The remembrance of the Freedom of the Higher Realms reflects in your purified lower bodies as Joy, Enthusiasm, Love and Gratitude. The beginning of remembering brings you the understanding of your unity with your I AM Presence and all life. 

When you concentrate upon a quality, it blazes through your four lower vehicles and rushes down your spinal cord to saturate your body with this specific quality. Then it blazes through your four upper chakras in the world around you, stimulating in humankind the already present quality in their feeling world. For those, who miss this quality a general raising of the vibratory activity in their emotional bodies takes place. But of course it always has to be done with the consent of their Holy Christ Selves, whether the outer self is aware of this or not.

All the many different aspects of the divine qualities are constantly moving through the many levels of consciousness of this universe and Solar System. Like oxygen is necessary for the survival of the physical body, so are these qualities necessary for the survival of the Inner Self. They are always present. The human mind and feelings filter through the mental and emotional bodies those aspects of the Sacred Fire, they need on that specific point in time and on their level of consciousness. All we have to do is open our mind and feelings for these blessings. “Ask and you shall be given.”


Like the totality of all the colors is white light, so is the totality of all qualities: the Great Silence. IT IS for all eternity. Your I AM is living there, and to become one with I AM it is adamant to take that step for all eternity. It means to relinquish every personal contact with the outer world as long as it is not connected with your service in it. You know: “To be in the world, but not of it”. The Silence will then become so deep and strong in and around you, that people will feel and accept it. They will consciously or unconsciously acknowledge you as the better, and inner part of THEMSELVES.

Sometimes you may wonder why it takes so long before a specific wish or project is fulfilled. The reason is often a block in one of the lower vehicles. Purification has to be maintained and any personal gain or profit must be transmuted. All the things that you wish to manifest in your world have to be for the benefit of all concerned, as you know.

Through the many ages and incarnations your I AM Presence tried to show you the blueprint of your divine plan. Sometimes you followed the directions you were so lovingly given, but many times you went your own way. All due to freewill. This is the reason why evolution and development can take such an enormous amount of time. Only when you're starting to obey the directions of your Holy Christ Self, your development to master the energies of your four lower bodies increase immensely.


From: Divine Qualities