Communication with God












During countless ages of time humankind tried to communicate with God by means of an intermediate, be it a religion, a church, a priest, a 'holy book or any other medium. From now on this has no longer be the case. We can communicate with God directly without any intermediate. How?

Firstly we have to believe that this is possible. According to your Faith all will be possible. The next step is to purify your four lower vehicles or else you will be disturbed by the many voices of those bodies, which each  have their needs and your concern. Use the 'Middle Way' in dealing with your bodies. Don't spoil them and don't over-discipline them. How to purify and discipline your bodies you can read in our pages about the Violet Fire.

Your bodies have to become in alignment in obedient service to your Holy Christ Self. You have to BECOME your Holy Christ Self and listen to His [or Her] Voice all the time, before you can hear God's Voice. To be able to follow the directives of your Holy Christ Self you must be strong enough to conquer your ego! You have followed the machinations of your ego through countless periods of time during many embodiments, and it is very clever in shrouding you in its illusions, especially by fear. This will be your greatest battle: CONQUERING THE HUMAN SELF.

No one else can do this for you. In this battle you have to totally rely on and trust your Holy Christ Self to guide you in everything you think, feel and do. This will be a serious battle in which you will emerge ever stronger. You will be confronted with your greatest fears and will conquer them. Knowing without any doubt, that the Presence of God is within you, and no evil will harm you.

That will be your next step. When you are completely integrated with your Holy Christ Self and all self serving tendencies are transmuted by the Violet Fire you are ready to become one with your I AM Presence, your personal connection with God. This unification means the end of the dominion of your ego, your human self. You must not try to exterminate it, but relinquish it.

Putting it out of the control of your lifestream. It is a long and sometimes tedious struggle, but worthwhile. The ultimate reward is your unification with God by becoming one with your I AM Presence. Your human ego will use all the tricks he [or she] has used during the long course of your evolution to trap you and in the darkness bind you. Don't let this happen. Say to your ego: "Human ego be gone. I no longer accept the many traps and pitfalls you have used through my many lifetimes in an attempt to block my spiritual development and keep me from becoming one with God!"

It is an illusion, though a strong one. And you need all your focused energy to conquer this illusion. Then, What or Who is God? Maybe a good comparison is the electricity. Suppose an electric appliance like a lamp has self-consciousness. Now this lamp starts to "meditate," "looking within". Two things happen. Firstly it comes in contact with the electricity which is 'omnipresent,' and secondly it realizes that the same electricity that makes him shine is also present in the computer, the toaster, the vacuum cleaner and any other appliance, even in so called opposites like the refrigerator or the heater.

The same with what we call God. It is an omnipresent "sea" of energy vibration and consciousness. It is formless and needs creation to make itself seen and useful. Consciousness is center without circumference and matter is circumference without center.

Both need each other to have a perfect creation. Like every electrical appliance has its own 'reason for being' its own goal, so has every creation a divine plan, which has to be fulfilled in a certain amount of time, to be in perfect rhythm with the divine plan of this Earth. The gift of life and later the gift of self consciousness is the 'cup' the 'chalice', which will receive the blessings of God "till overflowing" as long as he or she is in accordance with the divine plan. The divine plan is your reason for being, for what purpose you are created.

If you are able to recognize God as this inner fire, The Sacred Fire, you will be able to see it in others too. The natural result will be a tremendous reverence for all life, because from now on there is no longer you and I, but only  I... AM...   I AM THAT I AM!

If you open yourself to the omnipresence of eternal divine life, you have to realize you can only contain as much as your 'cup' can contain. Compare again with the electricity: A lamp of 4 volt cannot emit as much light and as much of the power of the electricity as a lamp, which can manage 10.000 volt. It is all a matter of time and growth.

Going the spiritual path is quite different then going a physical path. A physical path can be steep and narrow, broad and straight, bringing you to beautiful or awful places, but always one thing remains the same. Both sides of the road are parallel. Well, the spiritual path is much different. It doesn't bring you anywhere. It always stays here in the eternal NOW. And the sides of the road are not parallel, but divide like the sides of a triangle.

They begin in your heart flame and then go out exploring the eternal now. The space between the two sides is your field of endeavor, your specific way to serve, because serve you shall. If you don't want to serve you are not even on this path but have first to learn how to control and overcome your ego. The more responsibility you take, the more your consciousness is expanding accordingly.  


And so you are growing and expanding your consciousness infinitely. Therefore the Masters always encourage us to. "Keep on, keeping on, one step at a time". We all know or have to know on this place of our evolution what our specific service to life is, and we have to be prolific in our efforts to bring it into full fruition. Whether you are an artist or a writer, a singer or a teacher, an instructor or a philosopher, manifest your gifts in the world of form. It is your "field of endeavor", your service to life. THEN establish your communication with God.

Only from within a state of grace in humble service to life you can hope to make this permanent connection with the Presence of God I AM! When you're well on your way doing this service, you'll notice an expansion in your heart flame. A Power greater then yourself is taken over slowly but surely His (or Her) rightful place in your life, no longer accepting the instigations, traps and tricks of your lower self, the ego, who wants to convince you how special and important you are and the great works you will do and hopefully get acknowledgment for it.

Well, you are special and important just as any single individual on this planet, and even in the universe. In this light a little humility is in order, knowing that, as is said above: "God is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed." You don't have to prove anything; you don't have to 'show off', you only have to open yourself for the directions of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. The Holy Christ Self is the Mediator between your Divine Self and your personal self.

It is the golden man in your heart, Whose expansion you can feel at times in meditation or in great joy and enthusiasm. It is the son or Sun of God. Your Holy Christ Self brings you wisdom, understanding and illumination. It brings you the Joy of Service. When you no longer give in to your fears and have total faith in the promptings of your Christ Self, this Self will take full command of your four lower vehicles and stimulate your spiritual growth enormously.

The next step you have to do, if not your first, is to find time to adjust and accustom yourself to the Silence. Find time, preferably on a daily base to contemplate and communicate with your Holy Christ Self. After 10 or 15 minutes write down what you have experienced. It doesn't matter whether this will be much or just a few lines. Try it. It is the Silence that commands your ego to step back and let the Holy Christ Self take over.

Rhythm of application is of the highest importance. For then you create a momentum which is getting stronger ever more, till the Voice of your Holy Christ Self will be heard at every major decision in your life, and finally at every decision that you make. The whole process of becoming one with God is the surrender of your human self step by step, till he or she is left powerless and becomes the servant of your lifestream in stead of the master.

