The Body of Light






The main task of the Body of Light is to protect and sustain the physical form or creation for which it is responsible. The clearest example of a body of light is your etheric body. It keeps the divine pattern or plan for your physical body during the entire lifecycle of this body and attempts as much as possible, and allowed by Cosmic Law to outpicture the divine plan. Hence its close connection with the silent watcher of your body, the body elemental.

The Silent Watchers of landscapes, cities, oceans and countries hold the immaculate concept for their specific location of the earth and are looking for responsive beings, who are able and willing to manifest a part of the divine plan for that area. Those individuals are forming the body of light for a period of time until the divine plan has been accomplished. The Body of Light has always the responsibility to assist in the establishment and acceleration of the divine plan of the project on the physical plane it is engaged in. The intensity of energy and speed of manifestation of the divine plan depend on the amount of lifestreams, who are open to the promptings of the Body of Light as well as the amount of incarnated conscious members of this Body.

In the Octaves of Light, expansion of consciousness is the main purpose. When you have reached the ultimate expansion in unison with other Ascended Beings, you try to manifest this momentum in projects in the world of form. That is the reason why the Masters always affirm, that you are Their eyes, hearts and hands in the worlds of form. An Ascended master does not need one body to manifest Him/Herself, but directs His/Her energies in unison with others from the Octaves of Light into a “Body” of chelas, human beings, or humanity. (S)he just adds His/Her energies for the highest good of all concerned and furthers any part of God’s Divine Plan for our Planet or any other Planet in the System of our Mother-Father God.

The Ascended Beings are very much accustomed and comfortable to serve in groups for a common good. Temporary or for long periods of time. Those Groups can be very small at times. Remember the Creation of our planet by the Seven Elohim. Of course, the manifestation is not done by Them alone. Countless groups of Devas and Elementals have assisted Them to fulfillment. However, the initial Creation has been done by the Seven Steps of Precipitation by the Mighty Elohim. A magnificent “Body of Light”.

Then there are “Bodies of Light”, that establish the “blue prints” of Solar Systems or Central Solar Systems. It extends into infinity, hence the importance to already now become accustomed to the idea to work in groups for multiple projects. It will develop your skills in certain areas even more. 

When you focus your attention on your I AM Presence your consciousness is being attuned to the Rhythm of Eternity. There is no “hurry” in infinity. However, Cosmic Projects have to be fulfilled and because you are embodied in the world of form, you have to give your utmost cooperation.  

Through the Eyes of your Presence the Planet Earth revolves in the center of “waves of energy”. Positive and negative. On places where the positive waves are stronger than the negative, all changes required for the New Age are taking place smoothly. Where the negative forces equal or are stronger, you witness an uproar of energy, which results in cataclysmic reaction on the physical surface of the Earth, warfare, or other physical disturbance. Here lies your opportunity. Combine your forces with the Powers of Light in the Body of Light to transmute as much negativity as you are capable of.

The Body of Light is a very sensitive forcefield around any physical material or project, which gives at any time the exact amount of energy of a certain kind to revive or revivify a certain result onto the screen of life. Too much energy might damage the effect and too little might not be enough to accomplish the necessary aims. Hence the requirement of perfect balance in the Threefold Flame of all the attendants in the Body of Light. Patience and faith for the perfect opportunity, which will come are necessary qualities in the equipment of any member of this Body.

You are accustomed with the idea, that the organs and cells of your physical body have their own “separate” physical life. It is your will - for them the will of god - that directs the totality of physical consciousness into places and conditions, which is for the highest benefit of all concerned. Or so it should be. When you are an Ascended Master, your consciousness oversees the consciousness of societies, world projects, countries or even whole continents. It becomes part of you, a Body. Just like your physical body is “a part of you” now.

As different cells form an organ, and an organ has a specific function in the body, so do different “cells” in the Body of Light also form “organs” with a specific function in the Body of Light. However, it can happen that the cells of one organ have to fulfill a major function in another organ, because there is a shortage of energy available at a given time. Therefore, a swift alteration of energies and purposes are necessary at that time. This is one of the reasons chelas have to develop along all of the Seven Rays to attain Mastery. You never know whenever your assistance is needed at any time. 

Your personal sanctuary will become a forcefield of great power. Therefore ask for protection around this forcefield, so that it will not damage your family members by over stimulation. Spiritual power stimulates EVERY faculty in your loved ones, positive as well as negative. So ask the Elohim of the First Ray Beloved Hercules for protection against too much light in your world, and ask for protection against the inflow of the negative force. Remember: the more light, the sharper and clearer the shadows. Recognize it and transmute it. Your keynote and divine plan are crucial for the harmony of the Planet When your keynote is blended in the Body of Light it can be used by anybody when the need arises.

What your Christ Self can do for you, the Body of Light can do for humankind. The ecstasy, love reverence, enthusiasm, which are radiating through your lifestream by your Holy Christ Self can be expanded through the Body of Light when you are alert and immediately direct your attention to this Body, when you have these experiences. In this way, you accelerate the evolution of all humankind.

When you unify yourself with the chelas in the Body of Light, your I AM Presence is also unifying Him/Herself as an individualized God Being with the I AM Presences of all the chelas of the Body of Light. Remember: One Body, One Consciousness and One Vibration. As below, so Above. The unification of consciousness with a Greater Consciousness will always continue. 

Imagine a network of light all around the Planet, which is radiating all the colors of the rainbow. These colors emerge from this Body in hues of light to carry out their beneficial service to the need at hand. This ongoing work continues 24 hours a day, also when the physical body is asleep and even the outer consciousness needs not always be aware of this. The commitment to the Light and the surrender of the human will to the greater good is sufficient to be a humble part of the Body of Light. This Body is also often used by the Ascended and Cosmic Beings to enhance the spiritual evolution of the Earth. You may have wondered why this Body means so much to the Planet and can do so much to enhance the light of God in all life? It is because of the responsibility of the individual “cells” Their willingness and joy of service enables the Cosmic and Ascended Beings to use the Body of Light as a FOCUS to expand and accelerate Divine Principle in the hearts of all humankind.

Inner work is always a form of working with energy and radiation. A complex Entity like the Body of Light for a Planet is connected by multiple expressions of the same energy to establish the various tasks at hand. Because it is always the same energy, all the different members of the Body of Light are quickly competent to tap into the correct color and radiation of the Flame. Whether it is love or healing, patience or courage, illumination or transformation. They are all aspects of the One Sacred Fire. When you focus your attention on any of the Major Rays, all of the qualities of that Ray pass through your lifestream. If you concentrate upon one of these attributes: for instance tolerance, you expand this quality in your world and also in the Body of Light.

The Body of Light is the sustainer of form. It is the instrument that carries out the love of the Mother-Father God for Their Creations. This Love that motivates all members, who partake by their own free will, holds the Creation together and stimulates it to refine and expand itself into ever more beauty and perfection. When you as an individual serve in the Body of Light, you realize that your personal life is rapidly coming to a close, and your Cosmic Work has begun.

When you are serving in this Body, you do not feel as if you are working together with other beings for a common goal, but you ARE that Body of Light, as much as your consciousness can contain on that moment. Just like your body consciousness is not feeling like a conglomerate of cells and organs, but as a whole body. A total new experience. This feeling of oneness expresses as ever-growing intensified energy and vibration. It is something totally new.

Now you have to expand your consciousness to the One Consciousness of the Body of Light. A Cosmic Vehicle. The Vehicle of the Cosmic Christ. Later on you will learn to work with the “Bodies of Light” of other Planets and further with the “Body of Light” of this Solar System, and then this Universe. There is no end as you discern by now.

The power and efficiency of the Body of Light depends on the evolutionary stage of its individual members and also the amount of members. The more individuals, the more power can be transmitted. Compare it with the lights of a Christmas tree. The more lights are available the higher voltage can be used.

The powers of light always have to consider the balance of the amount of energy the chelas as a group are able to endure and send forth. However, as a group they can transmit quite some inflow from the forces of Light. The stronger and purer the members of this Body become, the more power, love , wisdom and all the multiple colors of the Seven Rays can be transmitted. This is the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom created for all life to ascend into the Higher Realms.

Be aware, that as you grow in the Light, you are always part of a greater whole. You become connected with beings of the same interests and about the same evolutionary development as yourself, and with other higher developed beings of light. Your connection might be temporary or permanent, in agreement to the freewill choice of both parties.  

Generally, the spiritual association stays permanent, because the service on Cosmic Levels can be extended beyond enormous periods of time. And so communities become planetary bodies, solar schemes and universal forcefields. All by freewill and in perfect cooperation with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan of the Great Cosmic Day.

Serving in the Body of Light you have to consider the following: The “Light of God” is distributed in perfect balance to all life. There are many levels of consciousness for absorbing, assimilating and expanding the light. The flower that grows in the shadow of a tree cannot bear the pressure of the sunlight, which is necessary for the flower that grows in the desert sun. However, they reveal their beauty wherever they are and expand the beauty of the Father’s Kingdom.

So do not judge wherever a lifestream is situated to fulfill his/her divine plan. Everything in the cosmos needs time to grow. You may have a hearts desire of which you are not even conscious yet, but it will grow and finally press through the veil. Then you are conscious of the Inner Urge, which directed you in a certain way, which only now becomes obvious to you. The reception and energizing of divine ideas and plans will continue to direct you to ever-wider horizons of splendor and glory wherever your energies are needed to widen the “Borders of the Kingdom”.   

Every quality can be enhanced by the Body of Light. As a chela of the Holy Spirit you know, that the full power of the Third Ray is Divine Love. It is the Love Nature of your Mother-Father God you have to unleash over the world. One with the Body of Light and invoking the help of your task force of angels, the Elohim, the Archangels and the Chohan of the Third Ray, a Power can be generated that really can LOVE THE EARTH FREE. However, the keyword is: PERSEVERANCE.

The extreme weather conditions and turbulence, which are currently rampant on the Earth can be greatly minimized and healed, when the Body of Light intensifies her Love and Gratitude for the service of the elements. When this happens rhythmically, such a strong flow of light and love will emerge, that even the “Garden of Eden” can be restored.

The function of the chelas of light in conjunction with the Body of Light for the mass-consciousness is very much akin to the service of the Ascended Beings to the chelas. It is an attempt to accelerate the vibratory activity of their four lower vehicles and to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The few are leading the many. Use the symbol of the pyramid for enlightenment. Meditate on it.

When you become more and more sensitive in your four lower vehicles, you really become aware of the “pressure” of embodied life. You realize that You, the “Body of Light” have to carry the “weight of the Earth”. The sculptor, who made “Atlas”, who is carrying the world, was an inspired man. Now YOU are Atlas, because dear one, you have chosen to SERVE! The well-being of the Planet Earth is greatly depended on the light dispensed by the Body of Light. Attuned with this Body, you will feel the needs of Lady Virgo and enfold her with the blessings and love through this Body. It is all a matter of expansion of consciousness: ”See the Earth through the Eyes of God”.

The bridge of light you created between your Holy Christ Self and your conscious mind will deepen and expand every time you put your attention on the Octaves of Light. The bridge of love you created between your Holy Christ and your I AM Presence will deepen every time you put your attention on your Mother-Father God. The bridge of power you are creating between your I AM Presence and your Mother-Father God will deepen every time you put your attention on serving Their Divine Plan for this Earth. On this moment of time, your service is related with the Body of Light.

