An Ascended Master once said, that wisdom was like sunlight on the clouds. Necessary to enable someone to explore the environment. However sometimes a sunray pierces through the clouds and reaches the surface of the earth. This  is a chela (student of the Masters) who decided to put into practice the lessons (s)he had learned and APPLY the law of Harmony and Peace.

Through the course of our evolution we have read so much about divine principle, that by now we should KNOW it thoroughly.  There are many websites which display more of the same. I will not in any way whatsoever trivialize what is written. Of course not, it is food for the soul. However it is time now to eat.



We have to apply the teachings and then become them. Becoming the Law of Harmony and Peace. 24/7 under ALL circumstances. As long as we are still getting out of balance by a telephone call, what is broadcasted on TV or a misplaced word by someone, etc; we are not yet ready for the 'Higher Knowledge'. And this knowledge is not given into custody of the human ego, but only in the hands of the Christ Self.

Our I AM Presence has this knowledge already and works with it on Its own Cosmic levels. In order to work more completely with our Presence, it is adamant to attain this inner equilibrium. If not, these tests will continue till our last day on this earth. It is just our own misqualified energy returning 'home' for redemption.



Blaze the Violet Fire through it. There is no one  or nothing to blame then ourselves. Whatever the outer circumstances. We know, but we tend to forget when the misqualified energy returns without the proper 'introduction'.

I know it is again...'more of the same'. Hence I very rarely speak and prefer to abide in the 'Great Silence'. This Silence has been given many names, such as : 'The Upper Room', 'The Heart of God'. 'The Place of Eternal Peace', 'The Abode of the Most High' where is place for everyone, who abides by the Law of Harmony and Peace for all eternity.