Humanity, whence and whither...

Consciousness is the most pivotal thing. Consciousness is coming from nowhere and is going nowhere... It just IS...from eternity to eternity.... Humanity however has a beginning.

Living from within the Splendor of the One Universal Consciousness we – living self-conscious units of the One Universal Consciousness – were asked: “Who wishes to become a creator of causes, just like Me?” You and every other person have said YES, IN YOUR OWN FREE WILL. Others were happy as they were in the exuberant state of being and did not make that choice.


We came out the Universal Life as a Being of White Fire in the Aura of the Godhead and with a Unique Gift. After that we descended and reached the First Sphere – where the Will of God is known and where all ideas were formed, that in a later time will be externalized in the worlds of form by an intelligent being. In this Sphere the White Fire Being divided Itself in two independent I AM Presences, One male and One female, Who both follow Their own cycle of Perfection.

Sometimes One reaches the ascension sooner than the Other. And sometimes one does postpone his ascension to complete a certain project on which he dedicated his energies during many lifetimes and which has not yet been completed. The service is then no longer “in the sweat of our brow”, but becomes – the Joy of Service –

We are all here by our own freewill choice and with our thoughts and feelings we create our own ‘heaven or hell’.

People reincarnate in groups and serve by the law of attraction. Often we vowed on Inner Levels to our Superiors to complete together a part of the Divine Plan for this Earth!

There are three requirements to achieve the ascension:

1. We have to accomplish the service to life in our own specific unique way as we vowed when we came out of "The Heart of God."

2. We have to balance the Threefold Flame in our hearts: the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Holy Christ self.

3. We have to transmute our misqualified energies through the ages, our so called Karma.


Keep on, keeping on!”