Beloved friends of the Mercy Flame,

Every time you forgive yourself, do you not feel closer to God? Of course, for the transforming flames of forgiveness assist you to have courage as they blaze through your four lower vehicles with the most powerful aspect of divine love, the sacred Violet Fire! Today I wish to remind you that by often performing this service for yourself, your consciousness will become clearer, enabling you to come closer to the actual perfection of your lifestream, which is anchored deep within your blessed heart. It is in the very center of this pulsating constructive energy that your soul is vivified, for there your Holy Christ Self abides; that magnificent being who you were before and whom you must one day become again, this time remaining in that state of consciousness forever.

As you approach ever closer to this manifestation of perfection, you are quickly coming to fully understand the divine principles, with which you are already familiar, incorporating them into your daily life. At the same time you are also learning many new spiritual laws. I realize the responsibility of dwelling in this higher level of awareness may be overwhelming from time to time, and you constantly seek to feel comfortable and safe within this consciousness, looking for a sound anchorage. Beloved of God, I counsel each one of you to accept the freeing virtue of forgiveness as the secure ground for which you are so eagerly searching within this higher realm of being! The cosmic gift received by a compassionate heart shall always embody humility, planting within your being the seeds of inner strength and spiritual determination to fulfill God's will. It is these qualities that will be of the greatest assistance as you go through the process of redemption, known as 'self-forgiveness.'  

I must however caution you, that every time you feel that the outward activity of forgiveness should take place, always test your motive and reason first. The desire individuals have to either go before another or have one come before them and formally ask for forgiveness may be rooted in the human desire to control either the situation or another person. Many people believe rituals such as this must take place at the physical level in order to fully achieve peace of mind and heart. Although this is true, make sure that when you ask for this, it is not requested out of anger. Also, whenever you ask others for their forgiveness, ask from a pure heart of love with no strings attached. Many individuals have come to realize that through the gifts of mercy and compassion, this beautiful activity can also be further accomplished from within the sacred sanctuary of their own hearts. In this way everyone may perform this uplifting ritual as many times as they feel it is necessary, further freeing all negativity surrounding the situation in need of forgiveness.

Cosmic law asserts that one must first give in order to receive. Thus, dear ones, once again I lovingly invite you to enter the peaceful garden of love, wisdom and power in your own shining hearts. Then, working in unity with me -and this is of the utmost importance- through the I AM Presence of all involved, invite the lifestreams you feel you need to forgive into this sacred place. As you say, "I forgive, I forgive, I forgive", see it as a blessing to them, thereby helping and encouraging them to forgive you. Then, as you say "forgive me, forgive me, forgive me", through your courageous example, you are also assisting them to learn more about and revere the sacred Law of Forgiveness, for, as they forgive you, they will also find release, and experience the rebirth of spirit, fully becoming the physical expression of the joy of forgiveness! 

Beloved ones, by remembering the oneness of all life and performing this silent ceremony of forgiveness in the innermost temple of your heart, all individuals involved will receive forgiveness, whether they are receptive to this activity of sacred fire or not, for when one lifestream is able to truly find release through self-forgiveness, all life is blessed in like manner. Thus, you will continue, through your example of inner strength, to assist your brothers and sisters in the family of man to receive illumination and further understanding concerning the many circumstances of life, offered to everyone as an avenue for spiritual growth. You will even help them at some level of consciousness to realize that God's grace is always enfolding them, carrying them ever forward on their spiritual journey; that of becoming one with our Father-Mother God. The time will come when all people will understand that the myriad of God's miracles manifest through every lifestream only remain a mystery as long as human consciousness chooses to sustain the veils of creative illusion!  

Beloved of my heart, you are blessed beyond words for your great service of light and love. Know that whatever you do to expand the light of the world is profoundly cherished by those of us abiding in the higher realms. Rest now within the comforting power of the flame of forgiveness, for I AM always with you!

    Your loving sister and friend,

Kwan Yin

from : The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom