We live in unprecedented and challenging times. This is a time for contemplation and reflection. What are we willing to do with the rest of our lives? The world is in transition. Many changes are taking place and we have to alter the ways to perceive our lives. Nothing will be the same, but if we all wish so.......it can be better! 

Many years ago I had a symbolic 'dream' over what is going on during these times. I was standing in my house looking through the window. Outside was a storm and I saw many tornados. I decided to go outside and soon one of the tornados grabbed me and I lost consciousness. When I awoke I was back in my house looking through the window.

The meaning of this vision is, that the outer world is in turmoil and we loose our grip over it. We have to stay "inside." Inside the threefold flame in your heart: the balance of love, wisdom and power. Then you can keep the peace and react only when it is necessary. 

Some of us remember the mantra we used in the past and is very helpful during these times:

"I have perfect faith in God's Will to direct me in everything I do; for this reason I shall remain silent to perceive God's Will and shall not act until my direction is clear."

The Bridge, Theme 2001

Stay safe, balanced and at peace in the coming months and years.