The focus of your consciousness shifts when you climb the Spiritual Path. First, you experience yourself as a separate being, wielding power, love and wisdom. Later you experience yourself as the Body of Light serving the Planet Earth. Then, if you decide to stay on Earth, you will experience yourself as the Earth with all the evolutions developing in, through and around Her Bodies. Just like this moment, you feel yourself at one with your physical body, reading these lines on this paper.  

Learning to experience yourself as a complex being consisting out of many lifestreams is a complete different perception. The many become the One. The little selves are no more. The interaction of personalities has become the experience in the Now of the Great I AM THAT I AM. The Body of Light is the first step of Unity. The next step is your unification with the humanity of this Planet. YOU ARE this humanity when you serve from the level of I AM THAT I AM.

When you direct your attention upward, you become aware of the many Cosmic Beings, Who are working with and through you, as the Body of Light, to raise the vibratory action of this Planet. Later you realize that there are many more “Bodies of Light”, who want to co-serve with you for the Well-Being of the complete Planetary Scheme of Helios and Vesta. Always search for a higher goal, a higher meaning in what you do or are involved in. Every planet in the Solar System has its own Body of Light and even the Sun Itself. Beyond extends the Body of Light of the entire Solar Scheme. These Bodies of Light also serve as the Vehicle of the Silent Watchers.

When we close our ceremonies with the “Closing Acolyte Service”, we say: “We acknowledge and accept the oneness of all life and in humility; we vow to serve forever as pulsations in the Body of Light, I AM THAT I AM!” That is what we are: “pulsations in the Body of Light, I AM THAT I AM.” Comprehend, that these pulsations can be electrons, human beings, Archangels, Suns or Central Suns... The Body of Light extends into Infinity as is, “I AM THAT I AM”. In addition, how far can you expand the Body of Light? As far as your creative ability and imagination can bring you. Always be attentive of the complexity of unification of limitless lifestreams, and the experience as if it is only you (the Great I AM THAT I AM), who observes this. As you know, every Higher being enfolds multiple less-evolved beings, and this continues into Infinity. So you are receiving Blessings and Radiations, on this very moment, from Beings, you will never come to know. Just as the consciousness of one of your blood cells will never come to know the blessings and radiations of you, because you both evolve.

A “Body of Light” is always a very adroit “instrument” to manifest divine “blue-prints” on the screen of life into the world of form. This might be etheric or physical substance. On many planets, physical life descends no further than the etheric planes. Only on various planets, physical bodies were decided to be necessary. The evolution with the use of physical bodies makes the lifestream tremendously strong, when (s)he finally reaches the ascension. It is the heaviness and slow response of physical matter that forces the incarnated consciousness to act in strength as well as in courage. In this “Body” you are directed to perform certain things, are open for radiation of a certain kind, aimed at directions you have no idea of. The fact, that you have totally committed yourself to do the Will of God no matter what, makes you a perfect channel for this same Will to carry out. The specific qualities of any member in this “Body” greatly enhance the efficacy of the whole, because any Ascended Being can expand these qualities to the level as the whole body can endure to affect certain needs or crises anywhere on the Planet.

You might also compare the Body of Light as ‘a mother’s womb’. Everything what is going to happen will take place there. The creation is taking form cell by cell, organ by organ, until the “perfect” form is ready for manifestation. In the Body of Light ideas and ‘blue prints’ are molded into the necessary form for manifestation. It is all a matter of perfect on-lined cooperation. It is a very sensitive Body. A living Body of Energy, Vibration and Consciousness. The many ‘cells’ and ‘organs’, that form the ‘Body of God’. Ever expanding, ever perfecting, ever more magnificent for the Higher Glory of the Kingdom of God.