It takes time, struggle and challenges to overcome, but finally the outcome is the same. God, your I AM Presence will be victorious. Do not stop, keep the momentum growing, face every challenge no matter what the outcome may be, no matter what the opinion of the outer world will be. The outer world is full gathered momentum of the outer selves of all humankind, highly unreliable and often untrue. It is the darkness in which your light must shine, the Light of God that is eternally victorious. Have faith and conquer your fears.

Communication with God is always beautiful, because it is perfect. What does that mean? The first thing is that you always receive what you need and not necessarily what you want. Whether it are spoken words, a decree or visualization, a poem or painting or certain circumstances in your life; it all needs to make you more aware and learn about yourself. It teaches you how to prevail over your weaknesses, and how to cultivate your powers and faculties. When you surrender your consciousness completely to your Holy Christ Self, you cannot be more safe.

You put yourself in the most perfected of hands. Don't let the outer conditions fool you or distract you. It are just illusions created by your ego to misled you attempting to gain full control over your lifestream again, as it has been during countless periods of time. Don't let this happen again. Say to yourself: "I AM the Master Presence of God in Action at all times, I AM the resurrection and the life of God's perfection here on Earth, right now and forever sustained".

And belief and mean what you say. Life will change then and very rapidly if you allow it. You have to conquer your fears and weaknesses one by one. Be brave. The Presence of God I AM THAT I AM shall help you. YOU CANNOT FAIL. Because it is the natural state of your consciousness to abide in the atmosphere of beauty, harmony and perfection. It is only by accepting limitation and sorrow that they will manifest as diseases and difficult situations in your life. Let God decide how you have to live your life and not you. Apply in dignity and gratitude the directions you are so lovingly be given by your Higher Self and the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion.

Do not ask for psychic powers like clairvoyance or inner hearing. They will come only if the Master Presence within decides that it is necessary for you to develop them for service. Otherwise you are better off without them. They only distract you and can lead you off the Path to spiritual freedom. Becoming one with God is a gradual process. It takes time to purify your four lower vehicles [physical, etheric, mental and emotional or astral bodies] from the effluvia of ages. Then you have to transmute your remaining karma, and finally you have to master your own energies. You will be tested many times to measure your faith and consume your karma. The latter however can be strongly alleviated by the use of the Violet Fire.

Remember, you are only responsible for your own energies and not for anything somebody else has done. Patience is the key to control your energies. Patience will not allow to rush forth your energies, possibly acting to quickly or hasty, without the balance of your inner perception and intuition. Patience is also faith in God, that everything will develop and come forth in God's time, and that from now on the will of God is my will. This is the achievement of the total surrender of the personal self to the Divine Self. It doesn't have to be a strenuous process.

The struggle only appears when the human self tries to interfere. Be awake, aware, alive and active at all times. Do not falter for one moment. Check your motives; are they for the highest good of all concerned? Is your faith strong enough "to move mountains"? There are so many skirmishes in this world of form, that it is easy to get off balance and fall back in a state of fear or uncertainty. Be aware, don't let this happen. Ask Archangel Michael to give you the faith to face all your challenges.

Ask Archangel Zadkiel to blaze the Violet Fire of Freedoms Love in, through and around your four lower vehicles. Ask Archangel Uriel to give you the peace, harmony and comfort to: "Keep on, keeping on". You cannot fail, because your innermost being is God in Action. Trust it, follow His or Her promptings and be on your Father's business at all times.

Becoming one with your I AM Presence has often been compared with the climbing of a mountain, the Mountain of Attainment. Climbing always means effort, stamina and endurance. The result shall be an ever stronger feeling of going in the right direction. Your Holy Christ Self shall teach how to react in the correct way, the perfect way by leading you into situations, that will test your growth as a God Being in Action. Follow the truth under all circumstances in thought, feeling and action. When your thoughts and feelings are pure and beautiful, your actions will be accordingly.

When your heart and mind are attuned on the infinite I AM THAT I AM you have, as stated before: "to offer the vessel", which means, that you will have to decide by your own free will, what you want to know, or to do, or to manifest, or to make connection with, etc: for the highest good of all. Everything is possible. Do not accept any limitation. It is quite a different experience to see yourself as God in Action on your level of evolution. But YOU ARE, if you've conquered your ego and are trying to improve life on this planet.


1.--Be conscious ever that thou aspirest to the full expression of God, and devote all thy being and thy service to that end, as expressed so ably in the First Commandment.

2.--Learn the lesson of harmlessness; neither by word nor thought nor feeling inflict evil upon any part of life. Know that action and physical violence are but the lesser part of the sin of harmful expression.  



3.--Stir not a brother's sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately. Know that the storm in which thou placest his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the banks of thine own lifestream-, rather bring tranquility to life, and be as the Psalmist so ably puts it, 'oil on the troubled waters'.

4.--Disassociate thyself from the personal delusion. Let self justification never reveal that thou dost love the self more than the harmony of the Universe. If thou art right, there is no need to acclaim it, if thou art wrong, pray for forgiveness. Watching the self thou wilt find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of Right, called "Self-righteousness."

5.--Walk gently through the Universe, knowing that the body is a temple in which dwelleth the Holy Spirit that bringeth peace and illumination to life everywhere. Keep thy temple always in a respectful and cleanly manner as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Truth. Respect and honor in gentle dignity all other temples knowing that oft-times within a crude exterior burns a great Light.

6.--In the presence of nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of Her Kingdom in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her by vile thoughts or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil Her virgin beauty,

7. --Do not form nor offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance.

8.--Speak when God choosest to say something through thee. At other times remain peacefully silent. 

9. --Make the ritual of thy living the observance of God's rules so unobtrusive that no man shall know that thou aspirest to Godliness, lest the force of his outer will might be pitted against thee, or lest thy service become impinged with pride.

10.--Let thy heart be a song of gratitude that the Most High has given unto thy keeping the Spirit of Life, which through thee chooses to widen the borders of His Kingdom. 

11.--Be alert always to use thy faculties and the gifts loaned unto thee by the Father of all Life, in a manner to extend His Kingdom.  

12.--Claim nothing for thyself, neither powers nor principalities, any more than thou claimest the air thou breathest or the Sun; using them freely but knowing the God ownership of all.

13.--In speech and action be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the Living God that is within the Temple.

14.--Constantly place all the faculties of thy being, and all the inner unfoldment of thy nature, at the Feet of the God-power especially when endeavoring to manifest perfection through one in distress.

