Another great Theosophical teacher was Geoffrey Hodson (1886-1983) He was very clairvoyant and wrote books like: 'The Kingdom of the Gods,' : 'The fairy Kingdom.' About the nature spirits and mountain devas.  Once in 1972 he was giving discourses about Theosophical subjects  at St. Michael's a powerful spiritual Center in Huizen, located in the middle of our country. At the end of his course he told us that he would attend the "School of the Wisdom" in Adyar, Madras (Chennai) in India, where he would give lectures from October 1972 till March 1973. I decided to attend. Little could I imagine that I should return married, but that's another story. (page Job and Marriage)

Geoffrey Hodson also became a very important person in my life. In Adyar the 'grounds' of the Theosophical Society he and his wife Sandra stayed in a separate mansion. One day I passed by on a distance of about 260 feet and gave  in reverence very softly the "AUM" sound, hardly audible. Immediately I heard an answering and very loud AUM through the open window on the second floor. That made a strong impression. He couldn't have heard my words physically. We became very close and one day I confessed my feelings towards him. "I feel like a knight coming to his king." Another time I asked him whether it was ok or not to marry an Indian girl. "Do you ask me that as a friend or as a spiritual teacher?" he replied. As a spiritual teacher, I answered. Never marry more than two sub races below, he stressed. Is she very dark? Yes, I said. That is more than two sub races, he added. Well, in the end I married her anyway. (Job and Marriage) One more special occurrence I like to mention. When I was thinking about the soon to be marriage...... very impure and sensual thoughts and feelings took possession over my mental and emotional bodies and an artificial elemental took form. An artificial elemental is a very temporary being who takes possession of the energies and uses them as his body. Of course as every living being he wants to extend his life by trying to attract the attention of the  host consciousness with the purpose to maintain this flow of unholy energies.

When I came to Geoffrey the next morning he immediately saw what was going on, but respecting human free will he said evasively: "How are you doing?" I'm in love, I said. He noticed that I knew he could see the problem and that was enough. Suddenly I noticed that the unholy pressure diminished and faded away. I think I thanked Geoffrey Hodson for his gift in silence.......!

Moving on

One time in 1982 when I gave a discourse to a group of people, one attendant showed me an address about the location of "The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom", which turned out to finally become my way HOME to the 'Heart of God'. I became first a subscriber to the monthly magazine and later in 1986 I visited the location which was on Long Island, New York at the time. Later on I followed the Director training process to be able to give "Classes" in behalf of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. That really boosted my evolution as it will anyone's who put impersonal service for the highest good of all concerned in the forefront of his consciousness. Then there will come an important period in your life when the interest in your own personal development becomes of minor importance. Your service to the splendor of the divine plan of this solar system becomes prerequisite to all other endeavors. The key phrase becomes: "Keep on, keeping on!" And that's what I'm still doing: keeping the energy positive and constructive.


"Black" and "White" Magic.

What is the difference between these two? Black magic is for the greater "good" of the practitioner. White magic is always done with the assent of the participant. I didn't realize that when I was an adolescent and paid dearly. Once I had a girlfriend, who wasn't so 'spiritual' orientated as I was and I tried to  stimulate her by sending strong thoughtforms during nighttime in her direction. After some time she told me that I tried to push her in a direction she didn't want to go. That relation didn't last long. Later on in my life I had to help a lady who was attacked by a "black magician." I succeeded to make her life a little more bearable, but now I was attacked during the night. That lasted for several months before it slowly receded. This was the return current of my karma trying to influence people without their consent. The safe way is to send the energy through their I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self   In this way their Presence will direct the energy safely for the highest good of the receiver. "White Magic."  


Job and Marriage