The Heart of Love forms the divine creations.

   From within the Great Silence of your innermost oneness with God, divine ideas and feelings enter your consciousness.

  The Secrets of the Cosmos are no longer secrets for those, whose hearts are pure and aimed at serving all life.

  There is a new energy entering the atmosphere of the Earth. It is the Violet Ray of Freedom's Love, Transmutation, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.

  The Sacred Heart of Love

  will be wise, and use this energy to create a new world of happiness, joy and gratitude for the gift of life in this special era. Use your energies wisely. Everything that happens in your world you created yourself by causes set in motion during this lifetime or a previous one.

  Every lasting thing takes effort, love and rhythmic application. Choose which energies, qualities, you want to develop in your being, and dedicate time to this on a daily base.

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