If you open yourself to the omnipresence of eternal divine life, you have to realize you can only contain as much as your 'cup' can contain. Compare this with the electricity: A lamp of 4 volt cannot emit as much light and as much of the power of the electricity as a lamp, which can manage 10.000 volt. It is all a matter of time and growth.

Going the spiritual path is quite different then going a physical path. A physical path can be steep and narrow, broad and straight, bringing you to beautiful or awful places, but always one thing remains the same. Both sides of the road are parallel. Well, the spiritual path is much different. It doesn't bring you anywhere. It always stays here in the eternal NOW. And the sides of the road are not parallel, but divide like the sides of a triangle.

They begin in your heart flame and then go out exploring the eternal now. The space between the two sides is your field of endeavor, your specific way to serve, because serve you shall. If you don't want to serve you are not even on this path but have first to learn how to control and overcome your ego. The more responsibility you take, the more your consciousness is expanding accordingly.

And so you are growing and expanding your consciousness infinitely. Therefore the Masters always encourage us to: "Keep on, keeping on, one step at a time." We all know or have to know on this place of our evolution what our specific service to life is, and we have to be prolific in our efforts to bring it into full fruition. Whether you are an artist or a writer, a singer or a teacher, an instructor or a philosopher, manifest your gifts in the world of form. It is your "field of endeavor"
, your service to life.

Only from within a state of grace in humble service to life you can hope to make this permanent connection with the Presence of God I AM! When you're well on your way doing this service, you'll notice an expansion in your heart flame. A Power greater then yourself is taken over slowly but surely His (or Her) rightful place in your life, no longer accepting the instigations, traps and tricks of your lower self, the ego, who wants to convince you how special and important you are and the great works you will do and hopefully get acknowledgment for it.


Well, you are special and important just as any single individual on this planet, and even in the universe. In this light a little humility is in order, knowing that: "God is the Doer, the Doing and the Deed." You don't have to prove anything; you don't have to 'show off', you only have to open yourself for  the directions of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. The Holy Christ Self is the Mediator between your Divine Self and your personal self.

It is the awakening of the Holy Christ Self in the hearts of humanity, which is called: "The Second Coming."

It is the golden man in your heart,
whose expansion you can feel at times in meditation or in great joy and enthusiasm. It is the son or Sun of God. Your Holy Christ Self brings you wisdom, understanding and illumination. It brings you the Joy of Service. When you no longer give in to your fears and have total faith in the promptings of your Christ Self, this Self will take full command of your four lower vehicles and stimulate your spiritual growth enormously.

The next step you have to do, if not your first, is to find time to adjust and accustom yourself to the Silence. Find time, preferably on a daily base to contemplate and communicate with your Holy Christ Self.

After 10 or 15 minutes write down what you have experienced. It doesn't matter whether this will be much or just a few lines. Try it. It is the Silence that commands your ego to step back and let the Holy Christ Self take over. Rhythm of application is of the highest importance. For then you create a momentum which is getting stronger ever more, till the Voice of your Holy Christ Self will be heard at every major decision in your life, and finally at every decision that you make. The whole process of becoming one with God is the surrender of your human self step by step, till he or she is left powerless and becomes the servant of your lifestream instead of the master.


It takes time, struggle and challenges to overcome, but finally the outcome is the same. God, your I AM Presence will be victorious. Do not stop, keep the momentum growing, face every challenge no matter what the outcome may be, no matter what the opinion of the outer world will be. The outer world is the full gathered momentum of the outer selves of all humankind, highly unreliable and often untrue. It is the darkness in which your light must shine - the Light of God which is eternally victorious.