15.--Let thy watchwords be gentleness, humility and loving service, but do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy. The servant of the Lord, like the Sun in the Heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly outpouring the gifts which are in his particular keeping.  (From the students handbook Page 2; one of our publications).

Become ready to dispense the full momentum of your Causal Body into every opportunity at hand. What is the Causal Body? The Causal Body is like a storehouse filled with all  the good you have done during the long sojourn on this earth during many embodiments, and the qualities you developed as a result. It shines like an aura of many colors around your I AM Presence. Your Causal Body is your stronghold, it contains the powers and faculties you acquired by trial and error, by endurance and sacrifice. Yes, there is a reason why you are created. Find out what your reason for being, your divine plan is, and fulfill it. This is all you have to do. The rest is an addition to your causal body.( The treasures, stored in Heaven) 

A well-known spiritual truth is: "The reward of service well done is the reception of more service". Why is that so? Well, the indwelling spirit of Light is the spirit of Sacrifice. Without sacrifice life cannot develop in this or any other universe. Even the physical light itself is a result of a tremendous sacrifice. Two Spiritual Beings, of infinite, awesome Power, Love and Wisdom, the Solar Deities of our system of worlds, used Their power to inflame the inert mass of a star hundreds times bigger than the earth into a raging fire, capable to warm Their planets, millions of miles and sometimes light years away from the Center to sustain life on those planets. And They do this for billions of years.

Throughout the Great Cosmic Day. This is the Sacrifice of Light: to make life Sacred. If you want to be part of and work for and with the powers of light, you too have to sacrifice yourself. This is something your ego will fight till the end of his or her dominion over your lifestream. However it is adamant to acquire this quality to grow into a spiritual being and becoming one with God. Sacrifice turns matter into light. It increases the vibratory activity of matter enormously.

It transforms darkness into light, sadness into happiness and death and limitation into eternal life. When the "outflow" of your energies are no longer focused on your outer self and its needs, you become a radiating center of God's Blessings to this Planet and your consciousness can expand considerably in a relatively small period of time.

Then you might ask: "Please God show me your Face"!  You will hear a Voice from within, Which says: "I AM Infinite and My Radiation is too great for you to behold, so what you see and experience of Me is only as much as your cup of consciousness can contain on this level of your evolution".

And then you behold a fluid like ocean of energy, constantly moving, radiating and expanding. In that sea of energy you behold points of light, flames and tremendously blazing Fires of Light in many different beautiful colors. Many unknown as yet on earth.

You are being told, that these flames and fires are forcefields of consciousness of many different levels of advance and development, and that you are one of them. The ability to grow in light and intensity is forever present and so you realize you grow IN God. There is NOTHING outside God. Even the so called negativity is nothing more than a temporarily misuse of energy [or misunderstanding as beloved Master Hilarion prefers it to call], by some forcefields of consciousness, necessary to teach them certain very valuable lessons when they experiment with energy and vibration. But at the end everything will be transmuted and restored into perfection by the very forcefields, who initiated this. As the Lord of the World, Beloved Gautama often says to encourage us: "All is well, all is very, very well".

When you communicate with God you are a multitude. You serve together with all who want to do the Will of God and make this world a better place to live on. You might be inspired with new ideas to manifest in this world. If so, comply with it and try to give them form, whatever the odds or obstacles. They are necessary to make you strong as well as training your skills and qualities.

All is in divine order. To be open for the promptings and ideas of your I AM Presence your vehicles have to be in balance. Not preoccupied with matters of the lower spheres, because then the ideas come through distorted, like a reflection on a lake in motion.

The ideas you might receive are not new. They are already in the Causal Body of the Sun and the Sun beyond the Sun forever [as a matter of speaking] however you only receive them when you have acquainted yourself with certain momentums, which lead in that direction. It takes a lot of effort from your part to draw the pattern of divinity into your life and atmosphere. Your bodies have to be trained to respond to the higher vibrations and all training takes time, effort and patience, a lot of patience.

You have to accept that in God Consciousness there is no limitation. Everything you put your attention on is possible. Of course, the higher the goal the more effort and time on your part is required. It can take several or many incarnations to achieve certain goals. Some beings serve millions of years for the redemption of this planet from the effects of human consciousness.

In this way many Ascended Masters have given Their energies to bring forth major manifestations for the greater good of life on this Planet, during the time when They were not ascended yet. Do not fix too much on the Omnipresence and Infinity of God, the Great I AM THAT I AM. Concentrate more on your specific part in the overall plan and next in your group service to life, because consciousness grows eternally, including more and more life into Itself and claiming it as a part of the whole being that you are.

You become that where your attention is upon and where you dedicate your energies to. From that moment it becomes your responsibility, as the overseeing Presence to bring the group and the group consciousness to its divine goal and purpose. From this consciousness you can understand and inspire all humankind by using yourself as a channel through which flows all the qualities and blessings from God, where your attention is upon, to the man, woman, city, country or even the planet.

Following and obeying the Will of God you'll find yourself in the rhythm of eternity, which means that every day unfolds according to plan and not necessary according to your plans. There is an underlying purpose to lead you to the opportunities at hand, which will raise your vibratory activity if you obey to follow this rhythm of ascending.

The dignity and majesty of your I AM Presence will slowly but surely manifest on the physical plane if you comply with your divine plan and serve the highest good. Divine life is always looking for new ideas and projects to manifest and enliven. Be grateful for changes in your life, because these indicate that you are growing and be made ready for greater responsibilities.

Eternity on the physical plane manifests itself as timelessness, infinite peace and harmony, and all the qualities of the Godhead radiating through this channel of timelessness. Raising, raising, and raising the vibratory activity of all limitations into perfection and opulence.  

To manifest God's Rhythm and Reality in your daily life you merely have to put your attention on the Presence of God I AM! Everything you need [remember, not always what you want] will come to you and will be provided. And more and more "the Father's business" will be all you're occupied with. By doing this you become an ever stronger emissary of God's Light on this Planet. When this approach of life: "To be in the world, but not of it," is getting your normal life, your outer self in the world of form will be used by the forces of light: "the Cosmic and Ascended Beings," to accelerate the vibratory activity of the atoms in the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels of this planet -the worlds of form-, and additionally use your forcefield as a catalyst to soften or prevent the effects of planetary karma.

