Seven Divine Qualities

The first of these wonderful qualities is: enthusiasm. How difficult to go through life without this blessing! Have you noticed that whenever someone is anchored firmly in this sacred energy it is contagious and touches everyone and everything around them? Additionally, several other wonderful benefits are available to you with the gift of enthusiasm, such as: eagerness, interest, dedication, commitment, zest and passion.

The second blessing is the all important quality of faith; the knowing that all things are possible, having confidence in and trusting yourself and others, and a deep inner conviction for what you stand for and believe in. Are you aware of the several other wonderful gifts that come along with the gift of faith? To name just a few there is: hope, sincerity, restraint, the ability to organize, poise and balance.

With faith you will often find the third divine quality; that of self-control or self- discipline. This is the quality that gives you strength of both mind and will. It is the power that drives an individual with courage and determination.

It is these first three attributes that have done much to expand and will continue to expand the greatest gift of all, that of divine love unwavering and unconditional in its pure and perfect state!


With the sacred gift of love comes the fifth virtue: generosity. This gift will do much to allow you more freedom in your thoughts and feelings. Old limiting ideas will be released or transformed and you will become more tolerant in your thoughts and acceptance of the words, deeds and actions of others.


 Number six of the Seven Divine Virtues is kindness. To be truly kind requires one to constantly connect with those around them. It is necessary to naturally be aware of the messages sent forth by the actions and body language of others. One must also listen well to what is said and often more importantly, what is not said during conversations with others. You must also recognize and seize every opportunity to be considerate, supportive and caring. To exemplify kindness whatever you do, say or communicate to others should be offered in a calm, peaceful and compassionate manner.

Finally, the seventh of the divine virtues is humility. This is a virtue that seems to develop miraculously as you come to master the other six. Also, one cannot decide to be humble and become so. You must be faithful. You must have self-discipline. You must be loving, generous and kind, with just a pinch of enthusiasm to truly become humble beloved ones. There is no other way to develop this simple, gentle, reserved, modest way of being! How many, of these gifts and blessings do you make part of your daily activities? How many, if any of these divine qualities do you feel you have mastered? How often do you observe these respected values in others?

It is these  seven divine gifts and blessings especially that are so needed on your planet now! Consciously begin to work with them on a regular basis and share them with others. Integrate them into your invocations, decrees and services. Fan these sacred flames until they cover and fill the Earth to overflowing with their blessings. Look to the heavens often for ways in which to embody and exemplify these divine virtues in your lives.

Copyright: The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom