Every lifestream on the Path, sooner or later, comes to a certain point where he or she begins to turn to the ‘still small voice’ within their heart. At first the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration, and later still, upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery.

This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and when you come to the place where you enter the heart of the Great Silence—where you commune with your own Divine Self, that you are extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive.

As you proceed into the understanding of the ‘voice of the silence’, know that which makes you humble, that which makes you loving, that which makes you pure, that which makes you harmonious—is of God!

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When you are perfectly in balance, when peace and harmony emanate from your being permanently, then and only then you are capable to find your focus, the center of your being, from where the power, wisdom and love go forth to transform the world. Then your keynote will sound pure and strong. Unqualified by impure thoughts and feelings. Then you are the Holy Christ Self in Action.

When the Silence deepens in the outer world, because your attention is on the real thing, the Inner Truth is becoming more customary. You begin to sense a pattern which is unfolding. A perfect chain of events, necessary to accomplish your mission on Earth.




Life must become a flow, a stream. If you do not longer see the different parts of your life as separated from each other: spiritual, personal, family, business, etc. you have removed the blocks your human self has put in your consciousness to prevent you to experience life as a flow. A life-stream. From now on your lifestream can flow freely in the world of form, nourishing all life with the gifts of your I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters through your Holy Christ Self. When you ask for and concentrate upon the truth of your lifestream it will be revealed by the circumstances of your life, by the opportunities you will be given and the enthusiasm you develop to cultivate and later manifest certain ideas and feelings in your world.

From: Divine Qualities