Communication with God also means, being able to "radiate" and expand your radiation, thus increasing your forcefield. In three dimensional language this signifies finding ways to expand your ideas and plans for the highest good of all concerned. Communication with God is nothing more or less than becoming aware of a Greater Consciousness, a Greater Love and Wisdom, a Greater Power than yourself. How much are you able to contain in your "cup", your "chalice" of consciousness on this level of your evolution? Use it then for the greater good. It will naturally grow and expand, to sow the seeds of perfection and immortality in the worlds of form. When you change, the world is changing. When you grow in love, wisdom and power, so will the world. Everything is connected and everything depends on everything in the Great Whole. Pierce through the illusions and see the Will of God manifesting through many lifestreams like your own.

Every day is a new opportunity to let the subtle energies of the I AM Presence direct you in which way your path is heading. Each new day is a chance to expand your virtues in the world of form. Be grateful for the gift of life and your never ending journey through eternity. DO NOT let your human will interfere, only then your divine plan can manifest. Your I AM Presence knows your divine plan. When circumstances do not unfold as you planned or expected, don't let fear interfere.

The easiest way of fear to enter the "in between" is through insecurity or uncertainty, which are at the core fear itself. Blaze the Violet Fire through the cause and core of any insecurity and transform it into perfection. Do not expect anything, let go of expectations, the stress to do something quick. All happens in God's time. Give it your energies but NOT your worries. If you should know everything what will happen in advance, it should rob you from many creative opportunities to expand 'the Borders of the Kingdom.' Take one day at the time and be FAITH!  Each day is new and offers you opportunities to serve and grow. Always stay tuned and listen to the Voice of your Presence, the Voice of God. Ask for guidance, go forward courageously and let's see what happens. To know what your next step is on the path of evolution ASK your I AM Presence: "Beloved Presence of God I AM please show me what will be my next step in life".

Becoming one with God means: following the Will of God for your lifestream. Your individual life becomes more and more a reflection of God's Will in your actions and radiation. The whole issue of this unification is to stabilize your aura. Be saturated with the Will of God; be permeated with divine love to overcome the fears of the lower self, the ego. Fear is the strongest enemy of peace. Whether it is peace of mind, peace in your feeling world or Peace on Earth. You have to deal with fear first, before you can establish peace. Perfect peace can only then take command over you, when you have relinquished every tendency to insecurity and fear and are totally confident in the Wisdom and Love of the Will of God.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!

The currents of peace, harmony and comfort are so very familiar to the people of earth, but they can only last permanently when they are sustained by the personal energies of their own lifestream. The peace that does surpass the understanding of the human mind is a very real possibility to achieve. Patience is the keyword. Patience means the control of your energies, how long it might take, without questioning, knowing, that it will come forth in God's time. If you can control your energies you already are in peace. When the Eternal Peace of our Mother-Father God is allowed to expand into your being, it will only grow until you reach the point, that you, like Jesus can still the storms on this Planet, physical or emotional, by just saying: "Peace be still".

Not my will but Thine be done. The result of this humble obedience will bring you to places and circumstances you never dreamed of. Putting your focus on the highest always accelerates your vibrations. Every time you focus your attention on your Mother-Father God in the Silence of your innermost being your unity with all life is enhanced and the channel that connects yourself with Them is broadened, so that the blessings of God can anchor themselves more fully on Earth.

Communicate with God you are doing in the Great Silence. These Sacred Journeys to the Silence, you supposed to do at a daily base as said before, will bring you ever closer to the Heart of Creation making you one with the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms. Being in the Silence feels so familiar. The infinitive and all encompassing Loving Consciousness gives a growing stability of the invincibility of eternal life. Become more and more attuned to the Sanctity of the Great Silence.

Have reverence...BE REVERENCE! Breathe it in and breathe it out. Life is Holy. It is only the human consciousness, which tries to hide it. Do not let this happen. Sacred Journeys are making "holes" in your human consciousness. The rhythm of Eternal Beauty, Peace and harmony are setting the higher vibratory activity, which scatters the human consciousness.

When peace has been established firmly in your being and harmony rules supreme over a considerable period of time, joy and happiness can grow till they become a permanent bless-consciousness. Happiness is a state of consciousness that naturally emerges as the pressure of 'karma and duty' is being relieved. Duty and work become then the "Joy of Service", and your life an ever changing adventure. Freedom comes in degrees. You liberate yourself from your weaknesses and karma of the past, so more and more the light of freedom can enter. Victorious accomplishment in the Light of God is your ultimate freedom.

To become more accustomed to our Mother-Father God you have to identify yourself with the Silence and getting used to the idea of "eternally expanding". The Great Silence is not dark, it is brilliant light, filled with Life, Love, Peace and Harmony. From within the Great Silence you can direct the energies immediately with help of the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves from all your work with into their four lower vehicles and surroundings.

In this way you serve to enhance the unification of people and societies to one world brotherhood of humankind. The Great Silence is the Source of all energy, vibration and consciousness. It is the "Heart of God," the Unity of all life. Your consciousness becomes one with God and you ARE GOD as much as you can outpicture God in your evolutionary stage. From the Divine Mind perfect ideas enter your mental body. According to the purity of this body these perfect ideas will manifest as pure, or more or less distorted ideas. Divine Love will radiate through your emotional body. Depending to the purity of your emotional body will be the purity of this love in your feeling world. According to the purity of your lower vehicles shall the Will of God be shown to you. "Transform, transform by Violet Fire all causes and core not of God's desire."

In this Silence all outer challenges fade away as if they never were. All energy is recharged and peace restored. It is the place and condition of perfection and eternal growth into greater aspects of the One Life, by some called God, Allah, Jehovah or I AM. The Great Silence is comforting, eternal and ever expanding. It is God Consciousness, That forever increases and enhances the divine virtues and qualities. It is experimenting with life force to, as it is called: "Expand the Borders of the Father's Kingdom."

The Great Silence is the Center of Balance, the Eternal Now, Unification and expansion ever increasing. It is the Reality you are looking for and once found it will be your anchor in the worlds of form. You will be steady and undisturbed whatever the outer circumstances. When you are firmly anchored in the Silence, you can perceive and know everything you need to know on any subject about the greater good by just directing your attention upon it. However eliminate any personal attachment. Remember, where your attention is upon you become.

If you realize in your entire being, that you are one with God, then you are God, and all your energies will follow this pattern of being God", which means perfection. These energies will then find their perfect manifestation in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Working from within the Great Silence you accelerate the vibratory activity of everything in your sphere of influence and this is expanding every time you become more anchored in this Eternal Consciousness.

When you concentrate on a quality, for instance peace, in the Great Silence, you can expand it into your sphere of influence or the whole planet. In the Great Silence is no size, nor limitation. You can send love, compassion, unity, etc. as well to a human being as to a Planet or a Solar System. The Great Beings inhabiting the Great Silence expand whatever energy you release, a thousandfold or more to bless that Planet or Solar System to which you direct your energy.

