God is an omnipresent "sea" of energy vibration and consciousness. It is formless and needs creation to make itself seen and useful. Consciousness is center without circumference and matter is circumference without center. Both need each other to have a perfect creation. Like every electrical appliance has its own 'reason for being' its own goal, so has every creation a divine plan, which has to be fulfilled in a certain amount of time, to be in perfect rhythm with the divine plan of this Earth. The gift of life and later the gift of self consciousness is the 'cup' the 'chalice', which will receive the blessings of God "till overflowing" as long as he or she is in accordance with the divine plan. The divine plan is your reason for being, for what purpose you are created.


If you are able to recognize God as this inner fire, The Sacred Fire, you will be able to see it in others too. The natural result will be a tremendous reverence for all life, because from now on there is no longer you and I, but only I... AM... I AM THAT I AM!


If you open yourself to the omnipresence of eternal divine life, you have to realize you can only contain as much as your 'cup' can contain. Compare again with the electricity: A lamp of 4 volt cannot emit as much light and as much of the power of the electricity as a lamp, which can manage 10.000 volt. It is all a matter of time and growth. 


Going the spiritual path is quite different then going a physical path. A physical path can be steep and narrow, broad and straight, bringing you to beautiful or awful places, but always one thing remains the same. Both sides of the road are parallel. Well, the spiritual path is much different. It doesn't bring you anywhere. It always stays here in the eternal NOW. And the sides of the road are not parallel, but divide like the sides of a triangle. 

They begin in your heart flame and then go out exploring the eternal now. The space between the two sides is your field of endeavor, your specific way to serve, because serve you shall. If you don't want to serve you are not even on this path but have first to learn how to control and overcome your ego. The more responsibility you take, the more your consciousness is expanding accordingly.

From: Communication with God