracts metals of a certain kind, so does love attracts vibrations of the same kind: cells of a certain kind, organs of a certain kind, levels of a certain kind.

It is all love, claiming its own and putting these conglomerates of the same vibration where they should be in the divine plan of the cell, organ, body, organization, etc. However it is the free will of any self-conscious being, that can alter the divine structure that love provides. Hence the importance to surrender human will before you can enter into the activity of divine creation.  

The joy of service is always the motivating power to develop any God-quality. Without joy you are back in your human consciousness and service becomes difficult labor. Joy makes your work light and full of happiness and possibilities. It teaches you to develop a momentum of skill in a certain avenue of service. In every divine quality is the buoyancy of the ascension flame. It is the joy to perform that for which you are created. Stimulate that joy also in your own being, allowing the ascension flame to fulfill that for what is your reason for being. The very joy of being and serving raises the vibratory activity of the electrons in all your bodies. It is a gift and a privilege to grow and expand in the infinite possibilities of eternal life.

It is not always necessary to 'DO¯' something. Even when you are alone, sitting in the silence you create. Receiving ideas, eventually making plans, you're always on the "Father's business"¯. When you focus on a specific principle, you enhance its influence in the world of form. Connect with the Body of Light to enfold all humankind and all life with this specific attribute or quality of God. The free will choice of your consciousness determines the energy, which will flow through your lifestream to benefit all humanity

Begin to see your four lower vehicles as perfect instruments for service and try to be creative to find new opportunities and circumstances to serve, which means: LET THE ENERGY FLOW! One of the reasons why We ask you to abide in the Silence is to accustom you to the time and spacelessness of infinity. Infinity is a fascinating experience for the newly awaked divine consciousness. It can really expand in all directions like the tall Eucalypt, which rises tall tremendously into the 'infinite'¯ sky.

However consciousness is always tied to some kind of matter, like the roots of the Eucalypt in the ground, to identify and to give 'space for growth' for "lower consciousness". Even the most highly developed consciousness imagination can touch, always grows as a "lesser consciousness"¯ on the grounds of His Father's Kingdom. Why do you think HUMILITY is a divine quality?

Beloved Helios and Vesta nourish the Earth and all Their Seven Planets and evolutions with all the qualities They developed during the course  of Their Evolution. Beloved Alpha and Omega nourish Their Seven Suns and through Them all the evolutions on the various Planets. Beloved Eloha and Elohae nourish Beloved Alpha and Omega and the other Central Suns of Their Cosmos, and through Them to all the Suns and Planets of the various Solar Systems.

So we receive right now and forever all the Divine Principles and Qualities ever originated from Sources beyond our wildest imagination. And this goes on through all Eternity. What are we doing with These Energies? Think about it. It is all a matter of choice and growth, and ever higher levels of consciousness. 

The I AM Presence can be everywhere, every moment in the Eternal Now. There is no need to move or to "go somewhere". Just focus your attention and BE, and as you know, where your attention is, there you are. When you gain a momentum in the Silence, you can feel yourself one with the "Ocean of Consciousness"¯, the Lifestream of our Mother-Father God. And you become what you contemplate. However before you can explore the "shores of infinity"¯, absolute balance of your lower vehicles is adamant. Rise above all imperfection and KEEP YOUR BALANCE!

By blazing the Violet Fire in; through and around your vehicles and commanding full dominion of Peace and Harmony, you force your human consciousness to withdraw, so that divine consciousness can prevail. As an athlete has to train his muscles constantly to keep them in good shape, so has the Christ Self to look after the proper nourishment of the divine qualities in his lower bodies. In the Great Silence the I AM Presence is overseeing and nourishing the totality of your divine plan. In your outer life you are guided to the circumstances and people, who offer you the opportunities to unfold and establish these divine qualities in the world of form. 

Behold primal life as a liquid-light like substance. Then see how by free will self-consciousness wraps itself in it, molding it into a form of exquisite beauty. This is the birth of a quality, an idea, an art, a symphony, a teaching, a philosophy, or wherever the attention of the consciousness is attracted to, or aimed at. Entering the formless worlds of energy, you notice how important it is to FOCUS. Only when you focus your attention you can select and wield the energy, which is of the best assistance at a specific time for a certain project or situation.

However, the focus itself is also composed of energy. The energy of your attention and the energy of your "chalice". How greater and stronger the "chalice", the more energy can be directed. The concentration of your attention decides the time and the intensity of the energy. Practice! When your 'chalice' is getting stronger and the outline more defined, the attacks of the lower self can no longer disturb the balance. You still feel the attacks, but it doesn't occupy your consciousness any longer. Your attention is fixed on other things.

So by withdrawing your attention you do not enhance the negativity. Mastery is a steady process. Your aura has to become so strong, that no outer distraction can touch it any more. Then you will have reached the place where "the light no longer flickers"¯. Your I AM Presence will always protect you.

Searching deeper into primal energy you experience how it reacts when you approach. It begins to vibrate in the same way and intensity as your forcefield. That's the reason why you had to make the enormous cycle of experience in the form worlds to experiment with energy and vibration to build your specific forcefield. Without it your energy should merge with the primal energy and your consciousness with primal life, and you had to start all over again. Now that you have this forcefield you can consciously create by freewill and enthusiastically lend your energies to projects in concert with your superiors, to further the cause of a divine plan.

Weaknesses always attack you, when you are not alert. When you are tired or sleepy¯. It is no longer allowed to be sleepy¯ on this path, because it needs your Full Attention and purity to keep your feet on the road so you can make your next step. Never stop using the Violet Fire and know, that you are the Christ in Action AT ALL TIMES! When you allow your consciousness to dwell on old and worn-out thoughts and feelings you lower the vibratory activity of your bodies as you know. Be attentive and don't let this happen. Only pure and perfect thoughts and feelings are allowed on the path toward the ascension.

When your outer being is disturbed by negative vibrations that you cannot influence [ loud noises, or music¯ ] do not let these vibrations to enter the sanctuary of your inner balance and harmony. How? By not allowing them to go beyond the physical level. It is a test you have to face and pass.

Perfection is already present in any circumstance. Merely the distortion around it does prevent you seeing it. Just shift the focus of your attention to the inner truth and call it forth.

When you work with primal energy and try to mold it into form you can choose to do that by yourself, or you can use already formed thoughtforms or ideas, made by Cosmic and Ascended Beings, which are not yet manifested in the world of form. If you choose the latter, you make a connection with the Creator of that thoughtform, who will help you, if you ask Him or Her, to assist you. This is also a form of communication between spiritual beings.

If you take the effort to align your four lower vehicles, fully obeying and waiting for directions of the higher triangle: the Holy Christ Self, Causal Body and I AM Presence, a channel emerges capable to emit the light of the Higher Octaves in the world of form. Then your keynote will sound forth. When it does, people will be drawn to you in ever more quantities. Not merely on the physical plane. Life is recognizing the specific service you give and because you are unique as all life is, you learn from each other, when the bodies are purified and the energy flow begins. Just like your arms and hands are tools in the three dimensional world, so are the divine qualities your tools in the inner realms. Whether you have to use them with chirurgical precision in a certain condition, or to blaze them as Sacred Fire on a larger scheme. Practice makes perfect, and the joy to work with them will enhance your skills ever more.