In the Great Silence you are God in Action. The Great Silence is the Causeless Cause. It always was and always will be. It just IS! For the human mind it is impossible to comprehend. The reason is, that the human mind has been created. It has a beginning and an end. So it can only contemplate the Eternal Now but never enfold it. The Great Silence just expands for all Eternity. The power of the Silence is also eternal. It manifests in the world of form as a force that transmutes any misqualified energy in a moment, when it is invoked by a consciousness dwelling in that realm.

The Power of the Great Silence can become such a permanent and strong radiation in your aura, that everyone you encounter will receive that feeling you very rarely have in some Temples and Churches, when you are so touched, that you barely dare to whisper.

How immense or how eternal the Great Silence might be, you are always in the center. Everything is energy, vibration and consciousness. You know you are part of a great Life Source, and you are the Life Source of smaller consciousness that you enfold. Unity is the keyword.  Unity in God, or Eternal Bliss, Peace and Harmony. A great rediscovery will be the familiarity of the Silence. It has been a part of you for so long, but you just forgot. It is the womb of the Great Mother, giving birth to Perfection, ANY PERFECTION!

The way to become still and untouched by any outer noise is to CONCENTRATE on the Great Silence and abide within it. Where your attention is, there you are. Then expand that Silence into your sphere of influence, so that the inner peace can manifest in outer peace. Peace, harmony, comfort and silence will manifest in your life and surroundings if you concentrate upon them daily, and keep them in the forefront of your consciousness.

The whole issue to hold your consciousness in the Great Silence is to accelerate the vibratory activity in your world and surroundings. When you always radiate perfection, finally your world has to outpicture that too. Expanding yourself in the Silence you feel more and more at one with God, realizing that it is your life pulsating in the Cosmos and in all Creation, because there is nothing else than I AM THAT I AM, and you are humble and grateful, so very, very grateful.

There is no divine quality or faculty in the Universe that you cannot develop in yourself. Needed are attention, invocation, rhythmic application and reverence. It will then manifest in God's time. Divine qualities have to be nourished and sustained to grow, as all life forms are. Everything grows and prospers by ATTENTION!  By practicing, practicing, practicing the athlete becomes master in his or her skills. The same with the inner faculties and qualities.

You have to practice, apply and work with them to make them strong and invincible. Many things happen on the inner levels that take a while before they manifest on the physical plane. Be FAITH and know that all is for the overall good.

The cunning of your lower vehicles to catch your attention, even when you want to be in the Silence is extraordinary. Through eons of time they were able to do so. The power of concentration is really necessary to show them who is in charge. When you concentrate upon the powers and energies you invoked in the Silence, you become one with them and responsible for them. Use them for the highest good of all life. The Great Silence can be found in every atom and electron on any plane of consciousness. It is the Spirit of God the Eternal One, the I AM THAT I AM!

During the process of reintegration with God you find yourself often wondering why certain manifestations are taking place in your world. In the physical world matters change slightly or considerably, often unexpected. Do not become disappointed or frightened. Just accept it and go with the flow. Karmic debts are being paid or you have to learn certain lessons, perhaps about tolerance, patience, humility, etc. You're also being prepared for service in the not too distant future. Have faith in the Presence of God, that all is for a reason and in divine order.


Realizing your oneness with all life, everything that seemed to be "normal" no longer is. You become aware that the entire outer world is covered with effluvia, the "dust", or "mud" of the human consciousness. Even the beautiful nature scenes are shrouded in this effluvia. With you inner sight you're able to see the indwelling beauty and brilliance of all that is. It is not so much a view as well a feeling, an inner sense, that the core of all things is perfect.

"God" is not defined. The all-pervading light of the universe and the Universe beyond the Universe, and universes that have not yet come to pass, are all a small part of the Infinite All-encompassing Consciousness. There is not such a "thing as God." There is Sacred Fire, containing energy vibration and consciousness, creative and ever expanding. The 'Ring pass not' of that consciousness is his or her universe, whether it has the scope of an atom with an electron or a galaxy.

There is no size in the Father's Kingdom. All life is considered holy and treated with reverence as a homage to the Great Source we all came from and connected with and at the core ARE! The Rhythm of Eternity is something that only gradually takes over your human hurry and stress. There is no time involved, only vibration and consciousness. You have to consciously and deliberately encourage [not force] your lower vehicles to vibrate on a higher level by outpicturing perfection in thought, feeling, word and deed.

To outpicture the perfection of your I AM Presence you have to focus your attention on the Inner Reality of Light. God is energy, light; qualify this in any quality your Holy Christ Self is directing you. When you are one with your  I AM Presence you are one with God and everything you wish or want to establish will happen and manifest. By revering God and Life, by having patience and total faith in what you have decreed, it will come forth on the screen of life. The Sacred Fire can be directed to all people in your surroundings through their I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves into their emotional, mental, etheric and physical vehicles. So you can expand Peace, Harmony or any other God Quality into your environment from within the Great Silence. Let it precede by the Violet Fire.

Breathing in, Eternal Life is to be in the world of Cause even when you wear lower garments. The pressure of the higher energies will greatly stimulate the vibratory activity of these four lower vehicles.

Faith in God is not something coming from without to comply too, but is a faculty of your very Self, your connection with God and your inner conviction that all is well, all is very, very well. See through the outer form and connect with the Presence of God within every creature you encounter. Acknowledge the light of God within the other and send forth a blessing.

In that way we participate to establish an Octave of Light on the physical plane. Guard your thoughts, guard you feelings and guard your words. Let them be pure and perfect. Then your actions will automatically follow this pattern. Your four lower vehicles will eventually pick up this higher vibration on a more permanent base. But remember, all in God's Time. Faith and trust in the continuation of your spiritual growth will stimulate the natural resources to give you the expansion of consciousness as comfortably and gradually as the physical growth of a child.

Be alert and attentive for the opportunities of unselfish service that always present themselves to you in the course of the days and weeks to come, because the only way to expand your consciousness is to be ready to accept more responsibility.

In the Great Silence all the perfect ideas and plans are available. You don't have to create ideas, just choose and apply. Every new idea is like a seed in the Causal Body of the Godhead. To make it manifest, the consciousness of an individual has to claim it as his or her own and feed it with the waters of his or her emotions and the sunlight of positive thoughts and plans to make it grow and flourish. However acknowledge that every pure thought or idea comes from God, the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.

