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Elementals are the builders of form. They represent the Wisdom aspect of the Godhead. They create minerals, flowers, plants. The fairies and gnomes are the earth elementals, the undines, the water elementals, the sylphs inhabit the skies and the salamanders the fire element. 

Angels represent the Feeling world of God. From the tiniest Cherubs till the Magnificent Galactic Archangels, they provide the inhabitants of the Sphere they serve in, the Divine Feelings of God as much as these beings can absorb. However they have to be invoked to radiate their blessings into the form worlds.

Ascended Masters evolve out of the human races. When a human being has mastered his/her energies and accomplished his/her divine plan, (s)he receives the opportunity to ascend and become an ascended master. Then seven Pathways are opening, one of them is earthly service.

The Spiritual Hierarchy is the Planetary Government and consist of Beings far beyond the human level. The head is the Lord of the World Gautama, Who was the previous Buddha. The task of the Hierarchy is to improve the establishment of the Divine Plan of this Earth as is designed by the God Parents of this System.

A Silent Watcher evolves from  the elemental kingdom and has the task to hold the immaculate concept of the divine plan to which they are assigned. This can be a landscape, a city, a country, a human being, a planet a solar system, etc. They are in all graded orders. There is a Plan in action securing the Divine Order of all things.

A Chohan is a Lord or Lady of a Ray. Their task is to administer the qualities of that Ray to all the peoples of Earth who open themselves for those virtues.

They are magnificent powerful beings. They develop from the Elemental Kingdom into Beings of Cosmic Magnitude. They are the Builders of Planets and Solar Systems and follow the direct orders of the Sun Gods.

They are the God-Parents of a System of Worlds and endow all Their creations with the Spark of Life.

Karma is the returning energy of all the energy and vibrations you have sent forth during the long journey of your evolution here on Earth.


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