The Seven Rays.


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The rays, which are deriving from the sun are as we know divided in primary and secondary colors. The primary: red, yellow and blue, and the secondary: orange, green, indigo and violet.

The sun also has, just like us, a spiritual body. The Rays coming forth from this spiritual body are carrying the qualities of the Godhead. And just as we are basking in the sunlight enjoying the warmth, the light and the colors, so are we basking in the 'light' of those people, who can present us with love, comfort, patience, joy, happiness, truth, wisdom, gratitude, tolerance and all the other aspects of our Father-Mother God.          

But now it is time to change. No longer taking, but giving. Not absorbing, but radiating. 

Let us now continue with an overview of the Seven Rays, their qualities and the highest representatives of the three kingdoms.



As we know, the Archangels evolve out of the Angelic Kingdom, and the Elohim out of the Elemental Kingdom.

The Archangels and Elohim acquainted with our solar system work on the Seven Rays, which have each their specific color and qualities:

The First Ray of God's Will, Power, Strength, Courage, Protection and Faith. The color of the Ray is blue in all its different hues. The Elohim of the First Ray is Hercules. The Elohim emerge from the Elemental Kingdom. The elementals are the builders of form. Physical forms like plants, animals and human beings. Every human being has his personal elemental friend allotted to him at his first incarnation on Earth. Other elementals are the builders of the inner bodies: Etheric, emotional, and mental. The Elohim are the builders of Planets and Solar System. They represent the Wisdom aspect of God. The Archangel of the First Ray is Michael. Archangels emerge from the Angelic Kingdom. The angels represent the Feeling Nature and the Love of God on this Planet. The Chohan of the First Ray is the Master Morya. The Chohans emerge from the human kingdom. Humanity represents the Will of God on Earth. However, this stage will only be reached, when man realizes by his own free will, that human will fails in its search for peace and happiness. When he finally fully surrenders his will to the Father and decides: "Not my will, but Thyne be done oh Father of all Light, and Mother of all Love."

The Second Ray of God's Wisdom, Illumination and Understanding carries the golden color. The Elohim of the Second Ray is Cassiopeia. The Archangel is Jophiel and the Chohan is Dwjal Khul.

The Third Ray of God's Love is pink. The Elohim of the Third Ray is Orion. The Archangel is Chamuel and the Chohan is Lady Rowena.                      

The Fourth Ray of God's Purity, Resurrection and Creativity is crystal clear white. The Elohim is Claire, the Archangel is Gabriel, and the Chohan is Serapis Bey.

The Fifth Ray of God's Healing, Truth, Concentration and Consecration is green. The Elohim is Vista [the All Seeing Eye of God], the Archangel is Raphael and the Chohan is Hilarion.

The Sixth Ray of God's Peace, Harmony and Devotion is ruby gold. The Elohim is Tranquility, the Archangel is Uriel and the Chohan is He, who once was "John the Beloved", Jesus' disciple.    

The Seventh Ray of God's Freedoms Love, Transformation, Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness is violet and purple in all their many hues. The Elohim is Arcturus, the Archangel is Zadkiel, and the Chohan is Saint Germain.               

Some time ago [in 1997] we were told about a new Ray: The Eight Ray of Unity, which is soft blue. The Archangel is Micah, who was once Jesus of Nazareth.





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