Pondering the infinite possibilities of Divine Life  the question arises, what should be the adamant posture of the personality under ALL circumstances? The answer is: Harmony and Peace.
Every living thing is yearning for this. However harmony is not a condition that just emerges. It develops from a balance of our energies. The only power which can accomplish this is...: Patience. Patience is the acknowledgment of the consciousness, that everything needs time to grow, to develop and finally to flourish. This is true for anything; whether it is a tree or an organization, a word or an idea, a habit or a way of life.



Everything follows the same path. By the attention and devotion of the consciousness that what we desire, will come into existence, positive as well as negative. The well-known: "That what you sow, you will reap". As well as, every cause has its effect. We can change the causes, but not the effects, although we can transform them. Harmony is the result of the application of patience, tolerance and understanding under all circumstances.



How then do we have to accomplish this? We have to become the "alchemist of daily life". All the negative energies you initiated in this or a previous life and which make your daily life often so challenging, you have to endure in meekness or transmute them, before they are able to manifest. It is your own harvest and by the Violet Fire you can alleviate a lot of these energies (karma)




It is not easy to keep your balance during the raging of the storm, when the powers of illusion are giving their all by trying to expel us from our place of quietude and equilibrium. Find your place in the 'eye of the storm'. Have faith, that everything has a purpose and a lesson for you to learn, but do not expect anything.



Now, the Ascended Master Consciousness is CONSCIOUSLY SUSTAINED ATTENTION upon the constructive rates of vibration that never descend below Tolerance, Harmony, Peace, Faith, Love, Understanding and Desire for Service.