Inner government was necessary after the 'fall of man', when humankind was no longer capable to communicate with their Divine Self, the I AM Presence. 

This has been covered in the Seven Bodies Page 2, 3 and 4

The head of the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Lord of the World Gautama. He succeeded Sanat Kumara in the middle of the previous century, in 1956. It is the Highest Office to be attained on this Planet. The 9th Initiation. The Lord of the World serves on the First Ray.  

The Buddha achieved the 8th Initiation. It is an Initiation, which can be achieved on all the 7 Rays. However the Office of Buddha is on the Second Ray. The Buddha is now Lord Maitreya and He is the World Teacher.

The 7th Initiation is that of the Bodhisattva and the Maha Chohan. Beloved Kwan Yin is a Bodhisattva of the Seventh Ray The Maha Chohan is the Lord of the Chohans of the Rays. It is the Office of the Holy Spirit for an entire Planet. The Holy Spirit is the Love Nature of God. The first and the last breath every human being receives, when he or she's being born or leaving the Earth plane is given and taken by the Maha Chohan or in His Name by one of His Court. The Maha Chohan is also in charge of the Elemental Kingdom.


The 6th Initiation is the Initiation of Chohan. On this moment 7 Chohans are in function on the Seven Rays. They are:

El Morya on the First Ray
Djwal Khul on the Second Ray
Lady Rowena on the Third Ray
Serapis Bey  on the Fourth Ray
Hilarion on the Fifth Ray
John the Beloved, on the Sixth Ray
who once was Jesus' favored disciple 
 St. Germain  on the Seventh Ray



The Fifth Initiation is that of becoming an Ascended Master. It is the crown on the evolution as a member of the Human Kingdom entering into the Kingdom of the Gods. Becoming a Being of Sacred Fire. The spark became the Flame. Many offices are open for Those among Them, Who choose to renounce Nirvana and continue to serve the evolutions of this Planet. On the following pages each of the Seven Chohans will give us some advice and encouragement.