The divine ideas blossom on the right moment in the hearts and minds of the individual, who is ready and grasps the opportunity. The only necessary quality is being alert of the requirement of the moment. When the ego is in its proper place out of the control of your lifestream, a continuation of energy can begin, from the I AM Presence to the outer consciousness, accelerating and enhancing the vibratory activity of the four lower vehicles and through them the four lower vehicles of the Planet.

* * *

The effort of becoming one with God is not a part of the human self, which wants to become one with God, because it can't. It is the ATTENTION of the consciousness on God, the "Heart of the Great Silence"; and to do this in a rhythmic way; monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and finally at all times, 24 hours a day. When your consciousness is more and more focused on the Great Silence and your bodies purified, an aura of sanctity establishes around yourself, which is stronger than any human vibration and condition. Then you will always be in peace and harmony, under any circumstance. When you are completely and unconditionally focused on the Presence of God I AM, your divine plan unfolds naturally and comfortably. You do not expect anything but give your all to the service at hand.

Just like electricity is formless but very powerful, so is God's energy. We have to create forms, pieces of art, ideas, plans, and ways of living to give God's Life-energy form in this world. It is always aimed at the highest good for all. The 'Great Silence' will enfold you in all the protection, transmutation, harmony, love, wisdom, power or anything you need. When this has been done, it begins to expand into your sphere of influence and that expansion will never stop again. So is the expansion of your consciousness.

To communicate with God you don't have to go far. You do not have to "call" to God, because He is already here. It is the life that makes your heart beat, the life that enables you to feel and think. Only remove the illusions of the outer self and create as God Creates. Communication in the Great Silence takes place instantaneously. Where your attention goes, there you are, realizing that all other parts of life are Your Being, how bright or dim their light may shine forth.

Beloved ones, like humans communicate with each other by words and actions, so do Planets and other Cosmic Entities communicate by magnificent patterns of colors and sounds, the so called: "Music of the Spheres." To be a part of this symphony of color and music, you have to become crystal pure in your thought and feeling world and totally committed to do the Will of God. The splendor of your Causal Body will indicate to the Cosmic Beings, Who do frequently visit this planet, in what kind of service you'll be asked to participate.  Because service it will always be, through all eternity as has been told before.

And then, what will happen? When you courageously and tenaciously 'keep on, keeping on', you will notice a slight but very important change in your life. It will happen very gradually, but clearly as a sign that you are serving on a higher level of consciousness. It feels as if your aura is expanded [and it is] and you are on an Island of peace, harmony and an ever-growing joy and bliss by the conscious experience of the gift of life. The emanations of the mass-consciousness are no longer able to permeate the "hem of your garment", your aura. You can compare it a little by sitting in the cinema, watching a movie. What ever happens on the screen, you are in a different place and nothing can affect you, unless you let it, by getting emotionally involved. So also in this state of consciousness. You must not get emotionally involved with what you see or encounter. Your task is to radiate the Sacred Fire in your sphere of influence and help where help is required. But never leave your state of consciousness, what is often referred to as: "A state of listening grace". When you are in a state of "Listening Grace", which is complete harmony and peace, on a permanent base, all things are possible. What do you want to manifest in your life?  It can be a project or an idea, but also the radiation of certain qualities you want to share with your fellowman through their I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. The currents of this quality or qualities can become so strong and powerful that you can create "an Octave of Light" on the physical level of existence. Then you can be of the maximum assistance. Also the sustenance of peace is necessary to reflect the countenance of the Infinite Presence. This world with ever changing circumstances and challenges is a perfect schoolroom to teach you mastery in peace.


Wherever your attention goes, there your energy is going, which is your life. Be sure, that the focus of your attention always is directed on the "highest" in any circumstance of your life. Then the natural result will be perfection. Don't ask questions out of curiosity, but always be on "the Father's business." Your life is a service, because service is the physical manifestation of that power, which is experienced on the Inner Realms as Light. How more you radiate light, the stronger and greater the Flame becomes, the Sacred Fire, which is the "Breath and Life of God." The permanent bless-consciousness is a natural result of the focusing and concentration of your attention on the I AM Presence, which is your connecting with your Mother-Father God.

It is all right to nourish creative ideas about your own future and how you would like it to be. However do not use your human will to force them into existence. Send it up to your I AM Presence, Who knows your divine plan and that what you need to experience will come forth. Let the Silence penetrate every part of your being and every situation in your life. Know at all times, that God is in command and open your heart and mind to the promptings of your inner Christ.

The stability of your aura has to gain strength and momentum. This is the reason that you will often encounter many difficulties to test the power of this stability. There are a thousand and one reasons in this outer world to loose your equilibrium and balance, and only one to keep it: "To become master of your own energies". This must become a major reason to follow your path to mastery. The way to mental clearness and emotional stability is often disturbed by hurtful memories of pain and limitations. Be free of the past. FORGIVE the past. Blaze the Violet Fire of Freedoms Love, Transformation and Forgiveness through your etheric body and allow only happy and cheerful memories to surface. Do not let yourself disturb by any outer circumstance and command the vehicle, which feels uncomfortable to be still and know that I AM God. Project the peace, stability and inner light of the higher planes of consciousness through this vehicle and only continue, when harmony is restored. The crystal purity of divine life must be the strongest memory in your etheric consciousness. How strong is your faith in God, your patience, and your endurance? It will last for a period of time, till you rely totally on the perfect working of the Law. It takes time and effort to train your aura not to respond any more to the vibrations of the outer world. For countless periods of time you've encountered difficulties and instabilities, due to your dependence on your ego. It takes a tremendous effort to shake this influence off. Your human self has tricked you for thousands of years to make you believe anything, with the main reason of putting fear into your mind, so it can control you. It still tries to attract your attention on things you no longer need. Sometimes it succeeds in arousing old customs. Don't let this happen again.  It is only make believe. Let go and let God. All is unfolding unto plan. Follow the promptings of your I AM Presence and welcome and embrace change. Changing of situation or environment is God in Action, as long as you do not give in to fear of any kind. Be always alert to keep your balance. Be love in Action.

Again and again you will be tested, until you accept that there are no coincidences in your life, and everything is building to the mastery of your energies. Peace and harmony have to be unshakeable. With other words: "The Presence of God I AM" has to behold the world with a clear view through a pure vessel, to establish the works of God on this Planet. The tests and challenges you will encounter most of the time come unexpected and at once. If they come immediately focus on your faith in the divine order of God's plan. Balance your energies and let harmony rule supreme. A strong inner focus on the Octaves of Light is necessary, when you perform your 'Father's business" on this plane of existence. We call it: "To be in the world, but not of it". Concentration on the highest, when so called "difficulties" present themselves to you, is adamant to sustain the flow of light and peace from the Presence. Finally out of all these tests and challenges will come a confidence, trust and faith in God that never shall be shaken again. Like a diamond heart of faith, you stand now before the "Face of God" and know that all your doubts and attempts to please your ego were illusions. They were shadows that pass and will be no more. When you're no longer 'chased' by your ego to do a "thousand different things in a minute," peace can enter your world. You have eternity in front of you and all takes place in God's Time. Do not hurry and do not be slow; let your divine plan unfold in the process. Multiple blessings will go THROUGH you as a channel for the greater good. Stay in the Realm of Cause and charge your thoughts and feelings with the energies of perfection of this Realm. BE God in Action at all times.

To become master of your energies, you must not allow your vehicles to vibrate with a lower vibration, may it be noise or loud music. Concentrate on the Peace of the Great Silence. Before the Ascension Flame can totally raise you up to the Higher Octaves of Light, the Earthly pull of old habits, fears and emotions must be purified and transmuted. The statement: "I have perfect faith in God's Will to direct me in everything I do! For this reason I shall remain silent to perceive God's Will and shall not act until my direction is clear", is a very practical and wise principle to comply to. It is your compass to put faith in nothing else than the Presence of God I AM. Especially during those times in your day-to-day life when you have to make many decisions, how shallow they may seem to be. Always guard your thoughts. Keep your attention on what you want to achieve and focus upon it. Do not let your mental body decide what you may think. Finally when you think everything is quiet and stable in your life an unexpected event occurs, on which you are totally not prepared. These are tests to show your Ascended Guides if you finally have full faith in your I AM Presence or still try to put control of events in the hands of your ego. When darkness closes all around you, and you cannot see a way out, focus on your Presence. The only way to overcome the shadows of fear is not only to believe they are illusions, but to KNOW it with the same certainty you know, that after every night the sun will rise. As long as you ACCEPT that the illusion is real, IT IS, and then it can harm you. Don't let this happen. Always remember when you are in the peace period between tests and challenges, that love is the motivating power that leads you through these experiences and guides you to your ultimate mastery and freedom. Have complete faith that you will be guided through this test. These tests are tools to stabilize your inner faculties. You may not be shaken again and stand as a crystal pillar of liquid light in the Temple of the Most High. To become master of your own energies, you need to visit places where balance is of the utmost necessity. Whether this will be on the physical plane: for instance, at the edge of an abyss, on the mental plane to face responsibility at any time, or on the emotional plane, where all the negative waves of energy run rampant on this planet at times. Say to these energies: "Be still and know that I AM God." The training in mastery will continue into higher fields of endeavor and never stop again.

By concentrating on the highest you can imagine, you accelerate the vibratory activity of the atoms and electrons in your lower vehicles, always going upward on the spiral of perfection and ever lasting life. The power of concentration, to focus your attention on a divine quality or a project you want to establish, will draw the atoms and electrons from the realm of cause into the matrix of your concept, the feelings of love and enthusiasm will energize them into action and manifestation.

The statement: "I AM" a Being of Cause alone means, that you came out of the "Heart of God" as a White Fire Being and you were asked whether you wished to create as God Creates or return to the unformed. Those, who wished to create, were divided in two I AM Presences. A Male and a Female Being. Two Beings of Cause. Cause indicates the beginning of creation. An I AM Being not merely IS, but also HAS. It has the power to create as the Father does. And remember, the first cause is Perfection for all life.


As long as you react in the old ways, responding to fear (uncertainties, worries, doubt, etc.) the "Kingdom of Heaven," the Fourth Dimensional level of consciousness cannot yet be available for you. You have to 'think as God', 'feel as God' and 'act as God.' Meaning there may not be any doubt whatsoever, that everything in your world is always in divine order. Just continue the service in which you are currently occupied. Open yourself for new thoughtforms, new ideas, and new feelings to express the ever-expanding beauty of our Mother-Father God. Nothing remains the same, everything is spiraling upwards to more perfect manifestations. Do not look for examples in the outer world, BE the example.  The joy of service becomes overwhelming at times when you contemplate in the Silence what you can do, and how you can manifest the ideas and projects you want to establish. In the inner realms everything seems easy and joyful. The challenges come when you try to manifest them in the three dimensional world. If you follow the currents of love from the Godhead to the children of Earth and further to the animal, plants and elemental kingdoms, you see the expression of beauty in form, gesture and radiation. It is really the elixir of life and youth. Find new ways to express this Love, the ever expanding, all encompassing, unifying essence of the universe. The more you continue your rhythmic application of the special service you find yourself in today, the more the Ascended and Cosmic Beings Who wish to serve with you can enhance and expand this specific quality or project in the mass-consciousness. Your total commitment and love is required on a regular base to make it accessible to ever more people.

The final consequence of communication with God is becoming one with this Sacred Fire. The Will of God in the individual will decide in what way this Sacred Fire shall be wielded. Consequently when the two become one, the separate self and the Enfolding Self, there is no longer communication with God, but communication with individuals, who also act from within this God Consciousness; the Ascended Ones. These can be very exalted Beings, like Sun Gods or even higher Cosmic Beings. Communication is now a unity of purpose with some or many of the "Beings of Light". I AM THAT I AM the Eternal ever-expanding consciousness of the One Life. "All individualized life is expanding the borders of My Kingdom, when they become one with My Will. I AM the cohesive and sustaining power of all Universes. I AM the Fire Breath of Life".

Creation can only exist by the Holy Breath. Form needs Breath. Without the Breath Creation ceases to be and becomes consciousness again. Your life becomes very poised and balanced. Harmony is now the natural conductor of the energies necessary to establish the current project.

Enfolding all life is a concept which entails a lot of responsibility, because now you have to take extra care to make your energies pure and powerful. Not contaminated in any way by human consciousness. To embody divine love, or divine compassion is only possible when you make that tremendous effort of keeping your attention on the "highest", which means that the vibration of your vehicles are always as high as possible.

