The Diamond Heart.

The Diamond Heart symbolizes the purity of God's Love for all Life contained in an indestructible form of law and order.

The Chalice is the symbol of the heart and is the anchorage of divine love. The nurturing activity of all spiritual understanding takes place in your heart center, for it serves as the womb of all divine ideas that will eventually manifest in the outer world of form.


The Will of God is good, the Will of God is harmony, the Will of God is abundance, the Will of God is perfection for all life. In order to be the dispenser of God's gifts you have to reach that place where the personal self has no control over your lifestream any more under ALL circumstances.

The Inner Christ will show you the limitations and weaknesses that still prevent you to become one with God, if you ask Him!  Why is it so difficult for a human being to surrender his/her will to God? Well, because human will has been in power for such an immense period of time, that (s)he will never voluntary give up this power. Hence the repeatedly stressed encouragement to use and use, and use the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love.

The Will of God often challenges you to choose between your and His Will. Total surrender can only be found when your consciousness realizes that no permanent solutions are being found in pursuing human will. You have your free will for this specific reason: to follow and obey the Will of God as your own choice. Then you will never astray from the path of righteousness ever again.