As you know, qualities manifest as color and sound on the inner realms. Have you ever wondered why an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being is fully satisfied by developing one specific quality as the main purpose of Their Being? Well, in the Eternal Cosmic Scheme of all things there is no limitation. For instance even you can observe from your point of evolution, how many different hues of purple and violet are working in close proximity in the 7th Ray.

Every different hue represents a different attribute or aspect of the quality, a different radiation and blessing, and a different effect. In the Eternal Scope of Life there are universes of Violet Light and Beings, and immense possibilities to learn, apply and grow. And even these universes might merely¯ be layers of light in the Causal Body of another Cosmic Being. Eternity is a wonderful thing. Every quality, every color or sound, every atom of light has consciousness of a certain grade.

Therefore it is always wise to approach them with love and reverence, knowing that the joy of service is an inherent quality of life in the higher realms. The illusion of being separate of anything no longer exists on this level, and coexistence to service for a common goal is the general way of communication. The beings of light are always engaged in projects of their superiors, endeavoring to fulfill a perfect service. That is their life and a joy to perceive.

See yourself as a divine being, who is working with the Sacred Fire to control, purify and transform the lower vehicles. No longer accept yourself as a human being striving to develop a higher consciousness. Make the switch. When the vestiges of human consciousness have been defeated and your Three Fold Flame is perfectly balanced, you can see your path stretching out before you into infinity. It is your specific path created by your Godparents giving you the opportunity to offer your unique gifts to this Universe and Universes yet to come.

The questions: who you are, and why you're here, are always close connected to time and space. Life is a gift, and the individualization of the 'animal-human'¯ into the 'human-human' is a process of development in consciousness and matter. Consciousness has to control and direct matter into beauty and perfection. Thus he or she develops his or her divine nature and destiny into the perfect human. But it doesn't stop there. It always goes on.

So you are the Presence of God I AM and you are here and now to establish the "Kingdom of Heaven" on earth. When you continue to raise the vibratory activity of your vehicles you get access to the higher vibration of the God qualities you love and admire so much. In this way you will be able to radiate this higher vibration into the Earth atmosphere through your physical and etheric bodies. Your very presence on this plane allows you to set a higher vibration in motion, thus creating a higher octave of light on Earth.

Every divine quality is a gift from a celestial being. It is a lifeform with its own divine plan and life cycle. By sharing the gifts of his color in service to other lifeforms it grows and becomes more aware of its reason for being. If you keep this knowledge as a reminder in the backgrounds of your mind, you will always be loving and reverent towards all life. If you meditate upon a quality or a truth, and continue to do so for long periods of time in rhythmic application, you BECOME that truth or quality. Be it peace, harmony, power or love. In this way the Masters tend Their Flames and expand them through all eternity.

When you learn to divide your attention at different places or conditions at the same time, you distribute a God-Quality to several places. They go out from you as rays from the sun. It is a beginning of the training to be at different places at the same time. It is all training for Mastery.

Being in the midst of energy in many different colors and rates of vibration you must know what you want and what you need to establish in the world of form. Remember energy is 'center without circumference'¯, and matter is 'circumference without center'¯.

Create the perfect form and balance between those two. Everything you observe has been an idea, a thoughtform in the mind of a creative being. Whether it is a chair, a sculpture, a tree or an ocean, it was once an idea. And so is the human body. The indwelling consciousness however, decides by free will to expand the beauty of this body or otherwise, due to the development of the individual. It is your responsibility to expand beauty as much as possible.

Everything in the universe responds to love. Also divine qualities. When you work rhythmically with certain qualities to develop a momentum, they become more and more attached to you, like children to their parents. The unifying power of love makes them one with you as long as you nourish them with your ATTENTION!

Accepting that every quality has its own life, experiment now with colors. For instance wrap yourself in the golden essence of the Second Ray. Feel immediately the alertness of your mind and the clarity of the thoughtforms that might emerge. If you don't do anything, thoughtforms and ideas might pass and fade through your consciousness like scenery images through the window of a train. Now focus your attention upon a certain thoughtform and expand this with your energy of enthusiasm, gratitude and love.

Experience how immediately the thoughtform expands becomes brighter and develops contour and rhythm (the pulse beat of life). Experience further the brightening and sparkling of the Golden Flame with which you work. This is also a communication between consciousnesses. That of yours with that of the Golden Flame and that of the thoughtforms. In this way it becomes a part of your 'family'¯, your 'friends'¯, and communicating in this way many times causes a natural radiation of the being that you are.

Remember the Radiation around the Flame of an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being. A creation evolves in time and space. Consciousness evolves in becoming aware. If you become aware of the purpose of a certain creation, understand its meaning, and apply it, it becomes a part of your spiritual heritage through all eternity. It enhances the glory of your Causal Body. Because you charge the creation with your life force, it becomes your vehicle in the world of form during a specific time. During that time you ARE that creation, and it becomes your responsibility to fulfill its divine plan.    

Through the many ages and incarnations your I AM Presence tried to show you the blueprint of your divine plan. Sometimes you followed the directions you were so lovingly given, but many times you went your own way. All due to freewill. This is the reason why evolution and development can take such enormous amount of time. Only when you started to obey the directions of your Holy Christ Self, your development to master the energies of your four lower bodies increase immensely.

The capacity to serve in divine order, under the directions of your I AM Presence is dependent of the purity and refinement of your lower bodies. Mastery is a tenacious and also a rewarding service, because you witness the changing of vibratory activity, which will result in a continuous altering outer environment. The circumstances and influence of your life will become more and more beautiful. The old has to make way for the new.

The vibration of the Higher Octaves is of course always available. It is you, who has to accelerate your vibratory action to be in tune which the energies. Even when you touch them for a few seconds, they already will change your entire life and motivate you to purify your vehicles tenaciously and with JOY! Lord Michael's affirmation: "I AM building a life in Christ Consciousness becoming one with my Mother-Father God"¯, is a way to keep the attention of your consciousness on the highest. "The Highest"¯ is the keyword of the Angelic Kingdom, as you might know. It is the most reliable way to break through the crust of your human consciousness to reach the Octaves of Light permanently.

You know, how important it is to establish a momentum of peace and harmony in your being. The keyword is: eternity. Nothing, which is imperfect or negative, can disturb the inner peace and harmony of a consciousness, that is anchored in eternity. To wield the Sacred Fire in all conditions, you have to practice often. Blaze the Ruby-gold Flame of Peace in your environment. Breathe it in and breathe it out. Not only when there are negative conditions, but always. Your residence has to become a place of divine peace.

A very tenacious human quality you have to free yourself totally from is: judgment. When you decide not to judge or condemn any longer, you realize that all life is one and by judging one, you judge yourself and all energy will come back to you for redemption. Well, you have to be very strong and pure to alleviate karma that is not actually yours. It is possible, but not likely by lifestreams still often bound by mass-consciousness. So, don't judge!

Mastery over your own energies is quite a challenge. It has to be achieved, and you're now aware of the outer tests¯ as a way to master these energies. Your I AM Presence knows your needs and weaknesses. Try to experience the outer challenges as opportunities to overcome your weaknesses. When you begin to realize the illusions of your outer self, life becomes so much more beautiful and peaceful, because there is no longer a power behind your motives, which urges you to hurry and to change everything for your own good. The divine self wishes to expand and manifest. The outer self wants to change, to be entertained, and to attract the attention. So be aware of your motives.

Remember, the control of your four lower vehicles becomes very easy and natural, when your ATTENTION is always directed on the HIGHEST GOOD in any circumstance. Because in that case you will automatically¯ make the correct and wise decision. Do not react immediately when something new is entering your world, positive or negative. First learn the meaning and purpose of this experience. Do not judge, but try to find the perfection within, which causes this effect in your life; learn from it and when necessary love it free.

Only when you are perfectly in balance, when peace and harmony emanate from your being permanently, then and only then you are capable to find your focus, the center of your being, from where the power, wisdom and love go forth to transform the world. Then your keynote will sound pure and strong. Unqualified by impure thoughts and feelings. Then you are the Holy Christ Self in Action.

When the Silence deepens in the outer world, because your attention is on the real thing, the Inner Truth is becoming more customary. You begin to sense a pattern which is unfolding. A perfect chain of events, necessary to accomplish your mission on Earth.

Life must become a flow, a stream. If you do not longer see the different parts of your life as separated from each other: spiritual, personal, family, business, etc. you have removed the blocks your human self has put in your consciousness to prevent you to experience life as a flow. A life-stream. From now on your lifestream can flow freely in the world of form, nourishing all life with the gifts of your I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters through your Holy Christ Self. When you ask for and concentrate upon the truth of your lifestream it will be revealed by the circumstances of your life, by the opportunities you will be given and the enthusiasm you develop to cultivate and later manifest certain ideas and feelings in your world.

When you make  a beautiful thoughtform or visualization about a scenic landscape with wonderful colors, flowers, trees, butterflies and birds, you create a surrounding for beings, who become conscious of what you have manifested. If you are able to hold this vision, by concentrating upon it, daily and rhythmically, you really enhance the Beauty of the Father's Kingdom. Everything you encounter or experience was once an idea or imagination in the mind, or Divine Mind of an Intelligent Being.

The major builder of qualities of any kind is the ATTENTION. A wonderful attribute of your consciousness. However, you also need a quality to apply the attention well and that is, as you know, concentration! Concentration grows in power when you imply JOY in the focusing of your attention. Do you become aware, that the qualities you developed during the long sojourn of your evolution have to become skillful INSTRUMENTS in order to be able to follow your path?  It is like a symphony. Every tone has to fit in an accord, that has to fit into a piece of music, which becomes part of the symphony of the spheres.

* * *

It is difficult for the consciousness, which is accustomed for ages of time to listen to the machinations of the outer, human self, to alter its attention to the Rhythm of Eternity¯. The human mind is mesmerized by the idea of infinity, because it cannot understand. It cannot embrace or enfold it with the personal self. For the Divine Consciousness it is a logic concept for expansion in the HERE AND NOW! Compare it with a swimmer in deep water. Whether the water is 10 feet deep or 10.000 feet doesn't concern the swimmer. The only necessity is that he must know how to swim or else he or she will drown without escape. For the one who cannot swim a swimming pool with shallow water is provided. He becomes accustomed with the water and is instructed how to swim.

Divine Consciousness is recognizing Itself in Infinity and is expanding Itself limitless and forever. Human consciousness left alone in the Silence with the concept of infinity will drive itself mad. Learning how to swim means here, giving your all to the Presence of God I AM.

Infinity is for divine consciousness the same as the deep sea¯ for the swimmer. You can abide in it without being able to enfold it. The key is consciousness. Infinity¯ is always the consciousness of a Greater Being¯.

Eternity begins to manifest in a lifestream, who is no longer occupied by the need to constantly change things or events. By knowing that the divine plan is unfolding, taking the opportunities at hand and following the promptings of the Holy Christ Self, the lifestream knows that all is in divine order. Eternity is unfolding. One day you will come to know the depth of eternity.

When you've totally released your identification with form and surroundings. Eternity is an experience of totality and unity. Fully incomprehensible by human consciousness. For a Cosmic Being there is no time. Your I AM Presence is living in the Eternal Now.

The involvement of time comes with creation, and with limitation of consciousness. For a Cosmic Being the whole Creation has already been done. But the process of manifestation in the world of form still has to begin. In the word 'process'¯ we already have time: a beginning, a growth and an end. Creation is necessary to expand the consciousness of the developing lifestreams for which it is created. This also counts for Cosmic Beings involved in a Creation of a certain kind. And this goes on indefinitely.   

In the Macro Cosmos you find as is told above the expansion and enhancements of the divine qualities you learned about and practiced here. For instance you heard about: violet hues, violet fire, violet lightning, violet ray, violet sphere. You can continue by accepting the existence  of a violet universe, a violet galaxy and beyond. There is no end. Also every idea and project will last and expand forever. Only negative qualities will eventually be transmuted into perfection.

They have only a limited existence, as a Grace of the Cosmic Law. Project this on all Rays and Ideas ever created and you will imagine how immense is the Scope of the Cosmic Day. Therefore you, as an Individualized Cosmic Being will fit in on a certain place and follow a certain course into Infinity. It is magnificent!

The knowledge of the infinite expansion of every quality develops your reverence for life even more, because you're beginning to understand that all is life. You approach the elemental and angelic kingdom, who embody these qualities with the love, admiration and gratitude, which is necessary for them to expand in their natural beauty.  

The light of the sun is radiating forth in all directions. It has no body, but it has a source. The connection with the source stays, how far the light ray may pierce into space. The light itself is a forcefield of warmth, color and light. And this is only the three dimensional concept. In the higher realms the light has much more freedom to express. Likewise with the consciousness. It is connected with the Source. In our case the Mother-Father God of our System.

The consciousness is radiating forth in all directions, without form. A forcefield of Light, Love, Power, Wisdom and all the qualities of the Godhead. We call this: The Oneness of Life! Individuality is a Gift of the oneness of life. When the individual grows till a certain point, he or she can experience the oneness of life as HIS OR HER VERY SELF. This is the mystic moment when the will of the individual and the Will of God become one.

Are primary colors really primary?  All the colors of the rainbow are included in every color, but the main color dominates. Our eyes are focused on the main color, but if you should examine it very closely you should discover that it consists of many different colors, only the dominant color radiates forth. It is the same with the Rays and the Flames. Every Ray is present in any other.

It is a well-known fact, that beloved Gautama when He was still¯ a Buddha, served on the Second Ray of Wisdom and Illumination. Hence the many golden statues of the Buddha around the world. When He became Lord of the World on Jan 1st 1956 He shifted from the Second Ray to the First Ray by first moving to the first sub ray of the Second Ray and thereafter  to the second sub ray of the First Ray. Now take this a step further. All the Rays we know, including the Eighth Ray and the ones we don't know yet are sub rays in a Major Ray.