The most important thing for the individual, who wants to serve in the Body of Light, is to let go of the concept of division, of I and the other, of competition and ambition. There is nothing like this in the Great Silence of I AM THAT I AM. Everything evolves and develops in its own rhythm one step at a time. You will be directed to that group or those individuals you can serve at your best on the physical plane, while you overcome your weaknesses and learn the group work. Your specific group service makes you adequate for more intricate group service in the future. Your skills in various ways will be exploited to the fullest when you are working to fulfill your divine plan. Your personal needs are no longer an issue for you, because you know now, by all the tests you endured about this subject, that God [ I AM THAT I AM] always looks after His/Her own. Service FOREVER is the keynote. In what form and in which group is totally up to the freewill choice of the individual.

If your bodies are purified enough and you concentrate on any of the Divine Principles in the Silence, you can expand them in the world of form through the Body of Light. For instance, you call for Peace. You feel peace permeate into your very being. You send it forth in waves of Light through the Body of Light and the powers of Peace, which serve the Earth. Then peace will manifest in your world and beyond.

People, who are open, will receive the peace to accept their so-called ‘fate’, to do their duties and obligations to life with more patience. Patience is such a beautiful Divine Quality. It gives all life the space to develop and grow. It contains reverence for life, and the faith that all will unfold in divine order.

That what we call “The Light of God” is the substance, which sustains any Creation. It is always present; if not, the creation would cease to be. Just as the beating of your heart sustains the physical body, so you are able to experience embodied life. The conscious being who gives from his life energies in this way is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed of His/Her Creation, His/Her System, Universe and so on. It is the ultimate service of a conscious being in behalf of the spiritual growth of lesser consciousness in His/Her “Field of Endeavor”.

When the channel between the Holy Christ Self and the lower vehicles is open and no longer blocked by the ego and the consciousness is firmly established in the Threefold Flame in the heart - a permanent inflow of the virtues from the Causal Body can be established in the world of form. The result is a natural response of your four lower vehicles to respond to this higher vibration, establishing - as Archaii Hope (The Archaii of the Fourth Ray) said: “An Octave of Light on the physical plane”.

When the individual is strong enough to maintain this High Vibration in his/her vehicles, it will result in a permanent ‘Bliss-Consciousness’. Then you can really look through the “Eyes of God” and Love like God Loves. Very impersonal, experiencing Yourself, the Great I AM THAT I AM into every particle of life, loving life free.

When your specific kind of service is getting more obvious in your life, your radiation more powerful and your aura stronger, life becomes easier. Your keynote begins to resound through the Body of Light, which harmonizes with other keynotes. Together you form specified groups for a certain kind of service available at any time when the need arises. These groups can manifest on the physical level too, if necessary. However, their service is always tangible and prolific at all times.

In the Higher Octaves is so much Joy. In your octave, you have to cultivate it. Joy has four levels: joy, happiness, enthusiasm and ecstasy. You have felt all these levels. Try to develop a momentum in the world of form. Experience: the Joy of Forgiveness, and the Joy of Service.

When your personal will is more and more absorbed in the Divine Will of your Presence, you realize, that your confidence and faith are growing and your ‘feet stand on rock’. All the good in the Universe WILL BECOME YOURS on the day of your complete unity with your Presence. Patience, the Law will prove Itself as always.

The Unity in the Inner Octaves of Light is so difficult to comprehend for the outer self, as the outer self is afraid of loosing its personal identity, but nothing is less true. Although the unity of all life is a fact, the expansion of consciousness is limited. Compare it with the lighting of a match. The size of the flame is limited by the quantity of the wood. If you light a hundred matches and put them together, you get a large flame. There is no separation in the flame although it exists by the sum of many different matches. If you add a woodblock, the flame expands even more. When you separate all the matches and the woodblock, they seem all different flames. The Law is: The Flame is as big as the form (the creation) can contain.

When you live in the Silence, your consciousness becomes accustomed to the inbreath and outbreath of Eternal Life. Free Will rules supreme, because it is the Will of God. There is no lower or higher only I AM THAT I AM. With every outbreath you send parts of yourself in a cycle of creation. With every inbreath, you call them home, temporary or lasting. You are God in Action in your own cycle of creation, obeying the inbreath and outbreath of a Superior Being; and this continues forever.