All what you need, all what you want, all possibilities for further growth and development, are present in the Great Silence, you only have to ask. It is often revered too as your spiritual inheritance. Although this heritance is unlimited you have to choose and use it cautiously. It is energy, and energy must not be wasted. New energies are entering the atmosphere of the Earth, and when you open yourself to them, many new ideas and discoveries can be acquired. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for others? Think about it. You can manifest it in your world and then expand it outward. It is already happening all over the planet. Be God in Action. Concentrate and meditate about the Presence of God I AM all the days of your life and show Him or Her, your most precious thoughts and feelings. They will manifest. Ask for direction of your Presence by ALL the decisions you have to make during your daily sojourn on this level of consciousness. This is a part of extending the Borders of your Mother-Father God's Kingdom. The manifestation of God's Kingdom in your world starts with very delicate energies. You wonder if what happens is real and will last. It will if you give it your energies of love and gratitude. The more you work with the Sacred Fire, the more you become it. It becomes a part of your being, a part of who you are. And this will stay with you through all eternity. Growing, expanding and showing more and more of the unity of all the Rays in that part of the Sacred Fire you are accustomed to work with. Always remember to keep your patience. It is the utmost balance and control of your energies. Only with patience you can experience harmony under all circumstances. And on the most unexpected moments the mists will clear and you will behold the summit of the mountain of attainment. Keep on, keeping on.

The Great Silence is the Source of all that is, has been or ever will be. It is the "Store House" of Divine Creation and Maintenance. Being in the Silence, radiating forth all the divine qualities that are adamant on the moment, you completely forget self. You are just a focus of light, radiating the energies necessary to hasten or enhance a project at hand. Being God in Action. This state of being has to become customary and rhythmic. Being and Acting from within the Silence of God-Consciousness 24 hours a day. Try to expand your consciousness in the Silence as far as you can. While you do this, enfold all life your consciousness is able to do. When you've reached your limits, blaze forth love, peace, happiness and harmony. What has happened? You made a thoughtform, which maybe containing universes, with suns and Central Suns, and you filled that with all the divine qualities you felt necessary. This thoughtform will be used for the greater good. The actual expansion of your aura even temporarily will be very limited. As you know to expand your aura to even enfold a planet, needs the consciousness of an Initiate of the ninth degree. A Lord of the World, the beloved Gautama, blessed be His Name.

When you gain a momentum in the Silence and your four lower vehicles are perfectly purified and in one line, you can start the work you came for: being a channel of the Light of God on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional planes of this Planet. Being one with God you know and experience, that all the energies you're working with are alive and intelligent. By using them, you become one with them and responsible for the way you use them. You have always done that unconsciously. Now it is time to serve with them on a conscious base. When you experience "God" as an Energy, which can take any form, any size, any quality, and that the only requirement is a self-conscious being using free will, you can imagine how immense the responsibility is to use this energy wisely. Which way you go, how much time you have are all later issues. Use your energies wisely in the Here and Now!

You are always placed in the perfect circumstances to live your life and fulfill your divine plan. Be attentive to the opportunities at hand to make the fullest of your day. To be open for the suggestions of your Holy Christ Self you need to be in a state of Listening Grace all the time, so you will never miss an opportunity when it is given. By constantly training your four lower vehicles to outpicture only perfection, the outer world HAS TO RESPOND. You will gradually notice that the inner perfection will manifest in your sphere of influence. Perfection already exists. You only have to manifest it in the world of form by molding your vehicles in the form they can outpicture this perfection. Try!  To focus your attention on brilliant white light helps at times to discover remnants of negativity that linger on hidden places in some of your four lower vehicles. The crystalline white light brings them to the fore, where they can be transmuted into perfection by the Sacred Violet Fire.

The fulfillment of the divine plan takes place after the manifestation of the divine qualities through your lifestream 24 hours a day. No negativity, doubt or personal desire will ever cloud your consciousness again. God's WILL BE DONE! When you've learned to recognize the Voice of the Presence of God I AM as your own voice and fully comply with the commandment: "Not my will, but Thine be done," you will be God in Action at all times. Every thought, every feeling, every action or reaction is now rooted in: "The Highest good for all", and you are beginning to take your first, gentle and careful steps as a God Being. More correctly stated: a being trying to follow the promptings of his or her I AM Presence in the world of form. Knowing that you are one with God is accepting no limitations. You are one with the Divine Mind and any question or uncertainty will diminish or dissolve this Light. It does not always mean, that you receive a definite answer on your question, but circumstances in your life and the vibratory activity of your four lower vehicles will alter, so that the difficulty or question will be dissolved in the Light of God or will request a different approach from you to encounter and overcome your weaknesses in victorious accomplishment. Every faculty, every idea is at your disposal now, and it was this that your ego tried to withhold from you through countless embodiments, because it knew it can only be used by God I AM THAT I AM and not be itself. It is the end of his or her ruling and control. There is no place for the human ego in the Kingdom of Heaven, but that of servant. God is again the Doer, the Doing and the Deed. Now concentrate on the golden liquid-like substance of God's Illumination, Wisdom and Understanding and put your question or your difficulty in this sea of Golden Light and ask for a divine way to solve this problem or limitation. Be totally assured that the answer has come forth instantaneously and needs only time to pass through your four lower vehicles to find the perfect manifestation in your world. Again, the purity of your vehicles permits or slows down the process of this manifestation. Have faith and "keep on, keeping on."   


Due to the incoming of new energies, we are responding in a different way. Things and matters that used to be familiar and comfortable, no longer are, so we have to adjust and change our response to many things and react in ways more suitable to the new situation.

The music of the spheres and the feeling worlds of the Angelic Kingdom can be a part of your experience when you no longer allow energy from the human level to disturb your balance. It is all a matter of adjusting your energies to the higher level of vibration. Remember, where your attention is, there you are. It has always been said: "The Truth is simply, and it shall set you free." Put your attention on perfection, and affirm that everything that passes your consciousness must be perfect.

We have a beautiful decree in our: "Book of Ceremony" (From: "The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom"), which says: "Mighty I AM Presence, take command of this outer self this day. Take command of my every thought, feeling, spoken word, action and reaction. Produce your perfection, hold your dominion. Put and keep me always in my right and perfect place. Show me the perfect thing to do and through me, do it perfectly. So be it, Beloved I AM". If you say this decree every morning with love and gratitude and hold your attention on it, when you're not specific occupied in something, your life will change dramatically.

The Unity with all life is constantly growing and expanding. From the Threefold Flame of all life you can encourage anyone to sacrifice, unify and fulfill their divine plans in harmony; being courageous and stalwart. Being one with God also makes you fearless, because you know nothing can harm you that is apart of God. However, karma has to be solved, whether by transmutation or by experience.

Your communication with God will be an ever growing process in enfolding more and more life into that of your own, and extending your energies into life and experience unknown as yet, forever expanding the Borders of the Father's Kingdom.