Which One? Isn't God Love?  Love is the Third Ray. So you can also shift from one Major Ray to another in the same way as described above. Then you move from one universe into another, if the need arises.

Human beings experience the qualities one at the time. You are illumined, you are in harmony, you feel compassion, you feel love for a person, situation, condition or thing. When you grow in consciousness you experience all the sub rays of a Ray with their qualities simultaneously. Then you can radiate the rainbow of divine qualities in any situation at hand. The main color of the Ray will have the strongest impact. Of course they can be changed at will. This is mastery.

The Sacred Fire is always available and always the same, but it has a different outcome and function in different lifestreams. You know, you can qualify the light with any of the Qualities of the Godhead. In the Body of Light the inflow of the Sacred Fire is more complicated. The choices of the individual cells in this Body decide the color, the quality and sometimes the direction of the Sacred Fire. The ascended and Cosmic Beings amplify and also often direct the Divine Qualities where they are most needed.

If you learn to travel in projected consciousness to places and conditions far above your wildest imagination, you need a strong anchorage  in your physical body, because as always you have to find a way to establish in the world of form what you have experienced or what you've learned. You know, that you're not living for yourself anymore. You are a part of the whole and in that respect you have to share your experiences with those who are ready. 

The tenacity of spirit will always bring its reward. Continue your service to the Infinite Light, the Great Divine Principle, and it will become more easy and relaxing. When the bodies are tuned in, you can reach the maximum result with the minimum use of energy. Important also is to control your thoughts. It is quite a challenge to control the invasion¯ of thoughts under all circumstances. But this will be your next step. You must be the one, who decides which thoughts may enter your mental body.

To ease this process it will be helpful to visualize around your mental body a forcefield of Violet Fire. Within this forcefield visualize  the crystalline white light of the Ascension Flame. Every thought which seeks entrance has to pass through these two forcefields. Thereafter they can only be perfect. Try it.

If you look at night to the universe admiring the many stars and constellations, realize  one thing. Every star is a Focus of Light, enriching the universe with His specific qualities to expand the Borders of the Kingdom. You have reached the realization  of your own focus of light in your sphere of influence, expanding the borders of the Father's Kingdom in the world of form. Now realize that your qualities are unlimited.

The unity in the Octaves of Light is the manifestation of the Truth, that THERE IS ONLY ONE LIFE. When you realize yourself as I AM GOD, then you are God. It is Your Life that enlightens the universe. But through the GIFT of Individualization you never lose your identity as a God BEING. It is through the Bodies of Light you are capable to create your own environment, your own heaven and later your own universe. Because I AM unique, My world will be unique.

It will enfold in perfect Order and Harmony, when the time is right. You may ask yourself: The gift of individualization offers the consciousness to realize itself as I AM. To be an unique from any other part of creation. Where is the place of You when I AM is all there is? The answer lays in the word CREATION. Only in the form worlds there seem to be something else besides me. It is an illusion. There is no you, there is only I AM. Perceive your brothers and sisters as God-Beings Being God = being yourself = I AM.

You, as a God-Being are able to experience  all of God's Creations, but not all at the same time. Your consciousness as a God-Being has to grow to encompass  ever more of God's Creations. You as a physical being have eyes composed by matter of the earth, so you are capable to see the entire physical world. But not at the same time. You have to travel to explore the earth, and use a space ship to observe her shape. Only in the fourth dimension you can behold the earth from all sides and within. The key word is: growth. Your I AM Presence is not omnipresent and omniscient, because of the Individualization.  

Just TO BE and know that I AM GOD! In this consciousness of eternity nothing will change, unless you decide to do so. Manifesting perfection to expand the borders of the 'Father's Kingdom'. What you choose you will become. If you choose to become Love in Action, you will draw all the powers and qualities of the Third Ray into your aura and world, willing and able to assist you to become a being of Love. If you wish to become a Peace Commanding Presence, all the powers and qualities of the Sixth Ray of Peace and Ministration will be drawn into your aura, helping you to fulfill your wishes. Free will is a Holy and precious Gift.

Being more familiar with the oneness of all life, you have to realize that working with divine qualities of a certain kind always attracts the attention of a specific individual Divine Presence with Who's qualities you are working. By practicing and learning about energy, vibration and consciousness you also realize your specific attraction to certain kinds of energies and qualities, because you have worked with them during aeons of time and they become the line of least resistance for you.

Patience is always rewarding. It allows the gifts of the octaves of light to descend into your world. It needs time to manifest itself in the world of form. Perfection needs time, and when it manifests it has to be sustained to reveal its maximum blessings for the highest good of all concerned.

Do not look for rewards¯, or any other outer signs. Your I AM Presence is a radiating Focus of Light. Your reward¯ is your willingness to open your lifestream to this Stream of Light. This Light will go out from you to show humankind the way home. The stronger the Light, the farther its influence and the more lifestreams you can help. That's what is meant by: You are the light of the world¯. Remember, there is no self on the Buddhic Path.

When your human consciousness is totally transmuted into perfection you will come to know EVERYTHING you want to know. The Golden Ray of Gods Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding will be totally at your disposal for the benefit of all life. You will become that Ray as much as your consciousness can contain It and as long as your attention is fixed upon this Ray. You will wield the full power of all the Seven Rays, one at the time, when you learn to develop your God Powers.

Only in the Silence you can distinguish Truth from ignorance, Real from unreal, Eternity from temporality. Divine qualities manifest here in the purest form and it is the responsibility of the individual to manifest some of these qualities in the world of form in addition to the ones already developed during his evolution.

Every quality is a highly complex  unity. Every divine quality is present in all the other divine qualities. Like all the Rays are present as sub rays in all the Major Rays. Remember that unity is enfolding all life. It is the Body of God¯. What you experience as a separate entity is only because of your limited perception and consciousness. Your consciousness as I AM [I AM in the Here and Now] is quite different as that of a Chohan or a Bodhisattva.

Always be open for wider perspectives and greater experiences. Divine qualities are shining on the face of the Earth like the physical sunrays. However the qualities only shine when there are lifestreams, who are sensitive enough to invoke and nourish them by rhythmic application. By so doing the rest of humanity can reap the benefit of these efforts. For every quality is a Temple on the Etheric Plane guarded by Masters and Initiates of a high degree, who tend the flames and release them to those, who are open for their blessings.

When all your armature for attack and defense are laid down, you may feel vulnerable at times. You are like the flower which has opened its petals to the warmth of the sun. The flower, which is carrying the seeds of its offspring. There is no assault nor defense in the flower. Its protection and nourishing lays in the hands of the gardener. Your I AM Presence is your gardener, protecting and nourishing you to develop the seeds of eternity within you, which will grow into an unique universe in the far future.

The Spiritual Path is as you've found out, an Eternal Path. A Path of Growth. Your consciousness is expanding gradually, accepting and applying more and more work in the worlds of manifestation. There are no sudden expansions and revelations. There are revelations, but only when the consciousness is ready to accept. A child will not become an adult overnight. It grows gradually. It also receives its expansions  and revelations¯  when the consciousness is ready and is able to understand . It is an ongoing process.

