Communication with God is always beautiful, because it is perfect. What does that mean? The first thing is that you always receive what you need and not necessarily what you want. Whether it are spoken words, a decree or visualization, a poem or painting or certain circumstances in your life; it all needs to make you more aware of and learn about yourself. It teaches you how to prevail over your weaknesses, and how to cultivate your powers and faculties. When you surrender your consciousness completely to your Holy Christ Self, you cannot be more safe. You put yourself in the most perfected of hands.



Don't let the outer conditions fool you or distract you. It are just illusions created by your ego to misled you, attempting to gain full control over your lifestream, as it has done during countless periods of time. Don't let this happen again. Say to yourself: "I AM the Master Presence of God in Action at all times, I AM the resurrection and the life of God's perfection here on Earth, right now and forever sustained." And belief and mean what you say. Life will change then, and very rapidly if you allow it. You have to conquer your fears and weaknesses one by one. Be brave. The Presence of God: I AM THAT I AM shall help you. YOU CANNOT FAIL, for it is the natural state of your consciousness to abide in the atmosphere of beauty, harmony and perfection.










It is only by accepting limitation and sorrow that they will manifest as diseases and difficult situations in your life. Let God decide how you have to live your life and not you. Apply in dignity and gratitude the directions you have so lovingly been given by your Higher Self and the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. Remember, you are only responsible for your own energies and not for anything somebody else has done. Patience is the key to control your energies. Patience will not allow to rush forth your energies, possibly acting to quickly or hasty, without the balance of your inner perception and intuition. Patience is also faith in God, that everything will develop and come forth in God's time, and that from now on the will of God is my will. This is the achievement of the total surrender of the personal self to the Divine Self. It doesn't have to be a strenuous process.





The struggle only appears when the human self tries to interfere. Be alive, alert, awake, and active at all times. Do not falter for one moment. Check your motives; are they for the highest good of all concerned? Is your faith strong enough 'to move mountains?' There are so many skirmishes in this world of form, that it is easy to get off balance and fall back in a state of fear or uncertainty. Be aware, don't let this happen. Ask Archangel Michael to give you the faith to face all your challenges. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to blaze the Violet Fire of Freedoms Love in, through and around your four lower vehicles. Ask Archangel Uriel to give you the peace, harmony and comfort to: "Keep on, keeping on." You cannot fail, because your innermost being is God in Action. Trust it, follow His or Her promptings and be on your Father's business at all times.

From Communication with God