Mother Mary continues............



When you find the "center" within your heart; when you enter deep within that Immortal Flame and you can accept the mastery which is there, then in dignity and firmness you can put your house in order. You know, you are afraid of your own bodies. You are afraid of what you will do under stress and strain; of how your thoughts and feelings will act and of how the etheric memories wilt surge forth. Therefore, you are not fully master in your own home. Can you not give to this Threefold Flame, this I AM Presence within you, the confidence to control the servants of your household? Can you not release yourself from the tensions which are so evident, and allow the Lord of Life, the very God of Heaven, to assume the mastery of your vehicles? Holding your mind up to your own I AM Presence, use it to receive its Divine Ideas; use your emotional body to radiate forth whatever constructive quality is required in your homes at any given moment, in your group activities, in your nation or in the world. The emotional body was created primarily in a very pliable and elastic form so that it could be expanded until it becomes planetary in size, if it is a good conductor” of that which humankind needs. All of the world, beloved ones, is your schoolroom. There wilt not be a day that passes in which you wilt not meet energy from the consciousness of individuals who have no idea of mastery and control, which wilt either, change your energy into a like turmoil or which you wilt sublimate and transmute; NOT BY WILL, BUT BY LOVE.



When you are dealing with individuals who require instruction on the law; when you are dealing with people in pain and distress; in fear or in anger, the very first thing you must have is some capacity to utilize the activity of "darsham" (grace) and draw from your Causal Body God-qualified energies which fill the atmosphere of the room and are the master control, before you attempt your service.

Are you going to be able to plant your feet firmly upon the rocking surface of the Earth or the rushing tides of the sea, commanding and securing PEACE? Are you going to be a comfort; a balance; a protection; a healing conductor, or are you going to be swept into the chaos of the uncontrolled?

Beloved friends, this is a very serious and important activity. Somehow we must reach your outer mind to a point where the holding of your emotional balance, the holding of your peace; the holding of that spirit of good-will and tolerance becomes important enough to you so that you will relinquish the rights of self (if necessary), and learn to be the outpost of our self which you profess and you decree that you wish to be.


Cosmic moments come and go. I have lived through many. In those moments, if you are not prepared and at peace, you are temporarily cut off from the Brotherhood as a channel for their outgoing controlled force which would but energize your chaos, were they to pour it out to you when you were in distress. The Great and Holy Brotherhood is one, and within it is all the gathered consciousness of every being who has attained the right to become a member. Within it, is all the light, love and momentum of victory; all the fire, strength and will; all the wisdom and kindness; all the tolerance and selflessness; the purity; all the scientific knowledge and all of the gathered momentum of the power of invocation.

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