Your Christ-Self is your ultimate consciousness of balance and unity. When you are out of balance for any reason, concentrate on your heart flame and BE your Christ Self in Action. Don't call for your Christ Self. BE IT.  When your Christ Self is awakened, it becomes a clear window for your I AM Presence in the world of form. When the unification of the Christ Self with the I AM Presence has been accomplished, the reincarnating soul will vanish and a magnificent river of light will flood the form worlds. But all in divine order and under Cosmic Law, where the I AM Presence will be, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed under all circumstances.

When you open your heart and mind to the Eternal  Light, you have to focus yourself to  one quality at the time. You know now that the Rays and Flames are living Entities with their own purpose in life. The reception of their Flames is a gift, because you receive the qualities of that Ray. This must always be exchanged by your gifts of love, gratitude or any other gifts you have developed during your long evolution on this Planet. Divine qualities are present on all levels of creation. They also have their incarnating cycle and return home.

When you are calling forth a quality, it descends most likely from your Causal Body. If it is not present there, an ascended being will provide it for you. Then it descends through the mental plane into your emotional body. From there it directs its specific energy through your etheric body, which might stir your physical body into action. If not it will blaze its energy into the emotional and etheric atmosphere, giving a general stimulation to all who are open for its blessing. After the service has been completed the law of the circle will return the harvest to the causal body of the one who initiated the cycle.

Your interest in specific qualities will always stimulate them in others in your sphere of influence. Because they are always present. The only necessity to activate them is putting your attention on them. If you do this all the time, it becomes a momentum, because the presence of this quality in your aura has become so strong, that a mere thought will put it into action.  

If you want to know all¯ about a quality¯ you cannot! Your consciousness is too small to comprehend this. You can focus on  an aspect of that quality and follow the effect in the world of form.. For instance concentrate on patience and what the effect  of this energy is for your lifestream, your group, the planet, etc. What changes does it bring in the consciousness of embodied life, whether it is human, angelic, elemental or four footed? Even the vegetable kingdom and the mineral kingdom respond on patience. Meditate upon it. This is also communication. Communication with energy and vibration.

The path of energy is an always changing path. To be in control of your energies means, that you have the power to direct the energies according to God's Will and God's Will. Also here everything is a matter of perception. Don't try to control energies that are greater than the "cup of your consciousness" can contain. In that case invoke the help of your Superiors.

By focusing your attention on a specific quality and giving it 'time'¯ to explain itself to you, you become aware how much commitment is present in their intensity to make a difference on our planet. It is a reward and a revelation to serve with them, and every time you allow these qualities to blaze through your bodies you raise  the vibratory activity of these very bodies.

Like a human being, a divine quality also has a divine plan and a cycle of existence in the inner realms. When it was assigned directly to a specific place or person, these qualities join qualities of the same color and vibration to become more powerful and extend their life cycle. This process can continue quite some times, till a conscious being has the power and authority to assign this conglomerate of energy of a certain kind to fulfill its purpose.

By concentrating on a quality or qualities on a daily base, you not only enhance them and make them strong and prosperous, but you also allow them to carry out tasks on their own level. The quality will increase in power by allying itself to vibrations of the same kind. The result is rather similar as what happens on your level of consciousness, when cells¯ become an organ¯, when individuals align to become a group consciousness. So you develop qualities with a group consciousness that become very potent powers for good.

The form aspect of life often seems difficult and challenging, because you are not always able yet to see through it. Keep your mind on the Immaculate Concept and let your I AM Presence do the perfect work; then your challenges will no longer be threatening, but step stones on your Pathway to Perfection. Sometimes, when you allow irritation to enter your emotional world, because something in the outer world doesn't react as you hoped or expected, you notice that on this level of consciousness, immediately the emotional balance is disturbed and you need the help of the Violet Flame to regain your balance. Always be alert and realize that these disturbing events¯ might actually be provided to test your balance.

When your attention is often focused on the formless worlds of energies, you will notice that the pressure of these energies also becomes more tangible. This can be very pleasant and comfortable when you are in balance and in total control of your own energies. When your heart and mind are in the world of divine qualities, then their reactions in the form world will become ever more perfect.

First focus on the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion to clear and purify the way in your world, then focus on any of the qualities you feel necessary on that particular moment and feel them entering your being as a mighty river of colored liquid light into the area or situation at hand to fulfill their mission. It is the 'Breath of God'¯. The formless worlds are so magnificent. It is inhabited by consciousness wielding pure energy. Molding, experimenting, creating and projecting the results in the form worlds. You will learn to do that too. Your I AM Presence is already doing this. 

Experience the qualities as your children¯ and your instruments to work for the good of the whole. Whether you need them with chirurgical precision, when you have the consent on the inner planes of the individual you wishes to help, or when you have to blaze it into a condition or circumstance when you still have the focus of your physical body, the concentration on these qualities will make them ever stronger and proficient to do the jobs at hand.

When you are calling forth and working with your chosen energies daily, a keynote is sounding, which vibrates and reverberates in the inner spheres. Similar vibrations are being touched and increase the intensity of the keynote. Like a strong sound on the physical plane makes metals and other material vibrate, sometimes even till breaking point. In the inner spheres only beneficial radiations come forth to change the physical vibrations into those of a higher kind.

In the Octaves of Light the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings wield great powers. For instance when They want to direct the power of Love to humankind through a group of chelas, They have to adjust the intensity of this Love to the level this group of chelas can endure. It is likewise with the power of electricity. You have to adjust the power, the voltage, to the resistance of the thread. Too much power [voltage] will melt the thread. The same with the powers of Light. Too much power damages the lower vehicles, when they are not strong and purified enough. Hence the need of transmitters on all levels of consciousness.

The experience of unity with all life is the natural result when the consciousness has freed itself from the "veil of maya". The removal of this veil  will show the lifestream his or her oneness  with life and his/her affinity with specific currents of energy. Before the removal of this veil unity of consciousness is possible, by ascending above the mass-consciousness. And also during periods of meditation and union with the Christ Self. When this happens for the first time and you return from this mystic union, life will never be the same. You deny the outer separation by mind as well as by feeling. And the struggle Home begins. The realization of your unity with all life increases your stability as a Cosmic Being. More and more you become aware of the all pervading Presence of God I AM.

Little by little it is pressing through the veil of maya into the world of form through your outer personality. You realize now, that this outer self is necessary to perform a special service to life and you enjoy fulfilling it. In the inner spheres this joy of service will permeate  through the Body of Light into the hearts of all humankind encouraging them to also serve the overall good. In the higher octaves, the oneness with life is so obvious and natural, that even a thought  of separateness  is ridiculous. You don't speak with God or ask God for something. You ARE GOD.

At least as much as you can express in your present state of consciousness. When you are in the world of form you bow to the Light of your God Presence and ask in reverence and gratitude for all the abundance and blessings of the Higher Octaves for the benefit of all life and for yourself.   

The remembrance of the Freedom of the Higher Realms reflects in your purified lower bodies  as Joy, Enthusiasm, Love and Gratitude. The beginning of remembering brings you the understanding of your unity with your I AM Presence and all life.

