We are living in the days the bible refers to as: "The end of times.........Armageddon." Nostradamus predicted enormous devastation and destruction during these times.

Well...it is not the end of times, but the end of the era, the Piscean Era and the beginning of the Aquarian Era and the destruction and devastation has become tremendously milder because of the diligent service of lightworkers all over the world since the fifties till today.

The most severe blow was during Christmas 2004 with the tsunami in Asia. After that it softened in severity, but not in frequency. Hence the many hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and landslides....also in Europe and Asia; wild fires, volcanic eruptions....and it will go on for a while before it gets better.


What can we do to calm the elements? First we have to acknowledge the immense debt we owe the elements, who provided a platform we could live on for millions of years, who provided our food, water and the air we breathe and the fire that keeps us warm. We owe them a deep, deep gratitude and forgiveness for the pollution we gave  in return. Our gratitude should be sincere and daily. Love the elements and see them as a part of yourselves, because they are.

By your inner peace you can calm the oceans, the rivers and lakes. With your thoughts you can visualize beautiful and harmonious environments. Elementals outpicture in the three dimensional world our thoughts and feelings. So watch them carefully and take responsibility for your lives.

And there is more....we all know the phenomenon that when people nearly die, there is a vivifying of all physical functions, so it seems that he or she will have a full recovery........and then it is over.

That's also what we're seeing around us now. The Piscean Era is nearly gone and we see a reviving of its old strengths...or shall I say weaknesses.

The Piscean Era was the Age of devotion. Devotion to God. It soon became devotion to leaders who had not always the best interests in the people and tried to manipulate and enslave them. Look around you, dictators in many countries try to manipulate and subjugate the people. All the filth and dirt is coming to the surface so the people can finally see in whom they believed and trusted for so long and can deal with it.......or not.....it's all according to their own free will!

We had (have) the (world) war in the Middle East in Syria with ISIS. All the facets of 'Armageddon' are in place, but on a limited scale.

'Gleaning the wheat from the chaff' so people can choose and reap the harvest accordingly.

When these times come to pass a new age will emerge, more beautiful and awesome the world has ever seen. Heaven will be established on Earth and humanity will serve once again in harmony with the angels and elementals as it was in the beginning.

Have a magnificent, harmonious and balanced 2018