When you concentrate upon a quality, it blazes through your four lower vehicles and rushes down your spinal cord to saturate your body with this specific quality. Then it blazes through your four upper chakras in the world around you, stimulating in humankind the already present quality in their feeling world. For those, who miss this quality a general raising of the vibratory activity in their emotional bodies takes place. But of course it always has to be done with the consent of their Holy Christ Selves, whether the outer self is aware of this or not.

All the many different aspects of the divine qualities are constantly moving through the many levels of consciousness of this universe and Solar System. Like oxygen is necessary for the survival of the physical body, so are these qualities necessary for the survival of the Inner Self. They are always present. The human mind and feelings filter through the mental and emotional bodies those aspects of the Sacred Fire, they need on that specific point in time and on their level of consciousness. All we have to do is open our mind and feelings for these blessings. "Ask and you shall be given".¯

Like the totality of all the colors is white light, so is the totality of all qualities: the Great Silence. IT IS for all eternity. Your I AM is living there, and to become one with I AM it is adamant to take that step for all eternity. It means to relinquish  every personal contact with the outer world as long as it is not connected with your service in it. You know: "To be in the world, but not of it"¯. The Silence will then become so deep and strong in and around you, that people will feel and accept it. They will consciously or unconsciously acknowledge you as the better, and inner part of THEMSELVES.

Sometimes you may wonder why it takes so long before a specific wish or project is fulfilled. The reason is often a block in one of the lower vehicles. Purification has to be maintained and any personal gain or profit must be transmuted. All the things that you wish to manifest in your world have to be for the benefit of all concerned, as you know.

* * *

In a way you are a divine quality yourself. Many, if not all of the Rays are represented in your Causal Body. You dedicate your life to one or more of the qualities, and finally you give so much effort and attention to establish the blessings of that quality on Earth, that you Become It!  Remember, where your attention is, there you are. Let us now observe some specific qualities:

One of the most important qualities to develop is: Patience. Patience is the only quality that holds your energies in check. In this physical world of ever changing circumstances and possibilities, stress tries to wear you out. The peace and harmony of the Great Silence is easily disturbed, when you return to your day to day occupations.

The bombarding of thoughts and feelings from the mass-consciousness and your returning negative energy try to intrude and attract your attention by many things not of God. Be vigilant. The awareness, that there is a Higher Will directing your life gives you strength to rely on patience. When things fail momentary in your life do not be discouraged, but have faith that everything has a meaning, perhaps just for applying patience.

It commands the energies to stay within the boundaries of God's Will. In this case the directions of your Holy Christ Self to fulfill the divine plan. With patience in control, nothing but perfection and harmony will radiate forth. It also gives the consciousness time to recharge the energies and contemplate new ways to explore life and overcome obstacles. Patience is the guardian and sustainer of harmony keeping the lifestream on the Buddhic Path towards its ever growing unity with all life.  

It gives the power back to the indwelling Spirit of God, so that energy will not be wasted. If you need help to master this quality, ask the Beloved Sanat Kumara, the Cosmic embodiment of Patience.

When your lower vehicles do not ask anything for themselves anymore, when they are calm, poised and in perfect equilibrium, then they reflect the perfection of your Holy Christ Self and are able to release the good of your Causal Body here on earth today and forever. Because the focus of your consciousness is always going upward and where your attention is there you are.  

The most important and strongest quality in this universe is: Love. And humankind needs it so much. Many are still on the level of consciousness, that they only can return already received love from somebody else. You have to learn to give love 24 hours a day without any hope of return.

Sowing, sowing, and sowing love in so many bitter hearts by the rejecting of returning karma. The energy of love will give them the opportunity of learning how to forgive and let go. As you know, love is the cohesive power of the universe. The force, that stands against the destructive powers of the negative force.  The lesser powers of illusion, which are powerful enough in their own territory.

Those among you, who wish to become this power in action, meditate upon this quality and ask the assistance of Beloved Holy Ęolus, the Cosmic Holy Spirit. Love the Sacred Tone is sounding and resounding through this universe claiming life its own. Unifying, unifying and unifying all vibrations of the same kind, making it whole and an instrument of God's Will on this planet.

As you know God's Will is perfection for all life. Manifest that perfection in thought, feeling, word and action, by practicing Love. When you analyze the energy of love you notice a power like a magnet, but so specified that it attracts only atoms of the same kind. How purer the love the more atoms of a higher vibration are attracted. Once started the attraction never stops again, unless a self-conscious being alters the creation by using energy of a certain kind.

And so we behold the creation of so many things we Love! The love energy is taking away the hidden pain of past experiences, which all lifestreams have to endure.

 Impersonal love goes deep into the recesses of our beings and loves the energy free. Love is like a mother cuddling her baby. Love returns self-respect to the lifestream and the courage to rise and go onward on the path of life, fulfilling our divine plan.  Love is the safest way to overcome negativity. Combined with God's Will, the Blue Flame, it becomes the reliable Violet Fire you worked with so vigorously. Dwelling in pure love does make you invincible, because the law states, that where the consciousness ties into that is where the attention is directed too.

There can be no negativity in pure love. Trust and follow the Law. The Third Ray of Love contains the synthesis of all energy, that will bring life together for a time, for a cause and often forever. It enables the consciousness to recognize itself in the so called other¯ and will never make the mistake again to separate itself from all the manifestations of life. Love always wants to claim its own. Love is at the core of everything. If the love of one being is directed on anything outside himself, the love in that other being or thing immediately responds.

It prepares the way for the unification by recognizing itself in the other. Like two drops of water become one. When enough drops of water unify, a stream originates, and then a river. When enough beings of light unify together in love, you get a Body of Love wielding love to claim more and more of itself its own. The power of love will eventually bring all life back into the "Heart of God . Human consciousness can resist love for a time, sometimes for a considerable period of time, but in the end it has to surrender, when love claims its own.

Love always carries within itself the wish to serve, as you know. You can witness this all around you. Love wants to pour out itself and nourish all its 'loved ones'¯, which includes everything. LOVE INCLUDES EVERYTHING. It is only human consciousness, which introduced exclusivity, and is proud about this.  You have to transmute this completely. LOVE ALL LIFE!  

The love you feel for the divine plan and the life forms, will carry you safely along the Buddhic Path. When you love life more than yourself, your personal energies will be transmuted easily into the universal. Love is still the way.

Realize how smoothly love makes your Path, and as has been told so many times: "Love turns infinity into a day and a day into infinity"¯. Embrace life; expand love and experience the Universal I AM as Yourself in Action at all times. When the Maha Chohan says: The Love you feel for another that is Me¯, He speaks a Mighty Truth.  When you realize in the Silence your oneness with all life, the next step of your awareness is to confirm the statement of Beloved Paul and say with Him: "I AM the Love you feel for each other"¯.

Divine Qualities cannot be claimed by individuals, but belong to all life. God¯ will become more and more included and immanent to your consciousness. Love contains, as every other quality, all the attributes of the Godhead. God is Love. Every experience you encounter in your life, or ever had, is rooted in love. If the experience is harsh and painful, love teaches you to free yourself from misused energy. If you show or receive compassion, love teaches you the many faces of God. Through Love you can reach everybody and everything.

All life responds to love. When you become the embodiment of love, you will easily find the ways and means to serve and help to the fullest degree. Human consciousness will try to block this flow of love with its shadows of misunderstanding. Recognize it for what it is, transmute it and love it free.  When you go through any difficult experience and conquer your limitations love is showing you, that you were separated from it, and then you and love become one. The spark becomes the Flame radiating its specific uniqueness through the Universe.

An aspect of love is: Tolerance. This quality neutralizes negative energy  and makes it harmless. The individual, who radiates tolerance cannot be infected by human consciousness, because the energy temporary raises the vibratory activity of the lower vehicles above the mass-consciousness. This quality makes an individual utter the words: "Father forgive them, for they don't know what they do".¯

A very important quality for unascended beings is: Gratitude. As you know gratitude is the only flame that is able to receive the flame of the Master or your own Master Presence. It opens your vehicles for the Ascended Energies which are speeding up their vibratory activity and the vibratory activity of those in your sphere of influence. Gratitude for the gift of life and all the opportunities, which are dispensed so abundantly every day of your life.

When you walk the Buddhic Path in gratitude you are smoothing your way. What is the energy of gratitude doing? It accelerates the vibratory activity of your four lower vehicles with the Joy of Acceptance¯.  It controls the lower energies of rebellion against the returning currents of your karma. And that is the perfect state to invite the higher vibration of the Masters and other Cosmic Beings.

Compassion is often acknowledged as a gentle and soothing quality, which brings relief of pressure and pain. It might be, but don't forget it is an aspect of the Seventh Ray, which is often referred to as the most powerful aspect of love. Compassion is also a combination of power and love. A compassionate being can also be a powerful disciplinarian, who tries to acquire a major change in the consciousness of the one, who needs compassion.

The more love, the more gentle the treatment; the more power, the more strict the treatment. The goal is always the same: to follow the divine Will to set the lifestream free. The power of compassion is the giving of healing, without being involved in the distress. Only when you stand on rock, you can pull the unhappy one out of the mud.

Only when you are in peace and harmony you can dispense this quality to the one in sorrow. Giving compassion to individuals in your sphere of influence you are showing, that you accept their place in development and are not trying to convince them to attain your place. You love them free by Violet Fire and let them follow their own choices and decisions, keeping the Immaculate Concept at all times and accepting them how they are at this moment in time and space.

The ability to put more Joy¯ in your service enhances its influence in the world of form and makes your work lighter. Enthusiasm and joy carry your work on wings of light into the world of man, encouraging them to follow your example in love and gratitude. Joy is a very scintillating energy. It removes slow vibrating atoms and electrons and replaces them by perfect ones. That's the reason, that you always feel so recharged after a happy and joyful experience.

And then there is Faith¯. Faith is an energy like lightning. It penetrates through all misqualified energy as a sword through gossamer. Nothing can resist sustained faith. Therefore Archangel Michael is often pictured with a sword of white-blue lightning.

The energy doesn't accept imperfection. It goes through the negative coat to find the hidden perfection behind. The cause and core of all creation is good, or else it should not exist. It is the miscreation around it, which hides the beauty, which has to be removed. It is often a painful process. The path of faith is not an easy one, but sustained, always rewarding.

The flame of faith also rekindles hope. How difficult your life circumstances may look, it is only the illusion of human consciousness, and you know without a doubt, that it will pass. Faith also embraces patience and endurance. Endurance is a part of patience. It is the strength to hold the immaculate concept of the goal you cannot yet perceive, but are convinced to reach eventually.

May the peace that does surpass the understanding of the human mind be with you. The energy of peace holds every other energy at bay. It enfolds every perfect creation in a "ring pass not"¯. Only harmony is allowed  to enter. Harmony is very close connected to peace. It is also a quality of the Ruby-Gold Sixth Ray. When you are enfolded by peace, you are in a state of perfection.

No disharmony or negativity can touch you. The first stage of peace is harmony. And remember: "The harmony of your true being is your ultimate protection".¯ Harmony is the quality that balances your perfected energies. It can only be present when the attention is focused on the I AM Presence, consciously or unconsciously. It is a divine radiation.

When you feel that harmony is slipping, immediately invoke the Violet Fire of transmutation and put it into action. Harmony is the foundation of your divinity. Sustained harmony brings you to the state of peace that surpasses the understanding of the human mind.¯

Harmony in a group can only exist when all issues of negativity are being dealt with. Nothing of division may be left under the table¯. When everyone feels his or her needs are answered, harmony can flourish. When you expand the Silence into your daily life, you will also expand the Peace within the Silence. Radiating Peace always signifies the achievement of balance. There is no peace without balance. Before you expand the Silence, first use the Violet Fire. Always use the Violet Fire before doing anything.

Peace is a quality and a condition, where your consciousness can abide, when it refuses to be touched by anything of the outer world. Be it harsh noises, sounds or turmoil.  The ear suffers, but the consciousness remains unshaken. This is Mastery. Try!

The quality to perceive things how they are and not how they seem is: Illumination¯. In its outer significance it means the enlightenment from the outside. To know everything ABOUT something. The light falls upon an object and is made visible in the outside world. The inner meaning of illumination is much more beautiful. It is to  become that, to which your attention has directed you. The Light shines now in, through  and around the object, circumstance, human being or creature. You become aware of the divine plan of that object; the distance the indwelling life still has to go and already has done, how it fits in the overall plan and maybe which part you can play to hasten the process.

Understanding comes to the individual who tries to see through the object, circumstance or person. To perceive from inside out and discover the law that rules the object. Sometimes the same law can be applied to total different objects. As for instance the same electricity turns on an electrical heater and a refrigerator. Knowledge comes from outside in. Understanding comes from inside out. Illumination comes from inside out. Love and patience grow from inside out.

Everything comes from inside out, to manifest in the world of form. When the outer mind looks at a subject, it only perceives a part of the outer appearance. When (s)he looks at the subject  from another angle or view, (s)he has to alter his/her opinion in a wider sense and when (s)he looks at the subject again from another perspective, (s)he has to change and broaden his/her  knowledge again.

Illumination however shows the entire subject from inside out and from outside in. By becoming one with the subject, your understanding about its function in the universe becomes crystal clear. It is the view of the Holy Christ Self. In the Octaves of Light we never see only one side of the story, but the totality. When you direct the Ray of Illumination on any problem or outer challenge, they disappear. You don't receive an answer on the problem or challenge, but they no longer affect your inner peace.

Just like shadows cannot exist in the rays of the sun, so negativity cannot exist in the Ray of Illumination. Darkness always has to flee for the Light.¯ When you remove your attention from "The Light of God", negativity takes its shadow forms again and tries to keep you of track. So Be the Light of God at all times to flood your being and accelerate your momentum in the Light till you BECOME that Light. Then darkness and negativity cannot ever touch you again.   When the rays of the sun illumine the objects of the Earth, the shadows hide behind the object.


When the rays of illumination from your Holy Christ Self pass through your lifestream do not "hide"¯ anything from that light. Do not hold something back for your personal self. Give your ALL to the light, so that it can enlighten your entire being.

The power of Illumination is so magnificent. It shows you the development of the Divine Plan for a Solar System as well as what is going on in the 'mind'¯ of an ant. If you direct it on your own divine plan you will see where you stand now and how far you still have to go. Also the expansion after your ascension in the light and what beautiful 'Highways to Heaven' are opening for you.

You will understand and be the Illumined One. When you direct the ray of illumination on somebody, who challenges you, you look through the eyes of that one to yourself and experience the cause of disharmony of the other towards you. Then love him or her free with the Violet Fire and you will see that any relationship you both may share will be improved.

The enlightenment of your mind is not the only blessing of the Ray of Illumination. When it pours through you and the Body of Light a tremendous Light appears, easy to perceive to all who are searching and asking for more light. When the multitudes approach your etheric environment, they are welcomed  and received  by attending angels of the Second Ray and the brothers and sisters of the 'golden robe', who lead them on, to the etheric  Temples of Light, where they are taught all they need to know in order to take their next step. Remember: YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!

When the Will, Love and Illumination from the  I AM Presence is freely allowed to enter your world by the directives of the Holy Christ Self and no longer blocked or interfered by human consciousness much can be accomplished. The Ascended Beings have free access to enter the world and transmute and change many things for the overall good. Your task is to enhance and expand your qualities to prepare an even stronger and powerful forcefield of Sacred Fire.

Concentration is often stated as a quality of the Fifth Ray, the Green Ray. But you know green is a combination of blue and yellow and concentration is definite an aspect of the Blue Ray, the First Ray, the Will and Power of God. It is a quality that can contain in its focus an atom, a cell, a being, a planet, a Universe or a Galaxy for as long as is necessary to hold  the divine pattern or plan for that specific purpose. Nothing can ever manifest in the form worlds without concentration; and you see there is no limitation to its growth. And this is true for any God Quality.

What about endurance? Is that also a divine quality? It is a quality of the First Ray. A combination of faith, stamina and courage. To endure a certain state of being in your mental, emotional or physical body. The spiritual awakened one knows that he/she put him/herself in this temporary limitation and has to stay there till the effect [karma] is worn out. He/she does not rebel against the Cosmic Law and knows that all is in divine order. Whatever limitation you have to endure presently, know you can build any perfect quality in your Causal Body right now by applying the necessary steps as explained before.

Creativity is a quality everybody uses, also those who claim they are not creative. Creativity manifests as you already know, by the Seven Steps of Precipitation. All the ideas in the educational, artistic, musical or organizational areas are already present in the inner levels. Creativity is a combined quality. It harbors: concentration, purification, endurance, love, courage to mention a few. Depending on the scope of the manifestation, which has to take place, the more qualities and beings are involved. This is the meaning and importance of group consciousness and group efforts.

And what is happiness? This is a quality, that emerges from a being, who is doing God's Will and is conscious of his/her cooperation  with the Will of God. In the beginning it is a temporary acceleration of the vibratory activity of one or more vehicles, but later it becomes a permanent "bliss-consciousness"¯. Totally free from the emanations of the mass-consciousness radiating the necessary qualities during a certain period of time for the greater good brings happiness.

Divine qualities are such a joy to experience and to develop. Take for instance harmony. "The harmony of your true being is your ultimate protection"¯. Why? Because harmony is an aura, an ever expanding aura, that does not tolerate anything what is not of God. If your consciousness is strong enough to concentrate on positive powers and qualities, harmony can expand forever and invite all the divine blessings and gifts of the Cosmic an d Ascended beings to descend in your world.

As every other living being in the universe qualities also need nourishment. You give them nourishment by applying them, concentrating upon them, tending them and loving them. Your personal qualities will become universal when you apply them in anonymity for the highest good of all.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is watching over those among humankind, who are trying to use their energies for the highest good of all. Some Members more than Others. It has to do with the Ray-structure of the individual and his/her accustomed way of serving. Some Ascended Beings with the same Ray-structure can help that individual better with the minimum of energy, then Others, Who came from a different Ray. In the Higher Octaves We try to preserve energy and not waste it, as so many human beings do. Use energy wisely and constructive for the greater good.

Every time you direct your attention towards the Presence of God I AM THAT I AM, you activate the resurrection currents, blazing through your four lower vehicles to outpicture the Presence as well as they can. If you direct your attention to one of the God-Qualities you resurrect these qualities in your lower bodies to make them more perfect servants of the Light.  If you direct your attention to any part of your Divine Plan and try to fulfill it to the best of your abilities, you resurrect the perfection of your Divine Plan.

Abiding in the Silence you touch the fringe of Infinity. Infinity is the name given by the outer self to everything beyond its comprehension. Infinity is a BEING enfolding infinite 'Lesser¯ Beings'. You are always in the radiation and Vehicles of a Higher Being, how far evolved you might be. You're never alone. That very thought is absurd. Unless you realize the meaning of the word: ALONE, which is: All in One, all-one¯.

Even your language gives you the key and answer to a seemingly difficult test. Everything is present in every particle of life. That is the meaning of infinity. It is the Divine Self Who recognizes Infinity as a Consciousness and an extension of Itself: I AM THAT I AM.

Try to reach the core of all beings and things. The core of all things is the anchorage of Eternity, which we call I AM THAT I AM. The I AM Presence of any being and your I AM Presence are the same Being. Remember the "you"¯ and "I"¯ are illusions of a lower state of being and consciousness. You can reach and influence all life through the Presence. The Ascended and Cosmic Beings are doing the same through you. There is no separation in consciousness.

The only difference is the amount¯ of life¯ your I AM Presence is able to enfold on His/Her Place of Development in the Eternal Scheme of Things on the Pathway of Eternity.  You need to impose your lower vehicles to the rhythm of eternity¯. That what is unchangeable.

The cause of all what is good in the universe. Train your mind to hold steadfast to the vastness of the universe. THE ONE THAT CONTAINS ALL. Train your feelings to radiate THE ECSTASY OF BEING, without emotions. Train your memory to remember the experiences that do not change but only vary in intensity. Train your physical appearance to MANIFEST this rhythm in words gesture and action.

You are heading home to the "Heart of God". The first shift you have to make regarding 'home¯' is from the outer environment to the threefold flame in your heart. There is no outer 'home'¯ in any country, town or place. Your home now is the center of love, wisdom and power, regardless to which place karma puts your outer vehicle. Your outer 'home'¯ is your place of service, your field of endeavor. Remember, you HAVE nothing, but you ARE everything.

The struggle you have to perform to become one with your Presence takes so long and is so arduous, because you have allowed your human self so much power to direct your life energy in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It is the total transformation of this self¯ that needs your attention the full 24 hours period. Remember: I AM the Doer, the Doing and the Deed! Your home is Infinity, your Path is the Path of Love and your forward movement is: Creative Service.

The core of all qualities is as always consciousness. The attention of the consciousness is a beam of pure white light, which sends energy to the focus the attention is directed to, as you know. What will happen when you direct the Beam of your attention toward plain consciousness?  It brings you immediately to the Great Silence, the Home of Pure Consciousness.